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Rev. Dr. Fr. John Alwyn Dias

Rev. Fr. Robin
D’ Souza
Executive Secretary, CEB

Fr. Vijesh Loyed Menezes
Treasurer, CFSS .

Fr. Dominic Sunil Lobo






100% results in ICSE Board exams 2022-23 for the 9th consecutive year
Trinity Central School, Perampalli has made another remarkable achievement. The school has aced the ICSE results with an outstanding performance. With a redoubtable 100% for the 9th consecutive year and 7 students securing 100/100 in different subjects, the students have indeed brought laurels to the school. With 51 students appearing for the exam everyone has passed with flying colours.

Sthuthi Bharadwaj has put in her best efforts and has performed magnificently by securing 98%. She is the topper of the school. Fathimath Zohra stands second with 96.6% whereas, Swasthik B. S secured the third position with 95.2%.

While 25 students have scored above 85%, 22 students have scored 70-84%, 4 students 60-69% and have brought honour and laurels to the school.

The following students defied their adversities by securing 100/100 in the following subjects:
Stuthi Bharadwaj (Mathematics & History civics )
Fathimath Zohra (Mathematics & History civics)
Swasthik B S (Physical Education)
Ayman (Mathematics)
Riyana Edria Dmello (Physical Education)
Dannvi Kotian (Biology)
Cadence Latonia Dsouza (Physical Education)

The hard work of the teachers and the personal accomplishments of the students are no doubt praiseworthy. Trinity Central School has created a ideal position for itself with its consistent performance in the last few years. We are proud of the tenacity and dedication of our students and teachers who have left no stone unturned to outshine with a 100% result. We congratulate all the students and their parents for their outstanding achievement. We wish them all the very best in their future ventures.

Session on mind mapping and psychology : Trinity Central school
“ Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it.” – Albert Schweitzer.
A thoughtful session on mind mapping and psychology by Tanuja Maben, Founder of “Forrader academy” and the vice president of POWER organizations was held on 29th May 2023. Ms. Akshatha Amin welcomed the gathering. Mrs. Tanuja Maben was florally welcomed by principal Rev. Fr. Dominic Sunil Lobo. The session which went on for three hours was filled with activities and valuable inputs. The mission of the session was to offer one stop solutions to various mind and life issues and to transform and empower lives. On a concluding note three main solutions: Smile everyday, appreciate everyone and re- frame your thoughts for a happy life was suggested by the resource person. The session ended with the feedback given by Ms. Sunitha and Ms. Susan. Ms. Sushma delivered the vote of thanks.

PTA GATHERING – 2023-24 : Trinity Central school
“Together may we give our children the roots to grow and the wings to fly......
The first PTA gathering of the academic year 2023-24 was held on 27th May 2023. The Chief guest for the day Rev Fr. Valerian Mendonca, The Principal Rev. Fr Dominic Sunil Lobo, Vice Principal Rev Fr Ravi Rajesh Serrao, Academic co-ordinator Ms Magdelina Lewis, Primary Section Head Ms. Poornima Devadiga, Pre-Primary Section Head Ms. Renita Monterio, PTA president Mr. Krishna Shridharan, PTA secretary Ms.Priya Furtado were present on the dias. The program began by glorifying the Almighty, through a prayer song sung by the teachers' choir. It was followed by lighting of the lamp symbolizing the light of the knowledge. Ms. Benita welcomed the gathering. Trinity Central School started from humble beginning in 2009 with 47 students on roll, and now in 2023 it is entering into its 15th year with much enthusiasm and vigour, as it has grown exponentially well in all walks be it academics, infrastructure, environment etc. As Trinity is entering into its 15th year, the dignitaries were escorted by the staff and the PTA members to the Brindisi block for the inauguration of the Crystal Jubilee year. The dignataries inaugurated the Jubilee Year by unfurling the Jubilee banner. Further the annual school magazine Tritv 2022-2023, which is a mirror that reflects the achievement and growth of the students and the institution was released after a gap of 3 long years by the Chief guest Rev Fr. Valerian Mendonsa. Thereafter, the chief guest addressed the gathering with his words of wisdom. Rev. Fr Ravi Rajesh Serrao introduced the teachers, support staff and transport crew to the parents and appreciated their determined service to the school.

