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News and Events

“English – is a funny language – for there is no pine or apple in a pineapple and likewise, we find no egg in an eggplant.”

On February 6th 2020 for the very first time English Day was celebrated in the school premises.

The programme commenced with the melodious rendition of the hymn “As the deer pants”, by the school choir. Ms Havisha of Grade 5, the compere of the programme welcomed the Trinity family to the event.

The programme started off with an intellectual note with a convincing and educative speech on the importance of the English language by Ms Dagney of Grade 8.

“A little, a little fun” - Our lovely pre schoolers of UKG and Grade 1 reminded us of our humble beginnings in English as they danced their way to the beats of the vowel (Phonic sounds).

English is incomplete without the contribution of several English writers, literateurs, dramatists over the centuries. A meaningful powerpoint presentation about them was shown to all. The PPT highlighted on the famous contributors in English literature like Sir William Shakespeare, Jane Ansten, Rama Rao, Sarojini Naidu, etc. Ms. Anisha of Grade 8 did the voice over for the presentation.

Following this, the students of Grade 7 elicited (recited), William Wordsworth’s most beautiful poem – “Daffodils”.

One cannot ace the English Language without Grammar. Our students of Grades 2 and 3 presented an educative skit on the very foundations of Grammar that is ‘Parts of Speech’.

Ms Henrietta of Grade 6 spoke of a few proverbs that we make use of in our day to day conversations. We all love stories. And stories came alive on the stage, as Ms Prajna of Grade 5 expressively engaged all with her story “The Dishonest Milkman” and later the students of Grade 4 took us back to our childhood in their musical enactment of everyone’s most loved fairy tale “Cinderella”.

The climax scene from Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice”, was the crowning glory and breaking of glass ceiling of the English Day celebrations. The students of Grade 7 and 8, wowed one and all with their superb acting and vociferous words, that even a layman could understand the enactment.

Enthralled by the proceedings of the programme our Principal Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa in his address said that words have fallen short to express his happiness after witnessing such a grand programme. He conveyed that, he was flooded with memories as he saw the programme and said that this was a stepping stone to the future programmes such as these. In elation he conveyed that in the near future/next academic year, if we present such programmes, we can invite parents, students of other institutions to come and see. He also, lauded and thanked the teachers of English Department for a wonderful programme.

The programme came to a close with the singing of the school anthem followed by the national Anthem.


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