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Rev. Dr. Fr. John Alwyn Dias

Rev. Fr. Robin
D’ Souza
Executive Secretary, CEB

Fr. Vijesh Loyed Menezes
Treasurer, CFSS .

Fr. Dominic Sunil Lobo






100% results in ICSE Board exams 2022-23 for the 9th consecutive year
Trinity Central School, Perampalli has made another remarkable achievement. The school has aced the ICSE results with an outstanding performance. With a redoubtable 100% for the 9th consecutive year and 7 students securing 100/100 in different subjects, the students have indeed brought laurels to the school. With 51 students appearing for the exam everyone has passed with flying colours.

Sthuthi Bharadwaj has put in her best efforts and has performed magnificently by securing 98%. She is the topper of the school. Fathimath Zohra stands second with 96.6% whereas, Swasthik B. S secured the third position with 95.2%.

While 25 students have scored above 85%, 22 students have scored 70-84%, 4 students 60-69% and have brought honour and laurels to the school.

The following students defied their adversities by securing 100/100 in the following subjects:
Stuthi Bharadwaj (Mathematics & History civics )
Fathimath Zohra (Mathematics & History civics)
Swasthik B S (Physical Education)
Ayman (Mathematics)
Riyana Edria Dmello (Physical Education)
Dannvi Kotian (Biology)
Cadence Latonia Dsouza (Physical Education)

The hard work of the teachers and the personal accomplishments of the students are no doubt praiseworthy. Trinity Central School has created a ideal position for itself with its consistent performance in the last few years. We are proud of the tenacity and dedication of our students and teachers who have left no stone unturned to outshine with a 100% result. We congratulate all the students and their parents for their outstanding achievement. We wish them all the very best in their future ventures.

Trinity triumph
We are proud to announce that our under 14 boys and girls team secured second place in Handball tournament held by Udupi District Handball Association at Udyavara on 30th November 2023. The Principal, staff and the management congratulate the team for this amazing achievement.

We are proud to announce that our under 14 girls team secured second place in AICS Volleyball Tournament held at SMS School Brahmavara on 29th November 2023.
The Principal, staff and the management congratulate the team for this amazing achievement.

Master Vishwas of grade 9 has bagged third place in the State level drawing competition organised by Central Power Research Institute which was held at Bangalore on 27th November 2023. He has also been selected for the National level competition. The Principal, Staff and the Management is proud of his amazing achievement.

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Trinity rises to the occasion

Our under 14 boys and under 14 girls team gave their best to be awarded with first runners up in AICS Interschool Udupi District Kho- Kho Tournament held at Anandathirtha Vidyalaya school on 22nd November 2023.
Winners include:
1. Dharaneesh 2. Pavan M Devadiga 3. Sanath Poojary 4. Pranam Prakash Devadiga 5. Sahas S  6. Ian Edwin D’Souza 7. Pritham Uday Kundar 8. Lieven Iden Menezes 9. Goutham A Naik 10. Dallon Aleron Lewis 11. Sharan S Nayak 12. Arnav Prashantha 13. Manya 14. Dharani N Naik 15. Manvi S A 16. Shahima Begum 17. Priyanka 18. Bhoomika 19. Nishmitha 20. Tvisha S Salian 21. Alvisha D’Souza 22. Shreeya J Poojary 23. Basamma
Trinity family wishes them great success in their future assignment.

Congratulations to our dearest Trinitarians!
Congratulations to our dearest Trinitarians Ms. Annora Mendonca of Grade 6 and Master Vishwas Naik of Grade 9.

We the Trinity family is very proud of your achievement in being selected for the State Level Painting competition which will be held on 27th November 2023 at Bengaluru.

Trinitarians wish you great success in your future achievement.

Children’s Day Celebration : Trinity Central School
“We were all children once. We all share the desire for the well being of our children, which has always been and will continue to be the most universally cherished aspiration of humankind”. On 15th November, the day was specially marked for children as Children’s Day celebrations were held in Trinity campus. The teachers enthusiastically participated in setting the stage on fire by dancing to the beats and singing the songs to entertain their wards and make their day more joyful one. The campus buzzed with excitement and joy with colourfully dressed children. In the end the Principal Rev. Fr. Dominic Sunil Lobo extended his warm wishes through a song to all the children and appreciated the effort put in by all the teachers. To make the day more memorable various games and activities were also organized in their respective classrooms. A sumptuous lunch was served to all. Indeed it was a fun filled enthusiastic day.

