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News and Events


The historic stroke at the midnight dawn of August 15th 1947 is a moment that is etched in the heart, mind and soul of every Indian. 73 years later, the sunny and clear blue skies established new vigour and patriotism as the teachers of Trinity Central School, Perampalli gathered in the precincts of the school, to commemorate the 74th Independence Day. Rev. Fr. Claude Mascarenhas, Correspondent and Guardian of Trinity Vihar was the Chief Guest of the programme. He was joined by Rev. Fr. Anil D’costa, Principal and Fr. Ravi Rajesh Serrao, the Vice Principal, along with the teachers. The programme began with the customary hoisting of the National flag, followed by the rendition of the National Anthem and Vande Mataram. India is an amalgamation of traditions, beliefs, cultures and symbolic expressions. India’s vibrant culture was brought alive in the programme presented by the teachers. The programme commenced with an inspiring speech by Ms Sukhitha, who iterated the importance of true patriotism and our responsibilities as Indians. Ms Deepthi and her team, through their sonorous voices, sparked an enthusiastic fervour of patriotism as they sang ಹಿಂದೂಸ್ಥಾನವು ಎಂದು ಮರೆಯದ. As Indians of one brotherhood, we are a nation that is proud of our heritage and traditions, which is appreciated by even the rest of the world. The unique beauty of India came to the fore, in the programme ‘Mile Sur – A symphony of Unity’ as the teachers dressed up in the costumes representing the states of India. The programme was followed by a motivating speech on true freedom by Ms Preetha. Later, Ms Sukhitha and her team performed a patriotic dance with modern vibes. In his address, the principal Fr. Anil D’costa conveyed that as responsible citizens of India, we have to be resilient, have a strong will power and patriotic zeal to take the country forward. With this, the curtains came down on the wonderful celebrations of the 74th Independence Day.

‘Excellence is never an accident. It is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skilful execution and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities.”
Perseverance and hard work is what finally paid off, as the Grade 10 students of Trinity Central School, Perampalli succeeded in achieving a 100% result in the ICSE examinations of 2019-20. This is the 6th consecutive century achievement of the school. Despite the many adversities and challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, nothing deterred the determination of the students who made every effort to pursue their examinations. Coupled and strengthened by the teaching and support of the teachers, the school has achieved remarkable results. This year, being exceptionally special as the highest percentage of 94% aggregate was achieved. Ms Melanie Lewis is the proud achiever, who has brought this exceptional laurel to the school. Cementing their place amongst the toppers are Ms Vruddhi Kotian and Ms Sumayya, with a percentile of 93 and 92.6 respectively. With a record-breaking 23 Distinctions and 7 First Class, the school’s repertoire to give the best in education and groom the future of tomorrow has grown leaps and bounds and surpassed several expectations. Having completed a successful decade, Trinity Central School has continuously strived to break the glass ceiling in all fields of academia, sports, holistic development and infrastructure. The increase in the overall percentage of the ICSE results has been an encouraging morale booster and motivation to excel further. Though the academic inertia lies in uncertainty due to the pandemic, it is with renewed vigour and determination, Trinity Central School moves forward to become better than the best. After all, ‘Success is not final; failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts”.

“Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs: the future can be better than the present and I have the power to do so.” On 28th Feb 2020, the students of Grade 9 spent a productive and enriching afternoon with Fr. Kiran of Don Bosco Youth Centre, Shirva. Fr. Kiran initiated the session with creative ice breaker, wherein students were divided into 5 groups and were given a newspaper. The students had to create some interest using the newspaper in any way possible using content or making craft. After this innovatively resourceful activity, Fr. Kiran proceeded towards his core of his seminar – all about successful people. Fr. Kiran informed that successful people are not just created – they are born from their hardwork, perseverance and above all education the good education that makes all the difference. Further he said that our presence will be distinguished by our good personality and importantly by the company that we keep, i.e. our friends. Successful people in the most dire of situations find a way out. And this thought continued, as Fr. Kiran explained to the students about the 3 thinkings - Positive thinking, Possibility thinking and Negative thinking. He said that it is imperative and desirable to keep a positive approach, even in the hardest and most difficult times of our lives.

SEMINAR – ADOLESCENCE : Trinity Central School
The final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands. Adolescence – a period of discovery – a discovery of oneself, of one’s body of one’s needs and desires etc. and it is extremely imperative that our curious and equally inquisitive teenagers are given proper guidance to steer the paths in the right direction. A seminar on adolescence was held on 29/2/2020 by Prof. Prathibha Lydia DSouza, Principal of Dhanvantari Nursing College, Udupi, for the students of grade 9. Prof. Prathibha spoke to the students about adolescence and its stages and its effect on physiological, psychological and emotional life. She spoke at length about roles and expectations from an adolescent and the development of a healthy and positive self image. Prof. Prathibha also spoke of and explained to the students about their sexuality pubrty and related concerns. Common problems faced by growing adolescents and their solutions were also the topic of discussion. Prof. Prathibha enlightened the students that as adolescents they cannot continue to behave or pull tantrums like when they were younger; for now, as adolescents they have some important responsibilities – Responsibility towards oneself their respective families and society – who are their critics as much as their well wishers. Prof. Prathibha also enlightened the students on how to prepare for and face the examinations by inculcating good study habits, coupled with a well balanced diet and adequate sleep. She spoke of silent meditation in order to relax and distress their mind and body.

“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow”. The air was filled with zeal and zest as eager scientific tempers brewed and molecules dispersed. Science day was celebrated at Trinity Central School on 28th February, 2020 to commemorate ‘National Science Day’. The eventful celebrations began with a unique and creative rendition of a science based prayer song. Science is an amalgamation of facts figures and fascination. Prarthana, Adhya and Sanjay students of Grade 9 presented an interesting line – up of what’s, why’s and what if’s (i.e. some science facts), through an innovative skit accompanied with a powerpoint presentation. Following this, the young and future scientists of Grades 3 and 4, presented an informative skit on the various instruments like rheostat, resistance box, voltmeter etc. which are used in Physics. “Where there is Science, can magic be far!” Colourful fruity fumes, some bubbling elephant’s toothpaste and magical solution that remained funnily colourless with all the exciting voices around, were some of the highlights of some of the Chemistry experiments that are conducted. Due credit to the students of Grades 6 and 8 who kept the momentum going and repeat.

“The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams”. On the morning of February 27th, 2020, a long cherished dream came true. After months of planning, engineering and hardwork, the newly constructed Auditorium, housed atop the main school building was blessed and inaugurated. This momentous occasion was graced by eminent stalwarts of the Holy Trinity Province of Karnataka, Dr. Rev. Fr. Alwyn Dias, the Provincial, Rev. Fr. Maxim D’Silva, Administrator Rev. Fr. Vijesh Menezes, the Treasurer, Rev. Fr. Elvin Lopez, Provincial Secretary. Gracing the dais were also Rev. Fr. Claud Mascarenhas, Guardian of Trinity Vihar and Fr. Anil D’Costa, our Principal. The programme commenced with a prayer song led by the school choir followed by welcome speech by Melora of Grade 8. The dignitaries were adhered a respectful welcome with the traditional shawl. In his address to the gathering Fr. Alwyn Dias, expressed his gratitude to the students for choosing to be an integral part of Trinity Central School; to the teachers for their tireless dedication and to all other members of the Trinity family. Fr. Alwyn mentioned that there is nothing to fear in ICSE – for, ICSE stands for Innovative, Creative, Educative and Smart Education. Fr. Alwyn also extended his blessings and best wishes to the students of Grade 10, who were commencing their board exams the same day.

FAREWELL : Trinity Central School
There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are you will always be in our hearts. The grade 10 students were all dressed in different and colourful attire that gave great look for the event on 31st January 2020. It was a special occasion as the grade 9 students along with other students and teachers arranged a beautiful farewell programme for their seniors. The programme started with a special lunch served for all followed by entertainment programme to make the day a joyous one. Powerpoint presentation on the reminiscence of the students was shown. The mementos were given to all the outgoing students. The programme ended with principal’s speech with words of advice.

“English – is a funny language – for there is no pine or apple in a pineapple and likewise, we find no egg in an eggplant.” On February 6th 2020 for the very first time English Day was celebrated in the school premises. The programme commenced with the melodious rendition of the hymn “As the deer pants”, by the school choir. Ms Havisha of Grade 5, the compere of the programme welcomed the Trinity family to the event. The programme started off with an intellectual note with a convincing and educative speech on the importance of the English language by Ms Dagney of Grade 8. “A little, a little fun” - Our lovely pre schoolers of UKG and Grade 1 reminded us of our humble beginnings in English as they danced their way to the beats of the vowel (Phonic sounds). English is incomplete without the contribution of several English writers, literateurs, dramatists over the centuries. A meaningful powerpoint presentation about them was shown to all. The PPT highlighted on the famous contributors in English literature like Sir William Shakespeare, Jane Ansten, Rama Rao, Sarojini Naidu, etc. Ms. Anisha of Grade 8 did the voice over for the presentation. Following this, the students of Grade 7 elicited (recited), William Wordsworth’s most beautiful poem – “Daffodils”.