Session on staff development and classroom management: Trinity Central school
“Continuous personal and professional development is a key to the future”
This quote became a reality as the teaching staff of Trinity Central School had the pleasure to attend a seminar on staff development and classroom management by Mr Ignatius Kuriakose on 25th May 2023. Ms. Mayuri Thakur welcomed the gathering. Mr.Ignatius Kuriakose is a passionate and highly effective learning and development facilitator. He emphasized on the development of the students within the classroom atmosphere and their management. The session stressed on establishing the pupil self-control through a process of promoting positive student achievement and behavior. The highlights of the seminar was academic achievement, teacher efficacy, and teacher and student behavior are directly linked with the concept of classroom management. At the end of the session Ms. Benita proposed the vote of thanks. She also thanked Mr. Chethan from Orient Blackswann Publishing House for arranging the session.

Session on Phonetics : Trinity Central school
“By learning you will teach; By teaching you will learn”
As the academic year 2023-24 is about to commence, the teachers of Trinity Central School had the privilege to take part in a session on Phonetics by Prof. Raju Victor on 23rd and 24th May 2023. Ms. Steffi Saldanha welcomed him. Prof. R. Victor is a freelance trainer, erudite educator and a trained counselor. In his talk, he stressed upon the vowel sounds and letters, and the nature of English. His talk also included points on how we could access as teachers and establish better student-teacher bond. The interactive session helped teachers to learn more efficient pronunciation and was concluded with some pronunciation practices. On the second day the session was on the simple pronunciation mistakes that we all do, and a easy remedy for the right pronunciation was given and practiced by the repetition skill. The two days session was concluded by felicitating Prof. R. Victor and Mr. Preetham with a vote of thanks by Ms. Volita Carvalho.

“A new beginning... and things will change.” : Trinity Central school
With enthusiasm and vigour the teaching staff returned to their second home on 22nd May 2023 at 9 am. A fresh start was given to the celebration by glorifying the Almighty after which the principal Rev. Fr. Dominic Sunil Lobo welcomed all the staff. Trinity Central School is extremely privileged to welcome 13 newly joined energetic teaching staff. After a brief self introduction, a few quick fun games were conducted to break the ice. Thereafter instructions and guidelines for the academic year were given to all. After a short refreshment break, the meeting concluded with the distribution of the duties to all the teachers.

SITE BLESSING at Trinity Central school
Under the soft warmth of the morning sun and blue lit sky, the students and staff of the school gathered at the main ground for the blessing of the site for the new academic block. This momentous occasion was graced by Rev. Fr. Robin Victor D’Souza, Executive Secretary of the Capuchin Education Board and Rev. Fr. Vijesh Menezes, Treasurer Capuchin Friars Service Society. Joining them on the dais was our Principal Rev. Fr. Dominic Sunil Lobo, Vice Principal Rev. Fr. Ravi Rajesh Serrao, Academic Co-ordinator Ms. Magdelina Lewis and Contractor Mr. Stany Rodrigues. The short program commenced with a prayer song led by the teachers, after which the esteemed dignitaries were welcomed with a bouquet. This was followed by the prayer service and the blessing of the site by Rev. Fr. Robin Victor D’Souza. In his address, Fr. Robin conveyed his elation with regards to the progress made by the school since its inception. The program was compered by Ms. Preetha Furthado, who also enunciated the words of welcome and thanksgiving.

Cubs and Bulbul Residential Camp at Trinity Central school
Cubs and bulbuls is the next lap into the journey towards scouting and guiding. Character building and instilling self discipline with thoughtfulness for each other at the tender age is its aim . It’s motive is to inculcate self discipline in the young generation and also help in their physical and mental growth. Children learn to live a self disciplined independent life. Keeping this in mind the school organized a two day residential camp on 28/03/2023 and 29/03/2023. The inauguration of the summer camp was done by the Principal Rev Fr Dominic Sunil Lobo and Vice-Principal Rev Fr Ravi Rajesh Serrao in the midst of masters and flock leaders, scouts guides teachers and students in the school premise. Various fun filled games, BP6 exercises, different activities like craft making, mat making, cooking without fire, Kim’s game, action songs, mask making, group acting based on the situation and treasure hunt were held and children participated actively in all the events. The students were taken for a small outing around the school vicinity. Later a camp fire was organised for the students at night. The students who were divided into different groups performed various acts. It was a spectacular view to witness the young buds of Trinity exhibiting their talents and showcasing their abilities.