Festival of Lights : Trinity Central School
Diwali is a festival of light that enlightens the hearts and brings joy to every heart. Diwali was celebrated at Trinity Central School on 10.11.2023. The celebration began with the prayer, and the students of grade 2 and 3 highlighted the significance of Deepavali through beautiful dance and song. Thereafter Principal Rev.Fr. Dominic Sunil Lobo enlightened the staff and the students with the message of Diwali saying that the light within us must help to dispel the darkness and spread the love, warmth and kindness. He also wished all trinitarians and their dear ones peace, joy and prosperity of Diwali. On this special occasion a special lunch was served to all.

Trinity Triumphs!
We feel elated to announce that our student Master Krish of Grade 2 has secured first place in the 18th Karnataka State Level Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Competition held at Hassan on 29.10.2023. Heartiest congratulations to our trinitarian!

Trinity Triumphs!
We are proud to announce that our student Master Naksh Manish Poojary of Grade 3 has secured second place in the 18th Karnataka State Level Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Competition held at Hassan on 28.10.2023. Heartiest congratulations to our trinitarian!

Children Fest – 2023 : Trinity Central School
The school celebrated the Children’s fest of this academic year on the theme “Fiesta Fantasia: where dreams take the stage” on 4th November. The program began with a prayer song thanking and praising God. With a colourful stage in the background the event was inaugurated by all the dignitaries on the dias viz the chief guest Mr. Elton Mascarenhas, the principal Rev. Fr. Dominic Sunil Lobo, vice principal Rev. Fr. Ravi Rajesh Serrao, academic co-ordinator Ms. Magdelina Lewis and PTA president Mr. Srinivas. The chief guest Mr.Elton Mascarenhas was felicitated by all the dignitaries on the dais after which he addressed the gathering. In his address he appreciated the school for all the efforts in showcasing and encouraging the budding talents. The Principal Rev. Fr Dominic Sunil Lobo also addressed the gathering. He thanked all the parents for being present in large numbers and giving the school an enthusiastic support. The day was filled with clourful events, fun games, singing, dancing and mono act competitions. The festivity lasted for the entire day. The parents, students and their relatives could satiate their appetite through different food, juice and snack stalls that were put up by the teachers. Different gaming stalls were also set where the parents and students could try their skill and luck. This mega event ended with a great success with the help of all the members of Trinity family.

ಕಸ್ತೂರಿ ಕನ್ನಡ : ಜೈ ಭಾರತ ಜನನಿಯ ತನುಜಾತೆ, ಜಯ ಹೇ ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ ಮಾತೆ.
These lyrics of prominent National poet Kuvempu was practically felt by every Trinitarian as the school anticipated the Karnataka Rajyotsava celebration on 31.10.2023 with great enthusiasm. Students presented beautiful dances representing the rich cultural heritage of Karnataka that captured the attention of the audience. The speech delivered by Ayesha Banu of Grade 10 shed light on the formation of State of Karnataka and its rich background. The Principal Rev. Fr. Dominic Sunil Lobo also spoke about the importance of learning Kannada. Overall the event generated a sense of pride in the minds of young Trinitarians for being a part of Kannada culture that is so rich and vibrant.

Congratulations to our proud Trinitarians!
Congratulations to our proud Trinitarians for securing the medals at the District Level Roller Skating Competition, held on 15th October, 2023 at Mangalore. Winners include- Ms.Aditi Janardhana of Grade 4 and Master Krishna Nambiar of Grade 2 – both secured three gold medals each, Master Avyukt Janardhana of Grade 1 has secured two gold medals and Ms. Aaradhya N S of Grade 2 has secured 1 gold and two bronze medals. Our proud champs are going to participate again at the State level skating competition. The Trinity family is very proud of their achievement and wishes them great success in their future assignment.

Debate session
“Power to the voice is Power to the People” Trinity Central School organised a Debate session on the theme “The development of artificial intelligence will help humanity” for the grades of 6-10 on 26th October, 2023 at Trinitorium in the presence of the moderator Ms. Preetha Furtado and the teaching staff. The aim of organizing debate competition was to hone the public speaking skills of the students and teach them to articulate while expressing their thoughts and opinions. The session was the kaleidoscope of opinions, thoughts and perspective that enhanced the knowledge and understanding about the merits and demerits of artificial intelligence among students. To begin with, each participant spoke their mind on the reduction in human error, 24×7 availability, new inventions and unbiased decisions. Unsurprisingly, this led to a wide spectrum of contrasting views – from lack of creativity and empathy, the adoption of AI can lead to job displacement in specific industries and many more. Points presented were accepted by the spectators with cheers and claps. Some of the points even made us think about the facts. There was so much talent filled in the area. Arguments were made and roved. The session was so interesting with the exchange of students’ perspectives by equally stating the merits and demerits on the development of artificial intelligence.