“A winner is someone who recognizes one’s God given talents, works very hard to develop them into skills and uses these skills to accomplish one’s goals”. On 30th and 31st of January 2020, the Trinitorium was brimming with smiles and thunderous cheers and claps as students from Nursery to Grade 10, readied themselves to receive the acknowledgement of their creative talents. On 30th January, prizes were distributed to the students from Grade 4 – 10. Mr. K Sreedhara, PTA President was the Chief Guest of the event. On 31st January, our little angels of Nursery to UKG and students from Grade 1 to 3 were awarded with prizes. Mr. K Srinivas, Joint Secretary of the PTA, obliged to be the Chief Guest. On both occasions, the chief guests congratulated the students on their achievements. They conveyed to the students that need to be passionate and determined in pursuit of better development of oneself and of their talents. In his address to the students our Principal Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa also extended his congratulatory greetings and conveyed that, though all were not awarded yet all children are talented and are capable of succeeding in their field of interest. He also motivated and encouraged the students to work harder and to be disciplined and happy too. The event of January 30th was compered by Krissel of Grade 9 and on 31st January Ms. Renita, Assistant Teacher ably took over the compering reins.

“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them”. On January 30th 2020, the students of Grades 9 and 10 found themselves in the august presence of a renowned and multi-faceted personality – Prof. Ronald Pinto. Prof. Ronald an academically brilliant and accomplished career counsellor is the Director of Institute for individual development, Mangalore. He has several prestigious laurels under his belt and has been a gold medalist since his Grade 7 until his M.Sc. Post Graduation.  The session commenced with a musically intoned ice-breaker as the students along with Prof. Ronald refreshed their minds with the song “There’s a tree on the hill.” Delving into the session, Prof. Ronald spoke of the various opportunities and learning modes that are available to students once they complete Grade 10. He provided important tips and techniques on how to overcome exam fear and stress; how to devote and make diligent use of the time/study holidays; how to face and ace the examinations with more confidence and less anxiety.

CHILDREN’S FEST : Trinity Central School
‘The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul.’ Stirring up the souls and eliciting dreams, on a bright Saturday morning of January 25th 2020, Trinity Central School, Perampalli welcomed the fish of the sea and the mermaids of the ocean as they opened their gates to the Children’s Fest 2020, with the theme ‘Aquatic World’. The celebrations commenced with an out-of-the box welcome, as champion skaters made their way into the Trintorium. Following them, were the dignitaries of the event - Rev. Fr. Lancy Fernandes, Headmaster of Milagres English Medium School, Kallianpur as the Chief Guest, Accompanied by Rev. Fr. Claud Mascarenhas, Guardian of Trinity Vihar, Fr. Anil Dçosta Principal, Fr. Ravi Rajesh Serrao Vice Principal and Administrator, Mr. Krishnan Sreedharan PTA President, Mrs. Magadaliena Lewis Academic Co-ordinator and Dr. Poornima Devadiga, Activity Co-ordinator. Followed by this uniquely eclectic welcome, the Choir led all to a moment of prayer and danseuses presented a gracious welcome dance. Siana of Grade 8 welcomed the august gathering. Creative ideas and cohesive effort are like hand-in-a-glove. Creative efforts came to the fore, as our Guests made their way to the beautiful fountain that was exclusively created for the event. Fr. Lancy declared the inauguration of the Children’s Fest 2020 open by turning on the beautiful fountain.

POWER PARBA : Trinity Central School
‘Power Parba’ an entrepreneurial exhibition cum sale for budding women entrepreneurs was organized by ‘POWER, Udupi’ from 10th to 12th January, 2020 at Beedinagudde, Udupi. They say – “Make hay while the sun shines.” And so, seizing the golden opportunity Trinity Central School, made a head strong presence at the event. Eager parents and curious students were welcomed with colourful art works and beautiful smiling staff of the school. On display at the kiosk were the skillfully artistic and creative works of our talented students. Our teachers, with their positive smiles and ecstatic energy were aglow at the kiosk. They distributed brochures and pocket calendars. Parents keen on giving their children the best education made a beeline at the Trinity kiosk. Fun games like tie me up, lid with the bud, bind the finger, count the months, lift and shift, muster alike, pull me out, stach over rice etc. were conducted and was enjoyed by all. Students of the school participated in the ‘Power Parba’ organized competitions like talent show, Art competition etc. Master Vishwas of Grade 5 won II place in drawing competition. The 3 day long programme saw many visitors and Trinity Central School has left an indelible impression on all.

PINK DAY CELEBRATIONS : Trinity Central School
Pink is a lovely colour and the favourite of pretty girls. However, the boys and girls of the kindergarten section dazzled in several hues of pretty pink, as they celebrated Pink day. Classes were decorated with pink balloons and students indulged themselves in the world of pink as they coloured their way through the pages.

“Christmas – the festival of joy, cheer, lights, unity and happiness”. With colourful stars and a glistening Christmas tree, the Trinity family, welcomed baby Jesus on 23/12/2019. The Christmas celebrations commenced with the Eucharistic Service in the morning. After which the craft competitions were held across the various grades. Students brought to the fore their innovative artistry in making Christmas bells, wreaths, stars and Christmas trees. Like Diwali, Christmas too is a celebration of lights as it is the time to welcome the ‘Light of the world’. The celebrations glistened and glowed, as our principal Fr. Anil D’Costa, along with Fr. Ravi, Mrs. Magdelina Lewis, Mrs. Archana Shetty and other teachers, lit the Christmas candles that adorned the beautiful crib. Following this, our little Santa’s of Pre-Primary Section entertained all with a rocking dance performance. Ms. Rania of grade 8, spoke of the real meaning and importance of Christmas. Next, our talented students presented a skit, that highlighted the values and morals that were taught by Jesus. Music sees no boundaries and crosses over all languages. In this season of joy, the Christmas carols sung by our melodious vocalists in different languages brought an immense sense of unified cheer, as it echoed across the Trinitorium.

ANNUAL DAY : Trinity Central School
‘Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success and that is what we call as Team work’. Under the glistening sun and the pleasant evening breeze, the grounds and portals of Trinity Central School welcomed one and all for the 11th Annual Day Celebrations held on Saturday, 7th December 2019 with open arms and joyous hearts. At first, the chief guest of the event – Dr. Ullas Kamath (Dean, Melaka Medical Science College, Manipal) accompanied by Fr. Robin D’Souza – president of the function, were given a thumping and resounding welcome to the beats of the traditional Chande. Joining them in their august presence, were also Fr. Claud Mascarenhas, Guardian of Trinity Vihar, Fr. Anil Dcosta, Principal, Fr. Ravi Rajesh Serrao, Vice–Principal and Administrator, Mr. Krishnan Sridharan PTA President and Ms. Magdelina Lewis, Ms. Archana Shetty and Ms. Poornima Devadiga – our Academic Co-ordinator, Pre-Primary Section Head and Activity Co-ordinator respectively.

ANNUAL SPORTS DAY  : Trinity Central School
“Sport is friendship
Sport is health
Sport is education
Sport is life
Sport brings the world together.”

Indeed, the skies on the pleasant November morning of 22nd saw colourful balloons being heralded into the skies, to sing in the Annual Sports day of 2019-20 at Trinity Central School. On 22nd November 2019, we witnessed the sports day of our future sports persons – our Kindergarten and Pre-Primary students. The Chief Guest of the function was Fr. Terrance Abranches, Director of Holy Cross Home, Katapady. The event commenced with the invocation of prayer by our grade 3 students led by Ms Sarah. Sheldon of grade 3, presented the welcome speech. Ms Sharon introduced the credentials of the Chief Guest. The march past is the pride of every sports day. Voiced by Ronan of grade 2 and led by the Head Boy – Zihaan and Head Girl Manvi, students presented a commendable and disciplined march past. The trinitorium glowed with the presence of the Cadets of Cubs and Bulbuls and the colourful school houses – Spoleto, Greccio, Rivo Torto and Laverna.

CUBS AND BUL BULS UTSAV : Trinity Central School
A two day excursion cum talent utsav was held for Cubs and Bulbuls on 16th and 17th November at Anandathirtha Vidyalaya, Kunjarugiri. The Cubs and Bulbuls of Trinity Central were accompanied by the Animators Ms. Pavithra and Ms. Sushma. On both days, several competitions were held, that brought out the intently creative talents of our students. Competitions such as coconut leaf art, sand, gravel and stone art, mask making etc. were held. The cadets spent an eventful day by participating in various activities and later a fun filled relaxed evening with the campfire which the children enjoyed very much. As early morning hours are the best time to rejuvenate the mind and body the next day enthusiastic Cubs and Bulbuls trekkers trekked their way up to the Kunjarugiri hills for a refreshing connection with Mother Nature. Post lunch, the prize distribution ceremony was held. Several of our cadets won prizes in varied competitions. The students headed back home in the evening after an enriching and fun filled experiences at the utsav.