Kindergarten Graduation day at Trinity Central school
Graduation is an exciting time. It is both an ending and a beginning; it has warm memories of the past and big dreams for the future. The pre-schoolers of the Trinity Central School celebrated their graduation day on the 25 th March 2023 in the Trinitorium. All the kids clad in their graduation costumes led by Miss. Leslia Soares proudly marched the pathway of Trinity Central school along with the dignitaries – Chief guest Rev. Fr. Lancy Joel Saldanha, Prinicipal Rev. Fr. Dominic Sunil Lobo, Vice- Prinicipal Rev. Fr. Ravi Rajesh Serrao, Academic Co-ordinator Ms.Magdalina Lewis, Pre-primary section in-charge Ms. Renita Monteiro swaying to the rhythm of the school band. The programme started with a prayer by Trinity staff which was followed by a welcome dance by LKG Children. Young graduates Cerah Susan Eby, Trupthi Naik and Joshua Serrao shared their experiences and memories of the time spent in kindergarten. In order to acknowledge the hardwork of the little graduates, the chief guest of the day Rev. Fr. Lancy Joel Saldanha, Prinicipal of St.Mary’s Central School, Kinnigoli honoured the children by distributing graduation certificates. The Chief guest then addressed the gathering advising the parents to be cautious in differentiating the wants and needs of the children.

Thanksgiving Day at Trinity Central School
Gratitude brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow. Being thankful is the essence of all the art. The Trinity Family celebrated ‘Thanksgiving Day’ on 24th March 2023. It was a day to thank Almighty and to thank each other. It was the day to be thankful for all the blessings showered during the academic year.
The day began with the Thanksgiving Eucharistic Mass for the catholic students. Later all the students gathered in the Trinitorium for the thanks giving celebration. The program began with the prayer song sung by the teachers. The Principal Rev. Fr Dominic Sunil Lobo, Vice Principal Rev. Fr Ravi Rajesh Serrao and Academic co-ordinator Ms Magdalina Lewis were present on the dais. The Principal Rev. Fr Dominic Sunil Lobo announced the winners of the best class assembly as well as the best house of the academic year 2022-23 and gave away the trophies to the respective classes and houses. The Vice Principal Rev. Fr Ravi Rajesh Serrao gave away the certificates for the students with 100% attendance. Ms.Leslia Soares, who has served the institute for 10 years and is now leaving the institute, was felicitated on this juncture. Ms Steffi Saldanha read out the citation and the dignitaries on the dais conferred a traditional felicitation to Ms LesliaSoares. After the felicitation Ms LesliaSoares expressed her feelings and thanked everyone.

Blood Donation Camp at Trinity Central School
Every blood donor is a life saver. It is said that your little effort in donating blood can give others a second chance to live life. Trinity Central School always believes in imparting value based education to its students. It strives to make its students socially responsible citizens of the country. With this motive, a voluntary blood donation camp in association with District Government Hospital blood bank, Udupi was organized in the school premises. Dr Manjushree Pai, Pathologist , District Government Hospital blood bank, Udupi was the guest on the occasion. The Principal Rev. Fr Dominic Sunil Lobo, Vice Principal Rev. Fr Ravi Rajesh Serrao and Dr Manjushree Pai were present on the dais. The program began with the prayer melodiously sung by the teachers. After the prayer the dignitaries on the dais along with PTA representatives inaugurated the blood donation camp by lighting the lamp. After the formal inaugural program the members of the staff and parents moved to donate blood. Around 57 units of blood were collected and handed over to the blood bank. Refreshments were given to all the donors and non donors who were present. Many parents and well wishers volunteered in joining hands in this noble deed of saving life. The school management remains grateful to all the donors and appreciates their generosity.