Session on Menstrual Hygiene
Trinity Central School organized a thoughtful session on ‘Menstrual hygiene’ by Dr Lydia Shobha Andrade Associate professor department of Anatomy, KMC, Manipal on October 26, 2023 for the girl students of grades of 4-6. The Vice principal Rev. Fr. Ravi Rajesh Serrao and Ms.Prajna Prathap president of the interact club were present. The session stressed upon the significance of managing menstruation hygiene and how infections of the reproductive system effect the health of the individual. Furthermore, it was emphasised that poor menstrual hygiene can result in discrimination, marginalization, and social stigma towards women and girls. Overall it was a helpful and thoughtful session.

Session on The Basic Life Skill Demonstration Program
A day was specially dedicated to understand and to learn the importance of life skills. Ms.Chandini Guptha, professor of anatomy, KMC, Manipal, instructor for BLS( Basic Life Skill ) from American heart association conducted an amazing session on ‘The Basic Life Skill Demonstration Program’ on October 25, 2023 for the students of grade 9. The Vice principal of the school Rev. Fr. Ravi Rajesh Serrao and Master Loyal Richard vice president ofthe interact Club were present. Team KMC, NSS along with RCMT, Manipal conducted a basic life support training session in which they taught our students regarding how to save a life if anybody gets cardiac arrest and conducted a practical session by dividing the students group into 4. At the end, a quick demonstration on how to use an AED ( Automated external defibrillator) machine was taught. Overall it was a enriching event.

Congratulations to our proud Trinitarians!
A winning effort begins with preparation. Congratulations to our proud Trinitarians for securing the medals at the District Level Roller Skating Competition, held on 15th October, 2023 at Mangalore. Ms. Dharani of grade 7 has secured three gold medals and Ms.Manvi of grade 7 has secured one gold medal and two bronze medals. This is truly a trailer for the better things to come as our proud champs are going to participate again at the State level skating competition. The Trinity family is very proud of their achievement and wishes them great success in their future assignment.

Trinity Triumph
It’s raining recognitions and achievements for Trinitarians. The students of grade 8 have given their best to get awarded third place in National Level CISCE Handball tournament held at Pune. Winners include:
1. Mohammed Mushfiq Ali. 2. Preetham Uday Kundar. 3. Pranav. 4. Karthik
It’s a proud moment for The Trinity Central School, as Mohammed Mushfiq Ali and Preetham Uday Kundar, the talented students from grade 8, have been selected to represent CISCE board in the School Games Federation of India (SGFI) Handball Tournament. This accomplishment not only reflects their dedication and prowess on the handball field but also highlights the school’s commitment to nurturing young sports talents. Congratulations to the proud trinitarians. Trinity family wishes them great success in their future assignment.

Drumming their way to acclaim !
We feel elated to announce that our students, Trijal Prabhu and Yudhish Noel have excelled in the Music Examination (Drums) conducted by the prestigious Trinity College - London, U.K. Heartiest Congratulations and Best Wishes to them !

Trinity Central School organized a talk on ‘ROLE OF PARENTS IN RAISING CHAMPIONS’ on October 13, 2023 at Trinitorium. The session was conducted by Dr. Gurumurthy S C, Associate Professor. Dept. Of Physics (MAHE).
The informative session was organized to the parents of students of Grade 10.
It was a very informative talk for the parents; the focus of this session was :
1. How to help children to prepare for the exam.
2. How to manage their time.
3. Giving emotional support.
4. To give equal importance and time to all subjects when studying.
5. How to limit screen time.
6. To make them more responsible.
The informative seminar ended by providing snacks to the gathering.

Congratulations to our Trinitarian!
Winning any competition is the most wonderful accomplishment in life. Congratulations to our dear Swadha of grade 3. We the Trinity family are very proud of your achievement for being selected for the National level Bharathanatyam competition. The Trinity family wishes her great success for her future achievement.

A moment of gratitude
Birthdays are special for every child.