“The children of today will make the India of tomorrow”. The Finesse of these words spoken by Shri Jawaharlal Nehru (lovingly known as Chacha Nehru), whose birthday is a celebration of the innocence, exuberance and purity of our children in India. On November 14th, the portals and corridors of Trinity Central School, reverberated with the shouts of joy, peals of laughter and the artistry of hundreds of smiles. The day’s festivities began with the school assembly, fore fronted by the teachers. Ms. Deepthi, along with Ms. Jesslin at the keyboard, lead the Trinity family into prayer, with the hymn, “Give me oil in my lamp”. Ms Steffi presented the thought for the day – in the words of Swami Vivekananda – “Take risks in life. If you win, you can lead; If you lose, you can guide”. The programme continued with Ms. Jayanthi articulating a speech on the importance and significance of Children’s Day. Prior to that Ms. Mayuri conducted a fun GK Quiz for the children. Later the charismatic presence of Mr. Shreyas Kotian, III year BA student of MGM college and Anchor of Udupi TV, was an added enjoyable moment. Mr. Shreyas in his brief interaction with our students invited them to dream and to pursue those dreams with utmost zeal, determination and passion. Our Principal, Fr. Anil D’Costa felicitated Mr. Shreyas with a memento as a token of our love and appreciation.

TRADITIONAL DAY : Trinity Central School
Our country India is a land of diverse cultures and a rainbow canvas of multiple traditions. On 16th October 2019, our students of Kindergarten were dressed in their best finery of cute sarees, lehengas, kurta pyjamas and veshtis etc. The children were all a beautiful sight and the colourful attire infused into the joys of the festivities. Students were informed about the various traditions through a meaningful video usual. Students enjoyed the day as they smartly walked the ramp, flanked in their best traditional attire. Overall the students enjoyed the day.

EDUCATIONAL TOUR 2019-20 : Trinity Central School
As part of the academic curriculum in lieu with their lessons, students of various classes went on Educational Tours. Our curious, creative and enthusiastic tiny tots of the Kindergarten Section learnt about plants, conservation of trees as they enjoyed themselves at Padmashri Awardee – Salumarada Thimmakka Park, in Manipal. They also spent a fruitful session at the Planetorium learning about the planets and the solar system at the Planetorium in Manipal. Students of the Primary Section spent some fruitful moments, touring places like Adi Udupi Market, Stella Maris Church, Kalmady, Udupi Police and Fire Stations, Udupi City Centre Mall so on and so forth and Vivekananda Divine Park, in Saligrama places like Gurunarasimha Temple, Bird Sanctuary. Students also visited places the famous Gommateshwara Statue, St. Lawrence Church Attur, Kotichennayya Theme Park at Karkala, and also the Jain Basadi (famously known as the Thousand Pillars Temple) and the Soan’s Botanical Farm, Moodbidri etc. Our higher primary students visited places such as the Pilikula Science Centre, and Chaturmukha Basadi, Karkala and Guttinamane and Artisan Village in Pilikula etc. Wherein at the latter, students were given a live demonstration of the makings and nuances of pottery. Overall the students left these places with new knowledge and refreshed minds.

DIWALI CELEBRATIONS   at Trinity Central School
Diwali the festival of lights marks the triumphant victory of good over evil. The portals of the Trinitorium were illuminated with beautiful diyas and an equally mesmerizing floral rangoli, on October 30th, as we celebrated the festival of Diwali, with much fervor and enthusiasm. The programme, commenced with the pious and traditional lighting of the lamp by Principal - Fr. Anil D’costa, Fr. Ravi Rajesh - Adminstrator, Mrs. Magdelina Lewis – Academic Coordinator and Pre-Primary Section Head - Mrs. Archana Shetty. Trinity’s guiding lights – its teachers enlivened the gathering, by lighting the diyas that were beautifully laid out across the floral rangoli. The cultural programme, capably led by Lenvil and Vaishnavi of Grade 10, began with the articulate speech of Anusha, who spoke of the Diwali – it’s mythological origins, the significance and purpose of the festival and about the festivities involved. Our energetic dancers of the Kindergarten performed a fun, cheerful dance much to the delight of the Trinity family. Diwali – as perceived in the lens of children is mostly about savoring delicious sweets and bursting fire-crackers. Unfortunately, this outburst of cacophonic crackers and fireworks does more harm than good. And this was the idea conceived in the skit performed by the students of Grades 2 and 3.

KARNATAKA RAJYOSTAVA  at Trinity Central School
We live in the land of beauty and bounty, surrounded by a diverse culture and heritage – our wonderful Karnataka. The wonders and glory of the 64th Karnataka Rajyotsava celebrations was witnessed in the trinitorium on 31st October 2019. The celebrations commenced with a harmonious prayer song. Light a glowing symbol was personified as the custodians of Trinity along with the SPL, Ms. Maimoona, lit the traditional lamp to the augur the festivities of the day. Students of grade 2 performed to the melodious beats of ‘Jeejimbe (ಜೀಜಿಂಬೆ)’. Ms. Ritika of grade 9, spoke at length about the history and origins of Karnataka Rajyotsava, the importance of this day and the significance of the Kannada language. Students of grades 7 to 9 presented an impactful dance that resonated about the crucial battle of Chitradurga fort. In reverence, the portals of Trinity, resounded with the meaningful rhythm as voices sung the Karnataka state anthem. In his message our Principal Fr. Anil D’Costa iterated the importance of the Kannada language in our lives. He spoke of the rich culture of Kannada literature and its vernacular depths. The Principal conveyed his wishes to all for the occasion. A short video on the cultural and heritage diversity and the origins of Karnataka Rajyotsava was shown. The programme was eloquently compered by Siri of grade 8, who also proposed the vote of thanks. The programme came to a close with the rendition of the National Anthem.

LITERARY COMPETITIONS at Trinity Central School
On 21st October, the hallways of Trinity Central School witnessed an impressive display of creative ideas and articulate voices in the various Literary Competitions that were held. To start with the Primary Section (Grades 1 to 5) had a Pick and Speak Competitions with various topics like My family, My favourite outdoor game, A holiday with my family, My best friend, If I had wings etc. for grades 6 to 8 Elocution Competitions in all language disciplines – English, Hindi and Kannada were held with various competitive topics. Students of Grades 9 and 10 homed their vocals as they participated in the Declamation Competition. The judges had their task cut-out in choosing the best, from among the rest. It was indeed a day of creativity and discovery of the eloquent voices of the future.

On October 19, 2019 the portals of Trinity Central School were filled with anxious, but confident voices. And it was a busy afternoon with triplet functions.
The afternoon proceedings commenced with the invocation of God’s blessings through a melodious song sung by our teachers. This was followed by the PTA meet. Dr. Shruthi T Mayur, an eminent Professor of TAPMI, Manipal was the resource person of the programme. Accompanying Dr. Shruthi, on the dais were the strong pillars of Trinity Central School Fr. Claud Mascarenhas, Guardian of Trinity Vihar, who was also the President of the function and Fr. Anil D’Costa, the Principal. Fr. Ravi Rajesh our Administrator, Mrs. Magdelina Lewis, the Academic Coordinator, Mrs. Archana Shetty, the Pre-Primary Section Head and PTA Secretary Mrs. Chandini were also present on the stage.

