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‘The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul.’

Stirring up the souls and eliciting dreams, on a bright Saturday morning of January 25th 2020, Trinity Central School, Perampalli welcomed the fish of the sea and the mermaids of the ocean as they opened their gates to the Children’s Fest 2020, with the theme ‘Aquatic World’.

The celebrations commenced with an out-of-the box welcome, as champion skaters made their way into the Trintorium. Following them, were the dignitaries of the event - Rev. Fr. Lancy Fernandes, Headmaster of Milagres English Medium School, Kallianpur as the Chief Guest, Accompanied by Rev. Fr. Claud Mascarenhas, Guardian of Trinity Vihar, Fr. Anil Dçosta Principal, Fr. Ravi Rajesh Serrao Vice Principal and Administrator, Mr. Krishnan Sreedharan PTA President, Mrs. Magadaliena Lewis Academic Co-ordinator and Dr. Poornima Devadiga, Activity Co-ordinator.

Followed by this uniquely eclectic welcome, the Choir led all to a moment of prayer and danseuses presented a gracious welcome dance. Siana of Grade 8 welcomed the august gathering.

Creative ideas and cohesive effort are like hand-in-a-glove. Creative efforts came to the fore, as our Guests made their way to the beautiful fountain that was exclusively created for the event. Fr. Lancy declared the inauguration of the Children’s Fest 2020 open by turning on the beautiful fountain.

In his message, Fr. Lancy mentioned how we need to be children once again the need to take a break from the regular studies– to bring back the innocence of childhood and to be soaked in fun and frolic. He encouraged the children to follow their dreams and to enjoy the fest to the fullest. In his words, ‘Today is your day! Celebrate it, play and have fun and remember the best times’.

Fr. Anil Dçosta too echoed similar emotions and then proceeded to guide the gathering with some important instructions.

The formal programme was compered by Dagney of Grade 8, and Siana of Grade 8 rendered the Vote of thanks.
The main attraction of Trinity Children’s Fest 2020 was the immensely cute, creative and colourful costumes that brightened up the stage as our tiny tots of Nursery, LKG and UKG bravely took command of the centre stage and their costumes for the Fancy Dress Competition. In keeping with the theme, children came dressed up as frogs, crocodiles, turtles, fish, mermaids and we even had a few cute sharks and octopus. Kudos to the parents for all their efforts in preparing their child for the event.

The Judges of the Fancy dress competition were Sr. Reith, Fr. Wilfred for the morning session (i.e. Nursery and LKG), and Fr. Frolic, Ms Amritha R K and Mrs. Laveena for the forenoon session (i.e. UKG).

Food and Fun are the requisites of any Fest, and the Trinitorium was enveloped with over 10 Game stalls and in equal number – food stalls. Crowds thronged to test their wit, knowledge and strength in games like Treasure Hunt, Angle Bangle Triangle, Wishing Lollipop, etc.

It is said, ‘Count the memories, not the calories’, and for sure the Calorie count for children and adults went out of the door, as they made their tummies happy with all the delicatessen served up – from tangy chaats and creamy sandwiches to crunchy smiley’s and freshly popped corn, to homemade delicacies like chicken sukka with parota, chicken popcorn, matar paneer, veg kurma, etc. Every Fest and party favourite – Chicken fry and Biryani too were there. Observantly asked – it’s an aquatic theme, so where’s the aqua forma? Surmai fry, Silver fish fry and Prawns chilly swam to glory in happy tummies.

Refreshing drinks like lemon juice, chilled Ragi malt, kokum juice quenched the thirst, and the one and only – Ice Cream, definitely had the best day, with children thronging the ice-cream stalls, not once..or twice...but umpteen times. And summer has not even officially started!

‘What is a fiesta without entertainment’? Our talented dancers, actors, singers, proudly exhibited their talents with some fantastic singing, dancing and one-act, and some skit performances, that upped the entertainment quotient of the event.

We are the selfie generation. And so, a selfie booth was also set up, with the sea in the background and a lovely mermaid atop.

‘Luck is preparation meeting opportunity’. And so truly it was, as hundreds decided to try their luck, at the very first opportunity for the Lucky Draw, Juice Series and Housie. The Juice Series saw a double competition as students of Grade 6-10 locked horns to see who would emerge as the highest seller of the Juice Series. Similar enthusiasm was seen among the staff, PTA members and students too, for the Lucky Draw and Housie.

Apart from 4 consolation prizes, the luckiest person of the Fest would ride away on a brand new Hero Bicycle.

The fun, food and festivities continued and, as the clock struck into evening mode, the moment had finally arrived. First, the winners of the Fancy Dress Competition were awarded. With crossed fingers, and hopeful hearts ticket holders held onto their tickets to make through the finish line. Finally, it was Nidish V Kanchan of Grade 4 who cycled away to victory.

Children, parents and guests spent a fruitful day, and left with happy smiles and memories to cherish.

The Children’s Fest 2020, was a fabulous and roaring success, thanks to the stupendous and collective efforts of the entire Trinity fraternity, along with the support of the PTA Association, ably guided by our beloved Principal.


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