We express our gratitude to the following children, who gifted books to the school on the occasion of their birthday, during the month of August and September:
Ridvan Nayak 2B, Aman 1C,Daivik S Rao 2C,Adhya J P 2C,Ashika A. Poojary 2A, Atharva 2A, Aarvi 2A, Danish Mohammad 4C, Zahal Shanu 1A, Austin D’Souza 7B, Dakshish 4A, Krishna Nambiar 2A, Darshith 5B, Joshua Martis 3B, Vibha 2B, Ariel Aaron D’Souza 3C, Vinisha Pinto Ukg C, Rithika 1C, Athiksh 1C, Shehza Ayesha 6B, Sourabh 6B, Maanvi 7A, Vihaan Shettigar 5A, Saathvik 5A, Manasvi G.Poojary 3C, Akshara 2A, Ayush. S 4A, Sharvi 5A, Ninoshka 5B, Edna ma’am (teaching staff), Sarah Dsouza 7A, Nihali 4A, Preesha Devadiga 2B, B.Prakyath 3B, Samuel Mendonca 4A, Archith Krishna6C, Rshmiratha 4B

CRESENTTA- Tiny tots cultural program : Trinity Central School
The much anticipated “Crescentta” tiny tots cultural competitions organised by Trinity Central School, Perampally, was held on Monday, October 2, 2023 at school premises. Ms Laveena Aroza, principal Wee Care Play Home and former pre-primary section head of the school was the chief guest for the programme. The programme was inaugurated by unveiling and releasing the model of Pragyan rover from the Vikram lander by the chief guest. The unique model was prepared by the students of Trinity Central School. Speaking on the occasion, Ms Laveena Aroza said, “It’s truly a honour to be back among the familiar faces. Let us take a moment to reflect on the message of Gandhi. Crescentta represents that every child is different and various kinds of flowers make a beautiful garden. Each child is unique. It’s a celebration of diversity. All may not win today in the competitions but every child’s participation is much appreciated.” Fr Dominic Sunil Lobo, principal, in his address said that, “Trinity belongs to Capuchin friars. We have been working here for the past 15 years. To mark the Crystal Jubilee celebrations of Trinity Central School these programmes have been organised. Crescentta is the second event of our anniversary celebrations. Earlier we had organised “A day in sludge”. The event for tiny tots has been organised on Gandhi Jayanthi because Gandhi loved children very much. We witnessed Vikram lander and Pragyan rover models done by our students.

Eid- Celebration at Trinity
Eid – Ul – Fitr celebrated with full enthusiasm at Trinity Central School : 27.09.2023. We are a part of a huge Trinity family that celebrates every religious feast without any discrimination. To celebrate the occasion of EID-UL-FITR, a special assembly was organized on Monday, 27th September 2023. The students belonging to Grade 6 presented an amazing programme. It was a moment of pride, honour and a blessing from the Almighty to welcome our Principal Rev. Fr Dominic Sunil Lobo, Academic co ordinator, Administrator Rev Fr Ravi Rajesh, the staff and all the students of the Trinity family. The assembly commenced with a devotional hymn that empowered the mind, soothened the heart and nourished the soul and made us feel one with the Almighty. After which the students presented a skit, followed by a mesmerizing song that soothed everyone’s minds. “God is kind and likes kindness in all things” – says Prophet Mohammed. He was an messenger of God and preached goodness in his life. These were the excerpts from the speech of Ms. Suparna of Grade 6 who beautifully explained the thoughts of Prophet Mohammed. We also had our Principal Rev. Fr. Dominic Sunil Lobo speaking a few guiding words to the students and then wishing children Eid Mubarak. A special lunch was arranged to all to celebrate the day.

Trinity Triumphs
With an elated sense of pride and honour, we proudly acknowledge the outstanding effort and sportsman spirit exhibited by Master Ifaz Imran at the Handball Tournament held at Ghorakpur – Uttar Pradesh conducted by the CISCE Sports and Games Federation 2023-24. In recognition of his brilliant efforts, Master Ifaz Imran has been selected to the School Games Federation of India (SGFI)  To represent Under-17 CISCE Board Handball Team. The Trinity family is proud of this achievement and wishes him great success for his future achievement.

Trinity’s Dashing Dolphin
Ms Seana D’lima of Grade 6 has made the Trinitarians feel proud by securing three medals viz Silver medal in 50 meters freestyle, Bronze medals each in 200 meters and 50 meters butterfly category. In Inter School AICS Swimming Competition held at St. Aloysius Gonzaga School, Mangalore on 22.09.2023. The management and the staff congratulates the champ, for her stupendous feat and wishes her a bright future ahead. May she be a future champion of India.

