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News and Events

Farewell - Grade 10 students
‘Parting is such sweet sorrow’. On the morning of Friday, 11th March 2022 the hearts of the Grade 10 students were overwhelmed with bittersweet emotions as they entered into the portals of the institution for one last hurrah. Led by the formidable voices of Swasthik and Ruthwika of Grade 9, the students of Grade 10 were welcomed with pomp and music.

The programme commenced with the invocation of the hymn ‘Oh Gracious Lord’ by the school choir. The august gathering was welcomed by Jnanesh. Principal Rev. Fr. Anil D’costa, Vice-Principal Fr. Ravi Serrao, Primary School In-charge Fr. Lenson Lobo, along with Academic co-ordinator Ms Magdaliena Lewis, Ms Jayanthi , teachers and students of Grade 5-8 were in attendance.

Students of the graduating batch - Ms Aslyn, Ms Shristi, Master Harsha, Ms Rania, Ms Prerna shared their experiences of being a Trinitarian. Echoing similar sentiments, they expressed how grateful and proud they feel, as Trinitarians. Whilst they are sad that they are leaving school, they expressed that it is only the building that they are leaving - fond memories will remain forever.

On behalf of all the teacher, Ms Jesslin Preetha, expressed her sentiments and shared valuable advice to the outgoing students. Assistant Academic Co-ordinator Ms Jayanthi also shared her valuable experience and advice with the students.

As a memory to be etched forever, the students of Grade 10 were presented with mementos.

A tradition that has been followed since long, is a memento that is presented to the school by the out-going batch of students. As a token of their love, gratitude and respect the students gifted the school as amount of Rs 47,000/-.

In his converse, Fr Ravi shared his feelings of elated he felt when he saw all the dazzling beauties and handsome boys in the campus. Parting is bittersweet he conveyed, however we part only to meet again. He advised that it is the beginning of a new journey - and what they have learnt - they need to go forward and share it with all - to do good, to be good for the betterment of society.

Before our Principal shared his experience, the traditional ceremony of cutting the cake was held. Also, the teachers were surprised with a cake to celebrate Teachers’ Day.

In his message, Principal Fr. Anil D’costa shared how joyous he felt to see all the students. He conveyed his appreciation to the students for being exemplary role models in all fields - academics, discipline, activities etc. He wished the students the very best and advised them to become not a just a person of success, but to become persons of success.

Lanvil rendered the vote of Thanks.

Following a short break, Grade 9 students conducted games for the students of Grade 10. They also presented a dance performance.

Grade 10 students thoroughly enjoyed their farewell day celebrations.


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