A programme on ‘Time Management and Peer Pressure’ was organized for the students of grades 9 and 10 on Tuesday, 15th October 2019 at Trinity Central School, Perampalli. Mr. Shridhar D, Faculty, Department of Occupational Therapy, MAHE, was the co-ordinator of the programme. Mr. Sridhar and his team presented the topic through a power point, followed by activities that conveyed the message of time management and the negative influence of peer pressure. There was constructive involvement of the students and the session was really beneficial to them.
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TREK TO BELVAI MOUNTAINS : Trinity Central School
Just like any other profession, mountaineering too, has now cemented its place from being just an adventure sport to full time profession for adventurists. And our students from the Scouts and Guides, Cubs and Bulbuls accompanied by their Animators and few other enthusiastic teachers made their way through the forests and mountains of Belvai, Moodbidri on 4th October 2019. Students learnt the ways of mountaineering and as they trekked up the mountains, they came to acknowledge and learn about the vast nature – forest, flora and fauna. After a brief stop for rest, our enthusiastic trekkers made their way to explore the caves and the Konnaje Kallu temple. Students and teachers camped overnight at the residence of our teacher Ms. Shifali at Belvai. The songs, merriment and delicious dinner around the campfire made it a memorable event to remember. The students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed this once in a life time experience. We thank our teacher Ms. Shifali for her kindness and for arranging this sporty and fun filled adventure.
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CELEBRATION OF PATRON’S DAY at Trinity Central School
“Make me a channel of your peace”. These are the words that laid the foundation for the Franciscan order. The holy man, whose very words, we echo here at Trinity, was brought to life, during the celebrations of our founder and our Patron St. Francis Assisi on 4th October 2019. Trinity family began the founder’s day celebration with Holy Eucharist. The programme began with the soulful rendition of St. Francis’s song of peace and love – “Make me a channel of your peace”. Prior to that our principal Fr. Anil D’Costa garlanded the statue of St. Francis. After the prayer, the students of grade 3 presented a meaningful enactment of the life of St. Francis. Ms. Khushi of grade 5 shared her thoughts about St. Francis through her speech. A short video about the 4 important locations viz Laverna, Greccio, Rivo Torto and Spoleto wherein St. Francis imprinted his footsteps which also represent the four houses of the school were shown through a slideshow with a brief voice over by Pruthvi and Derick of grade 5.
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YSM INTERACTION at Trinity Central School
The students of grade 7 and 8, had a fruitful and engaging session with Fr. Edwin D’Souza, Director of YSM (Young Students Movement), Udupi Diocese on 3rd October 2019. Fr. Edwin educated the students about the objectives and goals of the YSM. In his interaction, he encouraged the students to enrol themselves in YSM, wherein they will learn to become responsible citizens by changing their way of life, certain thinking which in turn will bring about a gradual but meaningful change in society.
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CAREER GUIDANCE SEMINAR at Trinity Central School
“A career is not just about income – it is the stepping stone to follow your dreams and aspirations too”. Students of grade 9 and 10, who are at the threshold of deciding their future spent an interactive, educative and refreshing session on Career Guidance with the students of the SCIO foundation, under the aegis of MIT Manipal on 3rd October 2019. The session commenced with a candid interaction with Ms. Meghana, who had a keen hindsight to know the future plans of the students. Further, her colleagues Ms. Aditi, Ms. Riddhi, Mr. Advith, Ms. Apoorva and Ms. Geetha shared with the students in depth about the various job opportunities and requisites under the various streams of Medical Engineering, Arts, Commerce and Science and of Non-Conventional courses such as Merchant Navy, The Armed Forces and Culinary Arts etc. Overall, the students spent a meaningful and fruitful session with the MIT- SCIO resource persons.
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“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” These words of our Father of the Nation, Gandhiji echoed across the portals of our institution and minds of our students. On 1st October 2019, our Trinity fraternity held a brief celebration of the birthday of the man who fought for the very freedom that we now enjoy – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi lovingly known as Bapu. The celebrations commenced with the invocation of Bapu’s daily prayer – “Raghupathi Raghava Raja Ram”. After which our Principal Fr. Anil D’Costa garlanded the portrait of Gandhiji. Ms. Stuthi of grade 7 spoke a few words about Gandhiji – his life, his principles and about his long walk to achieve our freedom. Following this, our Principal too, spoke on the occasion. He mentioned about how we should imbibe the core values of Gandhiji in our daily lives. He asked us to value our freedom and respect it as, we must never forget Gandhiji’s struggles to give us the freedom which we now enjoy.
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Teachers Seminar at Trinity Central School
With the exams round the corner the teachers of Trinity Central School gathered together for a well-defined meaningful hour of peace and de-stressing on 19th September 2019 from 9.00 to 10am. This was made possible under the able guidance of Mrs & Mr. Shridhar the Manager of Heartfulness Meditation Centre, Udupi and Dr. Sathyakanth, Asst. Prof at MIT Manipal. The programme, divided into 3 phases commenced with a brief introduction by Mr. Shridhar. This was followed by the presentation of interactive videos and testimonials by those who have experienced the benefits of Heartfulness Meditation. The best and most beneficial part of this session was the engaging 30 minutes of a quiet, peaceful and relaxing meditation. Mrs. Shailaja gradually engaged all teachers for a heartful meditation. All teachers spent a worthwhile meditation session and interaction which definitely a boon before the commencement of Mid-Term Exams.
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HINDI DIVAS CELEBRATION at Trinity Central School
Hindi Divas was celebrated on Monday, 16th September, 2019 at the school premises. The programme commenced with a welcome song, led by the students of Grade V. This was followed by a speech from Royston of grade 9, who briefly spoke about the initiation, importance and relevance of Hindi Divas. Students of Grade III enacted a short meaningful skit about the importance and the present need of learning Hindi which is also one of the official languages of India. The skit, highlighted on the aspect of as being proud of not just English and other vernacular languages but even Hindi as well. Dr. Poornima, Subject Head of Hindi Department inspired the gathering with her eloquent speech in which she spoke about the Hindi language, its origin, its scope and impact in the present scenario. Any celebration at Trinity Central School is incomplete without music and dance. Our little butterflies of UKG added glamour to the day by swaying to the melody of “Titli Rani” (i.e, Queen Butterfly) and entertained all. Thereafter Principal Fr. Anil D’Costa conveyed his message and expressed his feelings on the occasion. Sampada of Grade VIII anchored the programme.
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Teacher’s Day Celebrations at Trinity Central School
“Good teachers are the reason why ordinary students dream to do extraordinary things”. The above words hold very true of the teachers of Trinity Central School, Perampalli. And the love and dedication of teachers was beautifully acknowledged on the occasion of Teacher’s Day on September 5th, 2019. The day long celebrations began with the celebration of Eucharist and novena to Mother Mary. This was followed by a short programme by the PTA members. On the dais were the Principal, Fr. Anil D’costa, Fr. Ravi Rajesh the School Administrator, Academic Co-ordinator Mrs. Magdelina Lewis, Mrs. Archana Shetty the Pre-Primary Section Head, and Mr. K Sreedharan and Mrs. Chandini the President and Secretary of the PTA respectively. The dignitaries on the dais first showered flowers on the portrait of Dr. S Radhakrishnan, and Mr. Sreedharan spoke of the importance of the day. This was followed by the cutting of the cake. In recognition of their dedication and commitment in imparting education to students by teachers, PTA members gifted all teaching, non-teaching and auxiliary staff, with rose-bud plants, and gifts, as a token of their love and affection.
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Farmer’s Day Celebration : Trinity Central School
On 28.08.2019 our enthusiastic kindergarten students, enjoyed an eventful and meaningful day, as they celebrated and honored, the people, that is ‘who don’t just work till the sun goes down but work till the job is done’ our beloved farmers. Dressed in traditional farming attire, the students were informed about crops, farming and farming equipments. The students enjoyed a video that highlighted the same, and also learnt about ploughing through an enactment of the same, by some of the children. On the whole our students learnt, not only about farming, but also the importance of the presence and need of farmers in our lives. The program was beautifully animated by Ms. Umavathi and other teachers.
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CRAFT COMPETITION : Trinity Central School
Creativity and celebrations are like a hand that fits in glove. The Independence Day festivities continued, as our students indulged themselves and brought out their creative streak to the fore. The craft competition was held for all students from Grade 1 to 10. The corridors and school quadrangles and classrooms were lit up, with various, creative art displays of lamps, boats, pen stands, flower vases etc. Students made craft décor from environment friendly and recyclable materials mainly old plastic bottles, newspapers, coconut shells etc. The judges had their task cut-out in adjudging and selecting the best, and the best above the rest, since all students had put their best creative efforts and imagination to the fore. The day was well spent and enjoyed by all.
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ORANGE DAY CELEBRATION : Trinity Central School
Orange day was celebrated on August 14th, 2019. Students of the kindergarten section, were a sight to behold, as they glowed in their beautiful orange dresses and t-shirts and shorts. Creativity of the children came afore, as they dipped in chubby thumbs in orange paint, and beautifully put their thumb impressions, on the flag of India. The students thoroughly enjoyed the day, as the color of orange hue, shone through an otherwise cloudy rainy day.

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INDEPENDENCE DAY : Trinity Central School
Independence Day – 15th August is a day of reverence and patriotism, where in we remember the sacrifices of our brave visionaries, soldiers, freedom fighters and unsung heroes. This patriotic fervor, glowed on the faces of all present for the 73rd Independence day celebrations held at Trinity Central School on 15th August 2019. Braving the heavy rain, our chief guest of the event Sir Gopalakrishna Bhat – a retired Army Veteran and Pharmacist, along with other dignitaries of day, unfurled the Tri-color, to the melodious voices that echoed, the national anthem. Mrs. Shantha Rao wife of Mr. Gopalakrishna Bhat, in her brief speech, iterated on the importance of the Independence Day, and of our responsibilities as citizens of this country. She encouraged and advised students to be more active and creative, and not to spend all time on the phone or on social media. The students presented a wonderful, educative and entertaining cultural programme that was enjoyed by all. Avina of grade 5, welcomed the gathering, and introduced the guests of the day. The vote of thanks was adhered by Ashutosh of Grade 6. Ms Dhanyashree of grade 9, compered the programme. Sweets were distributed to all, to celebrate this wonderful occasion.
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On 31st July 2019, students of Grade 10, had a rare opportunity to interact with. Ms. Anya Biggins, a renowned Psychologist from England. Ms. Anya, who is at present pursuing her Doctoral studies at Leicester University, visited the school as part of her studies. In a very candid and friendly approach, Ms. Anya shared about life in U.K. and various other facets of the British lifestyle like the culture, food and entertainment, sports etc. Students too with innate curiosity, were keen to know about life and living in UK especially the British Royal Family details of which Ms. Anya shared with equal exuberance. A fun question and answer session followed, with the students, asking questions about her experiences in South India. Ms Anya, excitedly shared of her love for our beloved, humble Idli and Dosa; of how she is enjoying the cool monsoon weather, the devout culture of the South, amongst various others. The interaction with Ms Anya was an enlightening, entertaining and educative session. Looking forward towards more such fruitful interactions.
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GUEST LECTURE : Trinity Central School
“Never regret a day in your life. Good days give you happiness and bad days give you experience”. Mr. Mathew C Ninan, Director of Little Rock Indian School Brahmavar visited as a guest faculty to our school and motivated our 9th and 10th grade children on 16th July 2019. He spoke on topics such as ‘Good habits’ and ‘decision making’ and inspired the children with the real events and made the session active. The half day session was thus really thought provoking and are inspiring.
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“Competition is a good thing, it forces us to do our best”. To encourage the children in grooming their extra-curricular activity the school conducted competitions on 9th July 2019. Calligraphy competition for grade 1 to 3, Essay Writing for grade 4 and 5 and Picture writing for grade 6 to 10. All children gave their best and participated in their particular events actively. Overall the competitions helped the children to show their creativity and put forward their imagination.