Session on 'safe touch and unsafe touch' : Trinity Central School
Wisdom is giving children their wings, along with the rudder of awareness to keep them safe from the prying hands. A day was specially dedicated to safeguard and protect our young minds and give them the warmth of wellbeing through a deliberately planned programme on “Good touch and Bad touch” on September 26, 2023 by Manipal staff Dr. Aparna, Senior Resident, Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology and Ms. Anagha Deshmukh, Assistant Professor, Department of Clinical Psychology, Dr. Veekram, HOD Department of Forensic Medicine. Rtn Dr Deepak bairy, Secretary Rotary Club Manipal, Rtn Chandni Gupta Chairperson of Interact club and Ms Prajna Prathap, President of Interact club were also present. The session was specially held to the students of grade 3 and 4. The children learnt to identify the “No touch” areas and gained knowledge on safe adults and whom to report when there is an alarming situation. The motto of the session was to enlighten the children that their body belongs to them and they need to stay safe and secure all the time. Overall it was a successful event.

Dwithiya Sopana exam : Trinity Central School
Trinity is proud and happy to announce that the 37 students of grade 7 and 8 have successfully completed their DWITHIYA SOPANA exam conducted at Mount Carmel English Medium School, Kemmannu on September 2nd 2023. The Principal, Staff and the Management congratulate the achievers for their amazing achievement.

Health is wealth…. : Trinity Central School
Five students from the scouts had the privilege of updating their ‘health journals’ as there was First-aid session at Kadiyali Rotary club on September 9th 2023. A group of qualified physicians and nurses conducted session for the students. The event was both useful and helpful one.

Chef’s Day at Trinity Central School
“Chefs don’t make mistakes; they create new dishes”. The Kindergarten of Trinity Central School celebrated Chef’s Day on Sept 22nd 2023 at Assisi Bhavan. The children donned the role uof Junior Chefs along with their teachers. The tiny tots were filled with joy and cheer, as they put on their aprons and chef caps, all ready to learn to cook. “Nothing Brings People Together Like Good Food”. True to that, our Trinitarian chefs including our Principal Rev. Fr. Sunil Dominic Lobo, Academic co-ordinator Ms. Magdelina Lewis, teachers, support staff and students put their hands together to participate in this event to make the best of the Chef’s day celebration. The children who turned into little chefs worked with much excitement and followed the directions of the teachers to make yummy butter skillet corn, creamy fruit salad, fruit candies and pistachio matcha. Children enjoyed the food they had prepared. “Eat Healthy and Stay Healthy” was the slogan of the event. Children were advised the importance of eating healthy food and the impact of eating junk food. Videos on the importance of having healthy food were played on the smart board and were informed why they should be thankful for the food they get to eat everyday. Overall it was a yummilicious day.

'RECONNECT 2023' : Trinity Central school
It was indeed a glorious occasion to Trinity Central School to host ‘Reconnect 2023’, a platform for the alumni to come together as one family . It was held on 17th September 2023, being attended by around 50 alumini. The formal program proceeded in an orderly fashion with Prayer song and Lighting the lamp. The welcome speech was delivered by Mr Clinton ,Vice president of the Alumni Committee. Mr Selvin, Treasurer of the Alumni Committee put forward the financial status of the association through his report. It was followed by an interactive session led by Ms. Deeksha, President of the Alumni Committee, wherein the alumni discussed among themselves a few matters of importance; this discussion included few points such as:
*Hosting a stall during children’s fest as a way to raise funds for the alumni committee in which the alumni have to take part.
*Performing a cultural program such as a group dance during the Annual day from the alumni side.
In his address, The principal Rev. Fr. Dominic Sunil Lobo suggested the alumni to create an Instagram and a Facebook page for alumini to maintain a bond among alumini members and to keep in touch with the school. Lastly the words of encouragement from Administrator and Vice Principal Rev Fr. Ravi Rajesh to involve more alumini members in the committee and be active participants was suggested. The program came to end with the vote of thanks by Mr Zain, Joint Secretary. At the end, all alumni members who were present were encouraged to bring other members who were absent today to participate in the next meeting which will be held on October 29, 2023.

A Day for HINDI - Hindi Divas  : Trinity Central school
The department of Hindi Language of Trinity Central School hosted ‘Hindi Divas’ on 14th September 2023. It was a day to show off our skills in Hindi language. Rev. Fr Dominic Sunil Lobo, the Principal, spoke and stressed on the importance of keeping alive the rich languages and traditions of India one of such languages being Hindi. Various cultural dances by tiny tots, songs and speeches displayed the skills of our students.

TEACHER- A NATION BUILDER : Trinity Central school
Teacher’s day was celebrated with lots of ardour and fervour at Trinity Central School on 5th September 2023. The formal programme commenced by paying homage to the great teacher Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. The concept of being a teacher is much more satisfying and heart warming. Having the same thought ‘Teachers day’ was celebrated with joy and gaiety as the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) took up the initiative to honor the senior teachers and supporting staff to appreciate their hard work. The key note address was delivered by Mr. Srinivas PTA President who in his speech admonished children on how to respect and show regard to teachers and parents. Towards the end of the day, students of grade IX and X, conducted a short program to entertain the teachers. And as a token of appreciation students offered roses to the teachers. It was a real joy to see our students perform for the teachers, and a feeling of contentment for choosing this profession in shaping young minds.