Birthday of the Principal Rev. Fr Dominic Sunil Lobo at Trinity Central School
A great Principal builds character, inspires dreams, encourages creativity, builds confidence, instills love of learning, touches souls and changes life forever. The Trinity Family is blessed with such a motivating Principal in the person of Rev. Fr Dominic Sunil Lobo. And the 41st birthday of the Principal was celebrated on 28/02/2023 Al though Rev. Fr Dominic Sunil Lobo celebrated his gift of life on 27/02/2023; the official birthday celebration at school was done on the 28th of February. All the students gathered in the Trinitorium to wish their beloved Principal. Rev. Fr Ravi Rajesh Serrao, the Vice Principal spoke a few words about Rev. Fr Dominic Sunil Lobo and his exemplary service towards the upliftment of the school, which followed with the cutting of the cake. Rev. Fr Dominic Sunil Lobo also spoke at this juncture. He specially thanked Almighty for all the gracious blessings on his life and also thanked each and everyone for the wonderful birthday celebration. The students sweetened their tooth with the delicious cake given by their Principal.

National Science Day at Trinity Central School
National Science Day is celebrated in India on 28 February each year to mark the discovery of the Raman effect by Indian physicist Sir C. V. Raman on 28 February 1928. In 1986, the National Council for Science and Technology Communication (NCSTC) asked the Government of India to designate February 28 as National Science Day. The event is now celebrated all over India in schools, colleges, universities and other academic, scientific, technical, medical and research institutions. On this occasion Trinity Central School observed a science week from 20th of February – 28th of February 2023. Display of the articles, science facts, contribution of the scientists and riddles for all the grades were done. Students from all the grades actively participated. On 28th February – The science day was observed with much enthusiasm with the theme “Global science for global well-being” Aaryan Farooq of grade 9 delivered the thought for the day, students of grade 4 enlightened the gathering with few science facts. Saanvi of grade 8 conveyed the importance of the science day. The choir team dedicated the song with the theme science. Quiz was conducted by Riyana of grade 9, Anushree of grade 7 and Aaryan of grade 6. Award for the best class was won by grade 8 A and the best house board was won by Spoleto from Bonaventure block and Greccio from Brindisi block. Award was given on the basis of scientific facts and science articles on which students have worked on. In the end the, best wishes with the short message on science day was given by the vice principal Rev. Fr. Ravi Rajesh Serrao.

‘Celebrating grey hair with awesome grand children’, - Grandparents’ Day at Trinity Central School
The Grandparents’ Day was celebrated on 25th of February, 2023 in Trinity School. Around 350 grandparents with a silver lining on their hair but golden hearts participated with enthusiasm and vigor along with their grand children on the occasion. Dr Shruthi Ballal, a Diabetologist and Family Physician was the chief guest of the occasion. Dr Shruthi Ballal is a member and Joint Secretary of Indian Medical Association (IMA) Udupi and she serves at Big Medical Center Udupi. The Principal Rev. Fr Dominic Lobo and Vice Principal Rev. Fr Ravi Rajesh Serrao escorted the chief guest Dr Shruthi Ballal to the dais. The teachers led everyone into a beautiful prayer song. Ms Akshatha Amin hosted the program. Ms Pallavi Santhosh welcomed the gathering; meanwhile the principal accorded a floral welcome to the chief guest. Light symbolizes love; it illuminates knowledge eradicating darkness and ignorance. The program was inaugurated by lighting the lamp by the dignitaries on the dais and by the grandparents. Dr Shruthi Ballal, the chief guest of the day addressed the gathering. She emphasized mainly that, ‘Prevention is better than cure’. She highlighted various reasons for different health conditions at their age and also gave them tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She addressed the much needed topics like Diabetes, Hypertension, Thyroid, Harmonal Imbalance, Obesity and PCOD. Parents interacted with the doctor and cleared many doubts regarding their health issues. A routine health check up was done for all the grandparents on the occasion and suggestions were given personally about their health conditions. After the health check up the grandparents ate sumptuous snacks and refreshments.