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YOGA DAY : Trinity Central School
“Yoga is the journey of the self, to the self, through the self. Our scouts and guides along with their mentors attended the yoga day program held on 21st June 2019 at Rajangana, Udupi. The event was well organized by Sri Krishna Matha Udupi, Rotary Club Udupi, Bharath Scouts and Guides Udupi. Our students joined the other participants and experienced the knowledge about yoga and its benefits.
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TALENTS DAY : Trinity Central School
“One of the greatest talents is the talent to recognize and to develop it in others”. Trinity witnessed this talent in great measure as it was exhibited at its enthusiastic best, on July 2nd 2019. The students who were gathered at the Trinitorium, Mother Teresa Hall and Assisi Bhavan, showcased these talents to their fellow classmates. While the Mother Teresa Hall, and Assisi Bhavan was lively and abuzz with melodious voices and strong acting performances, the environment at the Trinitorium was that of a live concert, where the participants were in full gusto and tempo. The highlight of the event – was definitely the dance performances of the Kindergarten children, who exuberated innocence and joy. Our upcoming Lata’s and Elvis’ sang their heart in melodious flow, which kept the audience enchanted. Ms. Sharon, Ms. Jesslin and Ms. Deepthi were the judges of the competition.
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WELCOMING THE STUDENTS : Trinity Central School
‘Dreams come a size too big so that we can grow into them’. Students are the dreams of a teacher’s life. To make the students dream high and aim high, Trinity teachers welcomed the children to their Trinity home cheerfully on 03.06.2019. Children were given input session and were inspired with the thought provoking articles such as Seed, Rock, Hands, Books, Sports items, Communication gadgets and were asked to be like them useful and fruitful throughout the academic year. After which Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa, the Principal of the school introduced the teachers and briefed about the rules and regulations of the school which has to be followed strictly.
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INVESTITURE CEREMONY : Trinity Central School
‘Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile’. To lead the school in the disciplined manner, the school elected the Leaders and Assistant leaders framing a School Council. The investiture ceremony was held on 20.06.19. The S.P.L. Ms. Maimuna Khairunisha, A.S.P.L Master Thushank Chandrashekar along with the ministry, took the oath to animate the school, abiding to the school rules and by being obedient, truthful and loyal to their best. Rev. Fr. Charles Furtado Superior Assisi Nilaya, Moodbelle, the chief guest of the day, Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa, Principal, Rev. Fr. Ravi Rajesh Serrao, the Administrator, along with the co-ordinators pinned the badges and wished school leaders great success in their leadership. There after the chief guest Rev. Fr. Charles motivated the students and spoke about the leadership qualities and invited everyone to be strong pillars of school as well as society at large.
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ART & CRAFT COMPETITION : Trinity Central School
‘Parents nurture the evolution of children’s ideas at home and teachers inspire creativity’. The school to bring up the creative minds, held the drawing, painting, pot painting and pencil sketch competition for nursery to grade 10 children on 17.06.2019, Monday. Children participated enthusiastically and came up with flying colors.

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VANAMAHOTSAVA : Trinity Central School
‘Lend a Hand, Save our Land’, was the motto echoed on this year’s Vanamahotsava Celebrations that was held in the school premises on June 14, 2019. The event, compered by Ms Rania of Grade 8, commenced with the planting of saplings in our school garden. Teachers of EVS Studies, and students accompanied by our Principal, Administrator and Academic Co-ordinators, and Ms Avleyn the event co-ordinator, planted saplings in the school grounds, kick-starting the Vanamahotsava Celebrations. The dais glowed with the dynamic presence of Principal, Administrator and Co-Ordinators. The event continued with a powerpoint presentation by Astle and Akanksh, who briefed the students about the culture and importance of Vanamahotsva. The powerpoint presentation was followed by inspiring speeches by Tushank of Grade 9 and our Academic Co-ordinator Ms Maggie Lewis, who iterated on the importance of the need of the hour to protect and plant trees, in order to save our environment and reminding us that ‘Forests are the world’s best Air conditioning systems’.
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Ramzan was celebrated with much enthusiasm and fervour at Trinity Central School, on June 6th 2019. Fr. Anil D’souza, Parish Priest of Perampalli Church graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. Fr. Anil was accompanied by our Principal, Fr. Anil D’Costa and our Co-ordinators Ms Magdelina Lewis and Ms Archana Shetty on the dais. The celebrations began with a beautiful prayer sung by Ms Lubna and friends, followed by a Qawali by enthusiastic boys of Grade 7 & 9. Sumayya of Grade 10, enlightened the Trinity family about the importance of Ramzan in the lives of Muslim faithful. She briefed about the rituals of fasting from dusk to dawn, alms giving (zakat) and prayer. ‘Those who work hard, will eventually succeed.’ And, on this day meritorious students from Grade 1 to 10 were awarded with Merit Certificates for excelling in their academics, during the academic year 2018-2019. The Chief Guest, Fr Anil D’Souza, in his address to the Trinity family stressed on the importance of the need to study and learn as much as possible, not just today, but every day. He also emphasised that in our studies, we must not forget to pray and also we must strive to ‘be good and do good’.
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PTA MEET KINDERGARTEN : Trinity Central School
Parents of the Nursery and Kindergarten Section gathered together on Saturday, 8th of June, as we had a interactive day for parents of KG children. Dr. Shwetha, Clincal Psychologist at the Department of Psychiatry, KMC Manipal was the chief Guest of the function. Our Principal and Co-ordinators accompanied our Guest on the dais. The meet began with a prayerful intonation by our teachers Ms Laveena and colleagues. Ms Renita welcomed the gathering, and Ms Steffi introduced the Guest. In her address, Dr. Shwetha outlined the importance of understanding our children as parents. She mentioned about the different types of parents, parenting styles, and a child’s reaction or behaviour to such attitudes. She also made mention of how parents should be co-operative, cheerful and be a friend to their child. Most importantly, we as parents must be ready to learn and grow with our children as they learn. She advised that how we conduct ourselves in front of our children is very important as they emulate us – they watch what we as parents do and copy us. On academics, we as parents must not push or force them, but find new, creative and practical ways to keep our child interested and indulged in their school studies and activities.
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Annual Parent Teacher Association PTA Meet : Trinity Central School
The Annual Parent Teacher Association PTA Meet was organized on 1st June, 2019 at the Trinity Campus at 2.30pm. Rev. Fr. Paul Melwyn D’Souza the Vicar Provincial of Holy Trinity Capuchin Province Karnataka was invited, as the Chief Guest for this prestigious programme. The annual PTA meet commenced with the invocation of prayer, as our teachers sang the hymn “Showers of Blessings”. The auspicious ceremony of the “lighting of the lamp”, was followed after the prayer song. The beautiful diyas were lit by our gracious dignitaries viz Fr. Paul Melwyn Chief Guest, Fr. Anil the Principal, Fr. Ravi Rajesh our Administrator along with Mrs. Magdelina Lewis our Academic Co-ordinator, Mrs. Archana Shetty, Pre-Primary Section Head, and Ms. Chandini, Secretary of the PTA.
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We, at Trinity Central School, believe in qualitative education. And this is possible, when our teachers, not only teach, but know what they teach. There’s a lot more to any subject, other than theory, facts and figures. The closing week of May, saw the teachers of Trinity Central School, back to do a whole lot of learning and unlearning.
Day 1 Ice – Breaking Session & Phonetics
Teachers are our greatest assets in our society. As we step forwards to the new academic year 2019-20, the management of Trinity Central School had arranged a range of workshops for teachers to inspire, to empower to boost self – confidence, and to nurture the lives of students. Teachers at Trinity were in full zest as they joined school on the 23rd May 2019.

