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A beautiful saying goes “ With the birth of every new child, there is a hope born that God is not angry with us”. Truly, our children are our pride and honour, as in every child we see the future of a better tomorrow.

November 14th, a day synonymous with the chuckles of innocent laughter and joyous mood; for, this is the day when we celebrate childhood, dedicated in honour, and on the birth anniversary of our first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Though COVID has played spoilsport to the celebrations which was usually held at school, we at Trinity Central School did not let the green monster, subdue the vibrancy of this day.

The festivities in its virtuality (virtual-reality), commenced with a flashback of the memorable event that was held in the last academic year, i.e 14.11.2019.

A short formal programme commenced with the prayerful invocation of every child’s favourite hymn “Showers of Blessings”. Following this, the portrait of Pandit Nehru was garlanded by the Management. The significance of this day was conveyed with inspiring words by Ms Jayanthi.

The joyous festivities commenced with a cheerful rendition of a medley of children’s favourite songs by our teachers. With children confined in the four walls of their homes, and since they were missing their school, the teachers brought back their smiles by taking the students on a virtual tour of the school.

Children love music and dance. The teachers presented an entertaining dance performance, swaying to the music of popular songs which are much loved by children.

Rev. Fr. Ravi Serrao in his message to the children conveyed that the children are being missed and that they are like the rose that Chacha Nehru always wore - fragrant and beautiful. He advised that despite the many thorns that one may come across, we need to face these challenges that lie ahead of us, with confidence and courage.

Light dispels darkness. With the festival of lights Diwali coinciding with Children’s Day, teachers welcomed this beautiful festival with an aesthetically artistic rangoli, surrounded by pretty diyas.

No programme is complete without its grand finale. Envisioned by our teachers, a portrait of Pandit Nehru was created using only cloth, in the school grounds. As the colourful balloons took to the sky, with the wishes and blessings of the Principal, and teachers, the curtains came down on the virtual Children’ Day Celebrations.


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