Farewell party to their beloved seniors : Trinity Central School.
“Goodbye doesn’t mean the end, it means we will soon meet each other again”. It was a pleasant day as the grade 9 students organized a farewell party to their beloved seniors. To the resonance of the nasic band grade 10 students were welcomed. This was witnessed by the principal Rev. Fr. Dominic Sunil Lobo, vice principal and administrator Fr. Ravi Rajesh Serrao, academic coordinator Ms. Magadelina Lewis, PTA members, Teaching and all the non teaching staffs. As a token of greeting, welcome gifts were distributed to the grade 10 students. The prayer song was sung by the students of grade 9. To cherish the memories of years cake cutting was done by the students of grade 10. The principal, vice principal, academic coordinator and all the subject heads presented the mementos to the outgoing batch as a symbol of reminiscence. Our beloved principal wished the grade 10 students a splendid success ahead. Mr. Ranjith the class teacher of grade 10 also wished the students. Few words about their time at Trinity were shared by master Anuroop and master Swasthik. Best outgoing student award was announced by the principal based on the overall performance observed in these years, which was won by Ms.Sthuthi Bharathdwaj. The farewell program then continued with the cultural events organized by grade 9 students which also included funny games and the mouth watering refreshment and a special lunch.

Orange day at Trinity Central School.
Orange day was celebrated on 17th of Feb’23 in the kindergarten section of Trinity Central school. Children and teachers wore orange attires and the classrooms were decorated with orange balloons.Children were also encouraged to bring orange objects from home.All students were very eager for their turn to showcase and talk about the things they brought from home. Children also brought orange food items for snacks and they were very inquisitive to check on everybody’s snack boxes. They had all smiles to see each of their boxes filled with oranges, carrots, carrot halwa, papaya, orange dosa and orange idlis. Teachers explained the students that orange is a secondary colour. It is a colour which can be derived by mixing red and yellow. All the children were happy to mix and get the orange colour. Teachers explored a few more objects and encouraged children to draw and colour them in their drawing book. Children drew carrots, pumpkin, marigold, goldfish, sunrise, crab and many more items to name a few.
The following activities were conducted on this day.
Nursery- Bottle print orange flowers
LKG- Balloon stamping activity - Carrot
UKG – Paper crush and stick activity – Pumpki

‘Enchanting Safari’- Children’s Fest 2022-23 : Trinity Central School.
A fun filled Children’s fest with an enthusiastic theme, ‘Enchanting Safari’, depicting the love and affection towards the wild life was celebrated in Trinity Central School on 11th February, 2023. Ms Anusha Bhat, Range Forest Officer, Social Forestry Range, Udupi was the chief guest on this special occasion. The entire ambience depicted wild life and nature. The Trinitorium was decked up with replicas of different animals. The chief guest was accorded a conjuntos escort by the SPL and ASPL with the school band to the dais along with the Principal Rev. Fr Dominic Sunil Lobo, Vice Principal Rev. Fr Ravi Rajesh Serrao, Rev. Fr Cyril Roshan Menezes, Academic Co-ordinator Ms Magdalina Lewis, Pre-Primary Section Head Ms Renita Monteiro, Primary Head Ms Poornima Devadiga, PTA President Mr Krishna Shridharan and PTA Secretary Ms Priya Furtado. The program began with a prayer song thanking and praising God Almighty for all the bright and beautiful creatures granted to us. The chief guest and all the dignitaries on the dais inaugurated the program by planting the plants in a creatively made swan pond which was created using recycled plastic bottles. The chief guest Ms Anusha Bhat was felicitated by al the dignataries on the dais for her commendable service after which she addressed the gathering. In her address she appreciated the school for all the efforts in showing love towards the nature and wild life. She mainly emphasized the role of students in preserving the forest and wildlife. She said it is the duty of every citizen to safeguard our nature, forest and wild life.

Republic Day Celebration at Trinity Central School.
The Republic Day was celebrated on 26 th of January in Trinity Central School with a deep sense of patriotism and respect towards the country. Mrs Sharmila S, Senior Civil Judge and Member Secretary District Legal Services Authority Udupi, was the esteemed chief guest of the program. Mr B Nagaraj,President, Advocate Bar Association, Udupi District was the guest of honour. The Principal along with the school band escorted the guests to the dais. The school choir led all into prayer. Mrs Sharmila S, the chief guest unfurled our tricolour National Flag and hoisted it high.After the flag hoisting the students exhibited a well synchronized and disciplined March Past. After the flag hoisting and the March Past all the students gathered in the Trinitorium for the cultural program. The cultural program began with the speech of the chief guest. In her address Mrs Sharmila S spoke about the rights of the children and also the duties of the students. Mr B Nagaraj also spoke on the occasion. He mainly emphasized the meaning of Republic day and the formation of the Constitution. India is a land of rich beauty and cultural diversity. To portray the diverse culture of our country the students of grade 6 performed a dance. It is said where words fail, music speaks. The students of grade 7 and 8 represented their sense of patriotism through a patriotic song.