Smooth functioning of the parliament is remarkable for many reasons; a mock parliament session was held on 5th September 2023, at Trinitorium by the various ministers of the cabinet to discuss and debate on a few concerns and practices. The parliament session was attended by SPL Master. Anson John Fernandes (Grade X), ASPL Ms. Saanvi Acharya (Grade IX) and the Opposition Leader Master. Derick (Grade IX) and other cabinet ministers. The session was chaired by the Speaker Ms.Havisha from (Grade IX). Various issues were discussed with regards to discipline, cleanliness, food, sports and general concerns. The parliament was adjourned with a feedback from the moderator, Ms.Reshma. The Principal of the school Rev. Fr. Dominic Sunil Lobo shared his views regarding the betterment of the school.

Session on STEM and Robotics: Trinity Central school
On September 1st 2023, the team from ‘Generation next’ approached our school to demonstrate our young brains regarding STEM, Robotics and AI. The session was conducted for the students of grade 7. The session highlighted a few points on STEM Robotics which involves Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics. This approach combined with Robotics helps in designing, constructing, operating through computer systems to produce robots. The importance and relevance of such topic which empowers students to write code, control robot behaviors, and explore the intricacies of algorithms was highlighted in the session. This hands-on approach to programming enhanced their understanding and proficiency in coding, enabling them to become future proficient coders in the STEM discipline. Overall this session was beneficial to the students.

“One more golden feather to Trinity”
The success story of Trinity reached to pinnace by adding another feather to its cap as our star performers won many prizes at the Geethagayana event which was held at Milagres School, Udupi on 24th of August 2023. The following students participated in the competition and brought laurels to the school.
Cristal Sharvin D’souza (Grade 8), Unnathi H Shetty (Grade 8), Tanvi M Salian (Grade 8), Shamika Naik (Grade 7), Sanvi Nayak (Grade 8), Melvisha D’souza (Grade 9), Shainal Leona Fernandes (Grade 8), Shravya S (Grade 10) Of Guides bagged First place.

Felisha Shayna Almeida (Grade 3), Lisha Riya Passanha (Grade 4), Manvi K Kanchan (Grade 4), Shanaya Angel Dsouza (Grade 4), Spruha Alape Bhat (Grade 2), Niharika (Grade 4) Of Bul Buls bagged Second place.

Sharanya (Grade 3), Nihali (Grade 4), Premaisie Flavita Dsouza (Grade 4), Saanchi Shrikanth (Grade 4), Samanvi (Grade 4), Yadvi N Shetty (Grade 4) Of Bul Buls bagged Third place

Reyansh Maiya G R (Grade 3), Abhiram Surya (Grade 3), Rishon Aaiden Amanna (Grade 1), Shubhaksh Sinha (Grade 2), Thanish Dayananda Kotian (Grade 1), Arush S (Grade 2) Of Cubs bagged Third place.

This is truly a trailer for the better things to come as our Guides team is going to perform again at the District level singing competition. The Trinity family congratulates and wishes great luck for their future achievement.

A talk on ‘ORAL HYGIENE ’ was conducted on August 22, 2023 at Trinity Central School by Dr. Isha, Dr. Shubhangi, Dr. Yoshitha, Dr. Ronak, Dr. Gouthami and Dr. Nimmy from Department of Pediatric, KMC Manipal. They brought an awareness to the students of Grade 2-4 about oral hygiene and tips to stay healthy. It was a very informative talk for the students, the focus of this session was :
1. Brush your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste.
2. Clean between teeth regularly to remove plaque.
3. Visit the dentist for routine check-ups and professional cleaning.
4. Drink fluoridated water.
5. Eat a well-balanced diet.
Overall it was an informative seminar for the betterment of the children.

Installation and the inauguration of the 'Interact club' : Trinity Central school
The installation and inauguration of the ‘Interact Club’, the service club for the young Rotararians took place on Aug 16, 2023 at Trinity Campus. The eminent Rotarians K. S Jaivittal, Shridhar H, Ganesh Nayak ; who are the members of the Manipal Town club were present at the function. The office bearers from the Trinity Central School were presented and the oath was pronounced along with Divya M. C, the interact co-ordinator of Trinity. K. S Jaivittal addressed the students about the working of the club and stressed on the aspects of various skills of interact club for the betterment of humanity. Rev. Fr Dominic Sunil Lobo, the principal Trinity Central School welcomed the dignitaries and encouraged the students to take up such responsibilities that come on their way.
The following are the Interact office bearers of Trinity Central School:
President: Prajna Prathap
Secretary: T. Mohd. Thameer.