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Do you want to beat the heat of this summer? Then, join the summer activities which is the best way to shove the heat away. Trinity Central School had organized the summer camp from 1 April 2019 to 12 April 2019 with some of the best activities to enroll during the vacations. The activities such as like camping, sand art, art workshop, music and action songs, French classes and Phonetics classes were the special attractions of the camp. Most of the events and activities were aimed at developing the leadership qualities, socializing, embrace differences and to help kids learn, explore, develop independence, and even to cultivate new interests and hobbies. Children had lovely and tasty breakfast and special lunches throughout the camp. On the last day students had a night stay and camp fire at Trinity campus as it was the culmination of the camp with lots of fun, singing and dancing etc. Students had lovely entertainment and it was a fun filled day. The next morning all went home for a summer break……!!!!
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“Give thanks with a grateful heart” : Thanksgiving for Academic year 2018-19 - Trinity Central School
As we have come to the end of the Academic year 2018-19, it’s absolutely the ideal time for school as a family to come together and thank God for all his blessings throughout this Academic year 2018-19. It’s time to appreciate and express feelings of gratitude to all the teachers, students, parents, janitors and the transport staff for rendering their selfless service throughout the year. The ‘Thanksgiving’ event was celebrated on 29th March 2019. The dignitaries for the day were Rev.Fr. Claud Mascarenhas (Correspondent and Superior of Trinity Vihar), Rev.Fr. Anil D’Costa (Principal), Rev.Fr. Ravi Rajesh (Administrator) and Ms. Magdelina Lewis the Academic Co-ordinator.
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Little Graduates of Kindergarten at Trinity Central School
Graduation Day 2018-19
At Trinity Central School we celebrated the graduation day of the Kindergarten on 30th March 2019, in order to felicitate the young, energetic and enthusiastic learners of KG -2 for their commendable performance for the Academic year 2018-19. The tiny tots were loving attractive in their convocation gown and cap.  The occasion was graced by Mr. Leo William Andrade (Chief Guest), Rev.Fr. Claud Mascarenhas (Correspondent), Rev.Fr. Anil D’costa (Principal), Rev.Fr. Ravi Rajesh (Administrator), Mr. Maxim Dsouza (PTA President), Ms. Magdelina Lewis (Academic Co-ordinator) and Ms. Archana Shetty (Pre-primary Section Head). Graduation is an exciting moment for both, an ending and beginning of learning. It’s a mixture of past and big dreams of future. The programme commenced with God’s blessings as the teachers lead the prayer song ‘Count your blessings’. The students of LKG danced to the tunes of welcome song, mesmerizing the audience. The teachers of KG – II, Ms. Bhavya rendered a welcome speech and Ms. Leslia shared her experience and the journey with KG – II students.
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A talk on ‘Child Abuse and Hygiene’ was conducted on February 20, 2019 at Trinity Central School by the members of Manipal College of Nursing, Manipal. The team brought an awareness to the students of Grade 5 about child abuse and tips for personal hygiene. The trainers had very attractive power points and short movies with information about good touch and bad touch, tips on hand washing, personal cleanliness etc. It was a very informative talk for the students as it brought awareness about various diseases caused due to unhygienic ways, as well as how one has to be cautious while dealing with others. Overall it was an informative seminar for the holistic development of the children.
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Photo Frame and Boat Making
The tiny tots of our Nursery and LKG sections participated in the activity of preparing photo frame. The UKG students prepared boat with match sticks on Wednesday, 6/2/2019. Children were all excited and enthusiastic to create lovely photo frames and boats. Overall it was a fun loving activity.
Pink Day
Our Tiny tots at Kindergarten celebrated the ‘Pink Day’ on Wednesday 13th February 2019. Children came to the school dressed in pink and were looking like beautiful flowers in the garden of Assisi. The classrooms were also colourful and decorated with pink balloons and ribbons all over. Teachers conducted various activities to engage children on the ‘Pink Day’. It was a fun filled day as the children learnt to recognize and relate to pink colour things around them and gained a lot of knowledge.

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Goodbyes are not forever, are not the end; it simply means we’ll miss until we meet again to bid adieu to the students of grade X, as they are getting ready for their ICSE board exams. The grade X students were all dressed in the Indian attire wherein the girls were sparkling with gagra choli and the boys were shining in the traditional South Indian dhothi and shirt. It was a special occasion as the grade IX students along with other students and teachers arranged a beautiful farewell programme for their seniors. The programme started with a special lunch from the school management, followed by an entertaining programme to make the day a joyous one. The SPL of the school Gamaliel Epaphroditus Samuel and best outgoing student of 2018-19 Valen Adrian Ferrao, shared about their experience at the school very touching words. A powerpoint presentation prepared by Grade IX students helped the audience to recall fond memories and made the ambience sweet. The principal of the school Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa and Administrator Rev. Fr. Ravi Rajesh Serrao gave away the mementos. There after the principal spoke a few words wishing the grade X batch of 2018-19 all the very best in their future endeavors.
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Handwriting is an Art!!!! : TRINITY CENTRAL SCHOOL
A workshop on Handwriting skills was conducted on Saturday for the teachers on 2nd February, 2019 in order to guide their students to write confidently and neatly in the classroom and also for home tasks. Mr. Sreeson Gopinath the handwriting expert took an hour’s session giving tips to improve children’s writing in the classroom environment. He also advised on how to achieve neater and more legible handwriting. He also focused on fine target areas to improve the appearance and the legibility of the handwriting. He also shared the tips on posture, spacing in between the letters and letter formation. It was a fruitful learning experience. We thank the management for such effective sessions.
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Plastic Free Drive ‘WALKATHON’ and Republic Day : TRINITY CENTRAL SCHOOL
In the present age specially in the last decade, plastic has affected the life on the planet earth. So to prevent the use of plastic and alert the general public of Udupi on the hazardous nature of plastic the students, staff and the PTA members actively participated in the ‘WALKATHON’ on Saturday 26th January 2019. The event started by hoisting the national flag at the Trinitorium by our principal Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa. Thereafter entire team of teachers with the students of grade VI to IX and PTA members started their walk with the banners such as “No Plastic” & ‘Plastic free Udupi’. The very enthusiastic group of students shouting the slogans from Gundibail walked thro ugh Kalsanka, City bus stand, Service bus stand and concluded their walkathon on the grounds of the Mother of Sorrows Church Udupi. The police force of Udupi district was the part of the walkathon and took care of the traffic in the city of Udupi. After the plastic free drive march the staff and students boarded the buses and reached the school. Once they reached the school they were served refreshments and the day continued with Republic day celebration. Students performed various dances and sang patriotic songs to mark the importance of the Republic Day. The programme came to an end with Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa the principal thanking the students and the staff for the well organized event.
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Spell Bees & Quiz Champs!!! : TRINITY CENTRAL SCHOOL
The main aim of conducting the spell bee and the quiz competition is to encourage students to look beyond their textual knowledge and establish a relationship between theory and application of the concepts learnt. It is also a fun way of enriching their learning process and fostering team building. In order to realize this Inter house quiz and spell bee competitions were held on 21st & 23rd January 2019 at Trinity Central School. The inter house quiz and spell bee competitions for the students of grade VI – X & grades I – V was held on 21st and 23rd January respectively at the Trinity campus. The teams Assisi, Laverna, Greccio, Rivotorto and Spoleto participated in these competitions. The Trinitorium and the Mother Teresa hall were buzzing with cheers from enthusiastic audience and active participants. Every team tried their best to win the competition to make their team proud.
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Veggies a day, keeps the doctor away!! : TRINITY CENTRAL SCHOOL
Vegetable day was celebrated in the Kindergarten at Trinity Central School on 23rd January 2019. Children celebrated the healthy eating day with lots of vegetables. Students were taught on the importance of eating vegetables which is a requisite for healthy living. Teachers engaged the students in different fun activities as they told them interesting and simple floral stories thus encouraging the little ones on the importance of vegetables. The tiny tots learnt more about taste, smell, colour and texture of vegetables. Children and teachers sang vegetable rhymes with great zest, enthusiasm and vigour as they also had colouring activities and various hands on activities. Kids were quite thrilled and were positive on the fact that vegetables are better than junk food. It was a lot of fun on the vegetable day……!!
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We began this New Year with a positive note by celebrating the ‘White Day’ for the Kindergarten kids on Wednesday 9th January 2019. Little ones wore white coloured clothes and were dazzling with beauty as they were shining like little cherubim’s. Special and interesting activities were organized by their class teachers to understand the colour concepts. As a result, children from the Nursery, LKG and the UKG were involved in creative activities like drawing and colouring snowman, ice-cream, preparing paper flowers, decorating sheep silhouette etc. Each child had a takeaway white flower in their hand as they left school. Various fun games, rhymes were taught to keep the students engaged. It was an enjoyable ‘White Day’ at school.
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Success is not something that can be achieved over night. It demands rigorous hard work, strong determination, utmost dedication and an undying attitude. We at Trinity encourage and believe that every child is unique. And hence to mark and appreciate their hard work the winning students who participated in various extra-curricular activities held during the Academic Year 2018-2019 were awarded with certificates and prizes. Students of Nursery to Grade II, were given their prizes on 20th December, as K Abdullah, PTA Member gave away the prizes and certificates and encouraged the little ones. On 21st December, 2018, students had various competitions on the occasion of Christmas as the grade 1 & 2 prepared Christmas Greetings, Grades 3 to 5 Bells Making and Grades 6 to 10, Star Making Competitions. Students show cased their talents and creativity at their craft work and made colourful Stars, Bells and Cards to make the Christmas Celebrations a grand one.
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Grand Decennial Celebrations at Trinity Central School, Perampally
The story of Trinity Central School Perampally, from its humble beginning with a handful group of students to a well known institution today, is a long journey where the students, parents and faculty who believed in the Capuchin fathers for their dedication and perseverance, and who in turn achieved their ideals of empowering the young generation through education and extended their service to all by providing a holistic excellence.
The school which was established in 2009, created the new landmark in the history of the Capuchin friars as it was their first ICSE School at Udupi district having the name Trinity Central School. The Capuchin fathers who were committed missionaries driven by the passion to bring out the best from the present generation through their school ministry have come a long way since then. As a result, the school has secured a place of joy and pride in the hearts of the people in Udupi district on the whole.