Daya Special School Programme : Trinity Central School Perampalli.
It was an exceptional day for the Trinitarians as the students of Daya Special School, Belthangady paid a visit to Trinity Central School. The Daya students were conferred a floral welcome by the Principal Rev. Fr Dominic Sunil Lobo. Daya Special School is a unit of Capuchin Krishik Seva Kendra and is located in Belthagady. It caters the needs of the differently abled children in and aroung Belthangady Taluk. This centre was born out of strong conviction that children undoubtedly grow and learn to their full potential within a secure and nurturing environment. DAYA Special Children Day Care Centre, started in the month of December 2016 with the help of various agencies and donors, received the recognition as Special School in August 2017. At present there are 113 special children with different syndromes like Dwarfism, 19 CP, Apert syndrome, Down syndrome, visual impairment, learning disability, intellectually disabled, multiple disabled, autism, hearing impairment with 22 teachers and non-teaching staff working in the centre. Along with basic education, the children are taught basic skill trainings. The students visited their sister concern institute and displayed their wonderful talents through a cultural program. The differently abled students performed a spectacular dance and sang harmonious songs which appealed the eyes of the audiences.

School Parliament, 10th January 2023: Trinity Central School Perampalli.
First session of the school parliament was held on Tuesday, 10th January 2023. The parliament session was hosted by Shifa of grade 9 in the presence of principal Fr. Dominic Sunil Lobo. Vice principal Fr. Ravi Rajesh Serrao, academic coordinator Ms. Magadelina Lewis & all the teachers. The Speaker Ms. Sthuthi Bharadwaj of grade 10, Assistant speaker Mackwin of grade 9, Ruling members, opposition members, all the ministers and other members of the parliament were welcomed. Wishes and advice for the best session was given by the principal Fr. Dominic Sunil Lobo. The School Pupil Leader (SPL) Master Rayan of grade 10 presented the annual report of the duties carried out by the ruling party for the present academic year, thereafter question and answer session was carried out in which the opposition leaders tackled various issues like discipline, cleanliness and other related issues and answers were sought from ruling party. At the end the Speaker addressed the assembly and the members of the school parliament agreed to carry out the duties responsibly. The session concluded with the suggestions and the advice given by the moderator Ms. Manasi, Teacher in charge of the school parliament.

Karnataka Secondary Education Board Drawing Grade Exam : Trinity Central School Perampalli.
A little progress each day adds up to big results.
Trinity Central School feels proud as its students have brought laurels to the school in the Karnataka Secondary Education Board Drawing Grade exam held on 23/11/2023. 17 students appeared for the exam. They have performed well and have secured 100% results. 7 students secured distinction, 8 students scored First Class and 2 students scored second class. The school extends best wishes to all the students and congratulates them.


About the School :

Trinity Central School was established with a humble and noble intention of providing all round development through quality education to the rural students. It follows the ICSE syllabus with English as the medium of instruction. Trinity Central School managed by the Capuchin Friars Service Society has a legacy of vast experience of service to the cause of education, having its branches all over India. The School is located in Perampalli 4kms from Manipal, the land of education and 4kms north of Udupi, the temple city. St. Francis of Assisi, the founder of the Capuchin order, born in Italy in the year 1181, dedicated his whole life living and propagating universal brotherhood. 

Principal's Message:
A journey of thirteen years in the life span of an institution is small, yet significant, like a rocket that is shot in the sky and thrusts through the gravitational barrier this institution of learning has crossed most of the barriers to become a worthy entity of learning on its own. what started as a small English medium school on the outskirts of Udupi and Manipal is today very much inside the city limits as one of the finest educational institutions; like a large banyan tree which begins its growth as a tiny little plant and strongly spreads its roots.  The school has excellent facilities which aid in the all-round growth of the students. there is a good blend of curricular and co-curricular activities. The school functions for five days a week and on Saturday various extra-curricular activities are held such as music, dance both classical and western, karate, martial art, taekwondo, drawing , abacus, chess, skating, drums, adventure club and drama.

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