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News and Events

“Sport is friendship
Sport is health
Sport is education
Sport is life
Sport brings the world together.”

Indeed, the skies on the pleasant November morning of 22nd saw colourful balloons being heralded into the skies, to sing in the Annual Sports day of 2019-20 at Trinity Central School.

On 22nd November 2019, we witnessed the sports day of our future sports persons – our Kindergarten and Pre-Primary students.

The Chief Guest of the function was Fr. Terrance Abranches, Director of Holy Cross Home, Katapady. The event commenced with the invocation of prayer by our grade 3 students led by Ms Sarah. Sheldon of grade 3, presented the welcome speech. Ms Sharon introduced the credentials of the Chief Guest.

The march past is the pride of every sports day. Voiced by Ronan of grade 2 and led by the Head Boy – Zihaan and Head Girl Manvi, students presented a commendable and disciplined march past. The trinitorium glowed with the presence of the Cadets of Cubs and Bulbuls and the colourful school houses – Spoleto, Greccio, Rivo Torto and Laverna.

The tiny tots of Kindergarten put up a spectacular drill, marching the steps to the beats of “I like to move it”.
Fr. Terrance along with our principal Fr Anil D’Costa, Academic co-ordinator Ms. Magdelina Lewis and Pre-primary Section Head Ms. Archana Shetty declared the sports meet, open and hoisted the school flag. This was followed by the melodious rendition of the school anthem and flag salute. Thus declaring the commencement of the Trinity annual sports.

This was followed by a drill exercise performed by the students of grade 1. Ms. Pallavi, PT Teacher adhered the oath of fair play to all students.

In his address to the students, Fr. Terrance spoke of the importance of having a sports day in the school. He also conveyed the necessity of being and taking part in any sport activity.

As in the Olympics, the lighted flaming torch is a reminder of the zeal and fairness with which sports persons have to play. The lighted torch – beacon of unity and sportsmanship was taken around the trinitorium.

In his message, our principal Fr. Anil D’Costa reiterated the importance of being active in sports.

Ms. Deona of grade 3 proposed the vote of thanks.

All students actively participated with enthusiasm in all sporting events, and spent an eventful, productive and enjoyable day.

The sporting festivities and cheer continued even on 23rd November with the senior students having their sports day (ie from grade 4 to grade 10).

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential; these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.

On 23rd November 2019, we witnessed the sports day of students of grade 4 to 10.

The chief guest of the function was Y Ravichandranath Rao, the former Principal and HOD of Sociology at St Mary’s Syrian College, Brahmavar. The events commenced with the invocation of prayer.

The march past is literally the flagship event of any surf carnival and one of the most traditional events that exists even this day. The sports ground glowed with the majestic march of the Cubs, Bulbuls, Scouts and Guides along with our four distinctive houses namely Spoleto, Rivo Torto, Greccio and Laverna.

Dr. Y Ravichandranath Rao along with our Principal Fr. Anil DCosta, Guardian of Trinity Vihar Fr. Claud Mascarenhas declared the sports meet open and hoisted the school flag followed by the school anthem and flag salute.

All the students actively participated in the sports event and made the event memorable one.


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