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Resource Person: Prof Ronald Pinto : Date: Monday, 19 April 2021

‘If there is a will, there is a way’.

This proverb is as old as Galileo, for its importance lies in those words. Much importance is given for the Board exams, whether 10th or 12th for it sets the recourse to a student’s future. However, one question that forever prevails, which too, is, as old as Galileo is - what next after 10th /12th ?

Music soothes when tension bangs. Bringing the students at ease with an interestingly, foot-tapping song, renowned Career Counsellor, Prof. Ronald Pinto, brought in the livery and students’ mind at ease, as he commenced his session with the Grade 10 students.

The session began with Prof. Pinto explaining to the students the difference between a job and a career. In a job, all that you work for is to fill your daily bread basket, i.e., its only your wages or salary that gets credited to your account. However, when you think of career - it is not just a job, but when you work with enthusiasm and follow your passion, there is a sense of fulfilment. This feeling of job satisfaction is what defines a person’s career.

A question arose in the minds of the students. How can we find absolute satisfaction with the weight of others’ expectations, and pressure. How do we cope? For this, Prof Ronald advised that one needs to develop a charisma for aptitude. So, what is aptitude? A sincere development of oneself mentally, physically as we prepare for challenges that lay ahead. He advised that when a student chooses his or her career, it is not just their passion or talent that they need to pursue, but to also see the employability value of the career they choose; and in following their passion they must also remember their families as well - they too have had some aspirations; and so, a student needs to be kind and mindful of the feelings of their family as well.

Further into the seminar, Prof. Pinto shared point on how to choose the career of their choice. He mentioned that, their career depends on which stream they choose after their Grade 10. Prof Pinto outlined the various subjects that come under the major streams -

1. Science - This is stream that this the major driving force of most careers - be it engineering, medicine, astronomy, informatics, etc. The Science stream offers various subjects which include major subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and optionals like Biology, Home Science, Information Technology, Psychology, etc.
2. Commerce - As popular as its rival - the Science stream, it’s all about numbers in this stream. Subjects like Business Studies and accountancy are important, and those who wish to pursue Commerce can further choose from subject like Basic Maths, Economics, Informatics Practises, etc.
3. Arts - A once, not so popular stream and was usually reserved for back-benchers or the ‘just pass’, the Arts stream soon gained acceptance and rose to popularity, with the choice of subjects offered, for those who wished for the world. Subjects like English Major, History, Political Science, Psychology, Languages etc.

As the session drew to a close, Prof Ronald answered queries and some interesting questions raised by the students, and answered all questions with much enthusiasm and liveliness. On behalf of their classmates, Grade 10 students Anisha and Astle shared their thoughts on the programme, conveying that it was an interesting and enriching seminar, that would now assist them in choosing their streams and careers wisely. Assistant Academic Co-ordinator, Ms Jayanthi, too shared her views, and rendered words of gratitude. Prof. Pinto was presented a memento, as a token of gratitude.


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