Tricolour Day Celebration : Trinity Central school
Tricolour Day was celebrated on 14th of August 2023 by the Kindergarten section of Trinity Central School. Children and teachers were dressed in Tricolour attires and the classrooms were decorated with tricolour balloons and pictures pertaining to Tricolour things. Children also brought flags and pictures appropriate for the occasion. Teachers explained to the tiny tots about the imortance of independence day and about the importance of tricolour and what it stands for. Teachers also displayed videos on smart board about the independence day. Drawing and colouring competition was also held on this occasion. Children thoroughly enjoyed the day with the various activities.

INDEPENDENCE DAY : Trinity Central school
Independence Day – 15th August is a day of reverence and patriotism, wherein we remember the sacrifices of our brave visionaries, soldiers, freedom fighters and unsung heroes. This patriotic fervor glowed on the faces of all present for the 77th Independence day celebrations held at Trinity Central School on 15th August 2023. Our chief guest of the event. Mr. B Nagaraj Joshi – a retired Army officer, along with other dignitaries of the day, The Principal Rev. Fr. Dominic Sunil Lobo, Vice Principal Rev. Fr. Ravi Rajesh Serrao, Academic coordinator Ms. Magdelina Lewis, KG Section head Ms. Renita Monteiro, PTA President Mr. Srinivas, PTA Secretary Ms. Ashwitha and Rev. Fr. Cyril Roshan Menenzes unfurled the Tri-color, to the melodious voices that echoed the national anthem and iterated on the importance of the Independence Day and of our responsibilities as citizens of this country. Mr. B Nagaraj Joshi, our chief guest of the day was felicitated by the dignitaries on the dias. The students presented a wonderful, educative and entertaining cultural programme that was enjoyed by all. Ms. Kushi of grade 9, welcomed the gathering, and introduced the guests of the day. The vote of thanks was adhered by master Ronan of Grade 6. Ms. Thanvi. R. Vittal and Ms. Inchara of grade 9, compered the programme. Sweets were distributed to all to celebrate this wonderful occasion.

Trinity Triumphs: Taekwondo Achiever
CISCE Karnataka regional level Taekwondo competition was held at Vidyashree Public School, Bangalore on 10th August 2023. Our Trinitarian Master.

Glen Mark Colaso of grade 10 bagged second position in the under-17 category Taekwondo competition.

The Principal, Staff and the Management congratulates the achiever for his amazing achievement.


A glimpse of KG activities : Trinity Central school
Children feel energised when the pure blossoms of the flora and adorable critters blend in their daily routine.

Trinity Triumphs:
CISCE Karnataka regional level swimming competition was held at Sudarshan Vidyamandir ICSE Academy, Bangalore from 3rd to 5th August 2023. Ms. Seana Dlima of Trinity Central School studying in grade 6 bagged third position in 200m free style and 200m medley competition. The Principal, Staff and the Management congratulates the achiever for her amazing achievement.

Birthdays are special for every child. When coupled with a generous heart it becomes a memorable moment to cherish. We express our gratitude to the following children, who gifted books to the school on the occasion of their birthday, during the month of June and July:
Henson (grade 8), Laksh (grade 6), Myron (grade 4), Anishka. P (grade 2), Rashel Mascarenhas (grade 7), Zoya (grade 4), Yashika (grade 4), Ayushi (grade 7), Rashmitha (grade 4), Nifa (grade 5), Yashika (grade 4), Zoya (grade 4), Ayushi (grade 7), Aaradhya Goswami (UKG), Mohammed Salaah Hakim (grade 3)

PINK DAY CELEBRATION : Trinity Central school
Pink day was celebrated on 4th of August 2023 by the Kindergarten section of Trinity Central School. Little Barbies and Ken’s looked charming in their pink outfis. The classrooms were decorated with pink balloons and pictures of pink things to celebrate the occasion. Children were asked to bring pink coloured objects/toys from home and express a few sentences about them. Students participated enthusiastically as they spoke about their favourite objects/toys. Pink food items were brought for snacks and each child was curious to know what pink magic was coming from the boxes. They were in all smiles as they saw boxes filled with pink halwa, pink chapati, pink dosa and pink idlis.
The following activities were conducted on this day.
Nursery – Lady finger print on Barbie frock and dotting the spectacle with marker.
Pre kg- Flamingo craft and paper sticking on ice cream.
LKG A- Candy stick and Tissue paper crumble print on cake.
LKG B- Origami butterfly and earbuds dabbing on Peppa pig.
UKG A- Origami lotus and spray painting on teddy bear.
UKG B- Handband flower and salt sprinkling on lotus.
UKG C- Paper folding Barbie bag and candy sticking activity.