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Our toddlers at the kindergarten had a fun activity with balloons on 4th December 2018. All the children were fascinated to see colourful balloons in their classes. Teachers by making use of balloons organized various fun activities like blowing, catching, printing and bursting the balloons along with fun games like running and picking balloons. Children had lot of fun and enjoyed the day.

Students at the Kindergarten celebrated the 'Orange Day' on 19th December, 2018. The Tiny tots wore orange dresses to make the celebration ‘orangish’. Classrooms were decked with orange balloons and students participated enthusiastically in various activities like drawing sunflower, colouring orange, lollipop and tree, palm printing and thumb printing on the chart paper etc.
Thus students explored the orange colour everywhere and enjoyed their orange day.

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As it is rightly said, “Winning is not everything but wanting to win is”, the most awaited Decennial Annual Sports meet was held on Thursday, the 23rd November, 2018 for the students of Grade III to X on the grounds of Trinity Central School. The formal programme commenced with a prayer song seeking God’s blessings on all the participants, after which welcome note was delivered by Master Aaron from Grade X. The Chief Guest for the sports meet were Mr. Raymond D’Souza (Mr. World 1990 in the Body Building Championship) and Dr. Deepak Ram Bairy (Physical Education Director, Sharada Pre-University College Udupi), Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa (Principal), Rev. Fr. Ravi Rajesh (Treasurer & Administrator), Ms. Magdalena Lewis (Academic Co-Ordinator) & Ms. Archana Shetty (Pre-Primary Section Head) accompanied the dignitaries on the dais.
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26th November 2018, is a red letter day in the annals of Trinity history as an excited and energetic group of parents participated in the ‘Parents Sports Meet’ held at Trinity campus. The event commenced with a formal inauguration of the Sports meet by Rev. Fr. Anil D’Souza, Parish Priest of our Lady of Fathima Church, Perampalli, who was the chief guest of the day. He was accompanied by Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa Principal, Rev. Fr. Ravi Rajesh Serrao, the Administrator, Ms. Magdelina Lewis, the Academic Co-ordinator and Ms. Archana Shetty, the Pre-Primary Section Head. As Trinity Central School is on the threshold of celebrating its decennial year, enthusiastic set of parents participated joyfully marching to the rhythmic beats as well as lighting the torch symbolizing their active participation in the events. There were various events like track events of 100mts, 200mts for both male and female besides other individual events like shot put, lemon and spoon race.
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Grand Decennial Celebrations at Trinity Central School, Perampally
The story of Trinity Central School Perampally, from its humble beginning with a handful group of students to a well known institution today, is a long journey where the students, parents and faculty who believed in the Capuchin fathers for their dedication and perseverance, and who in turn achieved their ideals of empowering the young generation through education and extended their service to all by providing a holistic excellence.
The school which was established in 2009, created the new landmark in the history of the Capuchin friars as it was their first ICSE School at Udupi district having the name Trinity Central School. The Capuchin fathers who were committed missionaries driven by the passion to bring out the best from the present generation through their school ministry have come a long way since then. As a result, the school has secured a place of joy and pride in the hearts of the people in Udupi district on the whole.

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Our toddlers at the kindergarten had a fun activity with balloons on 4th December 2018. All the children were fascinated to see colourful balloons in their classes. Teachers by making use of balloons organized various fun activities like blowing, catching, printing and bursting the balloons along with fun games like running and picking balloons. Children had lot of fun and enjoyed the day.

Students at the Kindergarten celebrated the 'Orange Day' on 19th December, 2018. The Tiny tots wore orange dresses to make the celebration ‘orangish’. Classrooms were decked with orange balloons and students participated enthusiastically in various activities like drawing sunflower, colouring orange, lollipop and tree, palm printing and thumb printing on the chart paper etc.
Thus students explored the orange colour everywhere and enjoyed their orange day.

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As it is rightly said, “Winning is not everything but wanting to win is”, the most awaited Decennial Annual Sports meet was held on Thursday, the 23rd November, 2018 for the students of Grade III to X on the grounds of Trinity Central School. The formal programme commenced with a prayer song seeking God’s blessings on all the participants, after which welcome note was delivered by Master Aaron from Grade X. The Chief Guest for the sports meet were Mr. Raymond D’Souza (Mr. World 1990 in the Body Building Championship) and Dr. Deepak Ram Bairy (Physical Education Director, Sharada Pre-University College Udupi), Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa (Principal), Rev. Fr. Ravi Rajesh (Treasurer & Administrator), Ms. Magdalena Lewis (Academic Co-Ordinator) & Ms. Archana Shetty (Pre-Primary Section Head) accompanied the dignitaries on the dais.
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26th November 2018, is a red letter day in the annals of Trinity history as an excited and energetic group of parents participated in the ‘Parents Sports Meet’ held at Trinity campus. The event commenced with a formal inauguration of the Sports meet by Rev. Fr. Anil D’Souza, Parish Priest of our Lady of Fathima Church, Perampalli, who was the chief guest of the day. He was accompanied by Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa Principal, Rev. Fr. Ravi Rajesh Serrao, the Administrator, Ms. Magdelina Lewis, the Academic Co-ordinator and Ms. Archana Shetty, the Pre-Primary Section Head. As Trinity Central School is on the threshold of celebrating its decennial year, enthusiastic set of parents participated joyfully marching to the rhythmic beats as well as lighting the torch symbolizing their active participation in the events. There were various events like track events of 100mts, 200mts for both male and female besides other individual events like shot put, lemon and spoon race.
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Our little children from Kindergarten to Grade II were in action on Friday, the 23rd November 2018 as they had their Annual Sports Meet in Trinity Campus. The formal function began with a prayer song a welcome note from the students. The chief guest for the day was Ms.Chandini Niranjan (PTA Secretary and former athlete). The principal of our school Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa, Rev. Fr. Ravi Rajesh (Administrator) Ms. Magdelina Lewis (Academic Co-Ordinator) and Ms.Archana Shetty (Pre-Primary Section Head) were the dignitaries on the dais. The little ones, smartly marched to the beats of the drum, marching majestically in their coloured uniforms. The tiny tots also exhibited their skills through a drill practice. After which selected students marched in a relay procession and lit the Olympic torch as a sign of true sportsmanship.
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1. Red day
On the 1st August our tiny tots in the Kindergarten celebrated the Red Day. Kids were looking fabulous in the red colour dress like the red roses in the garden of Trinity. They participated in various activities like the hand impression, paper collage, gift wrapper sticking, paper craft, thermo coal craft and cotton balls etc. they had a fun filled Red day at school.
2. Art and Craft
3. Test your Taste Buds
4. The tiny tots of the kindergarten were all excited to draw and colour the national flag.
5. Teacher’s Day and Show and Tell competition
6. Time for Rhymes and Action Songs at the Kinder Garten
7. Recognize the sounds in English
8. Grand Deepavali celebration and clay modeling competition
9. Children’s Day