Save trees, save life : Trinity Central school
‘Planting a tree is much better than wearing a mask to be safe from pollution.’
A special program was organized to bring awareness about afforestation, an occasion which unitedly brought all the minds together with one definite purpose, that is nothing but save trees and save life. We the Trinitarians celebrated the day by sowing the vegetable seeds at Scout and Guides training centre, Alevooru under the guidance of Kannada and Cultural Department, Udupi district. Students of Grade 9 along with some staff participated in the aforesaid event. The rapid technological advancement has increased pressure on our environment. Plantation drives are a practical and effective way of engaging students early and making them aware of the challenges they will have to address in order to conserve the environment for our future generations. The special event came to an end once the students got to know the importance and need for planting trees.

Yellow Day Celebration : Trinity Central school
Yellow day was celebrated on 21st July 2023 by the kindergarten students of Trinity Central School. Children as well as teachers looked like the glowing sun in their yellow attires. The classrooms were decorated with yellow balloons and pictures corresponding to yellow things to celebrate the occasion. Children were asked to bring. Yellow coloured objects/toys from home and were instructed to express a few sentences about them. Students participated enthusiastically as they spoke about their favourite objects/toys. Children also brought yellow food items for snacks and were like inquisitive little kittens checking everybody’s snack boxes. They were in all smiles as they saw boxes filled with halwa, yellow dosa and idlis yellow fruits such as banana, mango etc. Teachers explained to the students that yellow is a primary colour, and is the colour of sunshine and happiness. The children were engaged in fun and interesting activities, which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Paddy plantation : Trinity Central school
After the successful event of getting sludgy in the fields, Trinity Central School is glad to be the part of another spectacular event ‘Paddy Plantation’. The event took place on July 22, 2023 at Bhandasale fields, Perampalli. This event was organized to bring about the awareness about agriculture and farming, to the present day generation. During the hour-long labour, the children learnt so much from both presentations and many hands-on experiences they had. The day was filled with laughter, smiles and chatter as the children immersed themselves as farmers. As educators, we know that learning from first-hand experiences provide the richest, deepest and longest-lasting learning for students, and this visit certainly provided exactly that. Cubs and Bulbul students of grade 4, Scouts and Guides of Grade 5 to 8, YSM students, and a few students of Grade 6 to 8 participated in this event.

A talk on ‘ROAD SAFETY’ was conducted on JULY 20, 2023 at Trinity Central School by Mr. Nagesh, ASI Udupi. He brought an awareness to the students of Grade 1-10 about road safety and tips to be safe on the road. It was a very informative talk for the students as it brought awareness about the accidents caused due to our negligence, as well as how one has to be cautious while driving. Overall it was an informative seminar for the holistic development of the children.

Shining stars of Trinity :
The following students of CUBS and BULBULS have successfully completed their TRITIYA CHARAN exam.

The Principal, Staff and the Management congratulate the achievers for their amazing achievement.


About the School :

Trinity Central School was established with a humble and noble intention of providing all round development through quality education to the rural students. It follows the ICSE syllabus with English as the medium of instruction. Trinity Central School managed by the Capuchin Friars Service Society has a legacy of vast experience of service to the cause of education, having its branches all over India. The School is located in Perampalli 4kms from Manipal, the land of education and 4kms north of Udupi, the temple city. St. Francis of Assisi, the founder of the Capuchin order, born in Italy in the year 1181, dedicated his whole life living and propagating universal brotherhood. 

Principal's Message:
A journey of thirteen years in the life span of an institution is small, yet significant, like a rocket that is shot in the sky and thrusts through the gravitational barrier this institution of learning has crossed most of the barriers to become a worthy entity of learning on its own. what started as a small English medium school on the outskirts of Udupi and Manipal is today very much inside the city limits as one of the finest educational institutions; like a large banyan tree which begins its growth as a tiny little plant and strongly spreads its roots.  The school has excellent facilities which aid in the all-round growth of the students. there is a good blend of curricular and co-curricular activities. The school functions for five days a week and on Saturday various extra-curricular activities are held such as music, dance both classical and western, karate, martial art, taekwondo, drawing , abacus, chess, skating, drums, adventure club and drama.

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