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As it is rightly said, “Winning is not everything but wanting to win is”, the most awaited Decennial Annual Sports meet was held on Thursday, the 23rd November, 2018 for the students of Grade III to X on the grounds of Trinity Central School. The formal programme commenced with a prayer song seeking God’s blessings on all the participants, after which welcome note was delivered by Master Aaron from Grade X. The Chief Guest for the sports meet were Mr. Raymond D’Souza (Mr. World 1990 in the Body Building Championship) and Dr. Deepak Ram Bairy (Physical Education Director, Sharada Pre-University College Udupi), Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa (Principal), Rev. Fr. Ravi Rajesh (Treasurer & Administrator), Ms. Magdalena Lewis (Academic Co-Ordinator) & Ms. Archana Shetty (Pre-Primary Section Head) accompanied the dignitaries on the dais.
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26th November 2018, is a red letter day in the annals of Trinity history as an excited and energetic group of parents participated in the ‘Parents Sports Meet’ held at Trinity campus. The event commenced with a formal inauguration of the Sports meet by Rev. Fr. Anil D’Souza, Parish Priest of our Lady of Fathima Church, Perampalli, who was the chief guest of the day. He was accompanied by Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa Principal, Rev. Fr. Ravi Rajesh Serrao, the Administrator, Ms. Magdelina Lewis, the Academic Co-ordinator and Ms. Archana Shetty, the Pre-Primary Section Head. As Trinity Central School is on the threshold of celebrating its decennial year, enthusiastic set of parents participated joyfully marching to the rhythmic beats as well as lighting the torch symbolizing their active participation in the events. There were various events like track events of 100mts, 200mts for both male and female besides other individual events like shot put, lemon and spoon race.
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District level Cubs and Bulbul Utsav was held at Nirmala English Medium School, Brahmavar on 17th and 18th November 2018. 16 cubs and 10 bulbuls along with their cubs master and flock leaders participated in this event from Trinity Central School. There were many activities and competitions for the students in which our students came out in flying colours and secured the following prizes.
Coconut Fronds Craft - I Prize - Reevan and Sachin
Stone Art - I Prize - Likith and Abhinav
Mask Making - I Prize - Aishani and Amratha
Scare Crow - II Prize - Ifaz and Manvith
BP Drawing - II Prize - Vishwas and Rusham
It was a real life learning experience, for all the students.

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A group of grade 7 students along with the teachers of Trinity Central School went for a Plastic Free Drive to the city market of Udupi to convince the vendors on the harmful effect of plastic bags and importance of cotton bags. The team began their visit from the vegetable market near Diana Circle in Udupi and then moved to the vegetable market, behind the KSRTC bus stand and lastly to the flower market behind the service bus stand of Udupi city. The students and the teachers convinced the vendors and as well as the buyers about the benefit of cotton bags in place of polythene bags. They also distributed sample cotton bags to the vendors. The response from the public was really great as many appreciated and supported the cause. The team was lead by Ms. Gauthami Kini along with Ms. Sujatha and Mr. Ranjith. Overall it was a great experience. “Let’s save our environment from plastic”
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Students of grade 1 were all awaiting for their turn for the educational trip, on 3rd October 2018. The students were accompanied by their class teachers. Students left the school premises at 9.15 am and headed to Manipal post office. Students saw the different types of letters and stamps and went around the post office observing different work units. They learnt how the post office functions especially collecting posts from different post boxes and distributing it to designated places. Students then visited the Manipal police station. The Sub Inspector welcomed the students. They took the students around the station and explained different types of weapons such as guns, rifles and pistols etc. They offered sweets to the students and thanked them for the visit.

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The programme commenced with a special assembly conducted by the teachers. The event started with a prayer song invoking God’s blessings on our students and children across the nation. Teachers made it a point to make children’s joy double by singing and wishing them on their day. Holy mass was also offered in giving thanks for the gift of child wood and seeking God’s choicest blessings on them. Various activities were organized involving both teachers as well as the students. The activities such as class wise quiz competitions, wealth out of waste, spot games made both teachers as well as students active and energetic. A special lunch was served on that day followed by a series of entertainment from the teachers. The cultural programme started with a dance on ‘Jimki Kamal’, a remix song on student life, followed by a drama on school life enacted by the teachers.
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We at Trinity Central School believe that children learn for life; especially understanding the lessons outside from the normal classroom environment helps in learning better. To give them a real life exposure the children of Nursery and UKG went on an educational tour to the Post Office, Police Station and the Railway station to understand how different people and professions help us in our day to day life. Children were explained the role of a postman and a policeman and their contribution to the society. They were also able to learn new vocabulary like ‘postman’, ‘postmaster’, ‘stamp’, ‘parcels’ and above all the ‘post box’ that carries letters. Later the students visited the police station located at Manipal. The police officers welcomed the little children and showed them the guns, rifles, pistols and walkie talkie. They also showed the lock up and the cell where the criminals are kept. The police team they clicked pictures with our children and teaching staff and distributed chocolates and the children were very happy.

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Students of Grade 6 set out on their educational trip to Pilikula Science Centre on Friday, 26th October 2018. An enthusiastic set of students along with two accompanying teachers were eager to explore the Science Centre where they witnessed different scientific models, in depth experiments and had first hard experience of many scientific activities. It was amazing learning experience for the students as they went around the science centre, which had interactive science exhibits and many learning activities. In the afternoon students rested a while, had their lunch and played in the science park in the lush green garden area and then headed back to school. It was indeed a fun filled and educative excursion.

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Bharath Scouts and Guides (Kallianpur Region) in association with Trinity Central School conducted two days ‘Leadership Camp and a Rally’ on 9th and 10th November 2018 at Trinity Central School, Perampalli campus. Boys and girls between the age group of 10 to 15 years, about 900 of them from around 41 schools participated in the camp held for 2 days. The camp commenced with a formal function, where Ms. Shantha V Acharya, the Chief Commissioner of Scouts and Guides Udupi District inaugurated the programme, assisted by Edwin Alva, the Vice President of Scouts and Guides, M. Madhukar, the District Physical Education Officer, Rev. Fr. Ravi Rajesh, the Administrator of Trinity Central School, Jyothi J Pai, the Commissioner of Guides Udupi District, Dr. Vijendra Vasant Rao, the Commissioner of Scouts Udupi District, Anand B Adiga, the Director of the Camp, Maxim D’Souza, the PTA President, Nithin Amin, the Scouts Organizer Udupi District and Suman Shekhar, the Guides Organizer Udupi District.
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It was the most awaited event of the month as it is always a pleasure to watch the toddlers dressed up in different characters and attires. The Nursery, LKG and UKG students enthusiastically participated in the fancy dress competition held on Saturday, 3rd November 2018. It was over whelming to see the performance of the little ones. There were around 150 parents who attended the show to encourage their little ones. Our dear Principal Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa, the Administrator Rev. Fr. Ravi Rajesh, the Judges Ms. Amratha Ashlesh, Sr. Benedicta Lobo, Sr. Clara, the Coordinators Ms. Magdelina Lewis, Ms. Archana Shetty, teaching and the non-teaching staff were present on the occasion. After a mesmerizing performance by the little ones and a delicious refreshment, the results were announced. Our Principal congratulated and appreciated the winners and all the participants.
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The festival of light - Diwali was celebrated with excitement at trinity central school on 5th November 2018. A special assembly was organized by the students of Grade III, highlighting the message of love, happiness and human values. Speeches were delivered by senior students on the importance of Diwali. Our Principal Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa, the Administrator Rev. Fr. Ravi Rajesh, the Academic Co-ordinator Ms. Magdelina Lewis, Pre-primary Section Head Ms. Archana Shetty and Activity Co-coordinator Dr. Poornima lit the lamp as a sign of enlightenment. The staff were also asked to lit the diyas decorated on the floral carpet. After which the students were shown a video clipping depicting the importance of the day. To make the day a memorable and pleasant one, various competitions were organized. Students of Grade I and II created lamps and decorated them while students from Grades III to V prepared colourful creative lanterns and the students from Grade VI to IX drew very bright and colourful rangolis.
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Karnataka which is the culturally rich Southern State of India celebrated its 63rd Kannada Rajyotsava or Karnataka Foundation Day on 1st November 2018, we at Trinity Central School had a celebration to commemorate this joy of being Kannadigas. The day’s programme commenced with a prayer song seeking God’s blessings on our state and a warm welcome for the audience was accorded by Glestin from Grade 6. The events unfolded by lighting of the lamp. Singing Nadageethe that is Jai Bharatha Jananiya Tanujathe and a dance expressing the love of Kannadigas for their beloved state Karnataka to the tunes of ‘Huttidare Kannada Nadalli Huttabeku’ and was finally concluded by a vote of thanks. Certainly it was a day to cheer as proud Kannadigas. Jai Karnataka
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After the first term examination it was time to break for dasara holidays. But a day prior on 6th October 2018, Parent Teachers Gathering was organized at Trinity Central School. A motivational session on ‘positive parenting’ was organized, in which the speaker Mrs. Soujanya Shetty a noted Psychiatrist highlighted the areas of concern in bringing up children. She also directed all the young couples on how to handle their children with their needs and guide them to take proper decisions related to studies. Soon after the session Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa, the Principal spoke to the parents and highlighted the events in a sequence that will be held in 2nd Semester. Rev. Fr. Claud Mascarenhas , the Correspondent, Rev. Fr. Ravi Rajesh, the Administrator, Maxim D’souza, PTA President, Ms. Magdelina Lewis, the Academic Co-ordinator, Ms. Archana Shetty, the Pre-Primary Section Head, the staff and a huge crowd of parents attended the session. Later the parents moved towards their ward’s classrooms in order to meet the teachers and collect the results.
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A special brainstorming session for students from VII to X was held on 3rd October 2018. The students were divided into 8 groups of 20 each and a brilliant and a brain cracking puzzle activities were organized which made the students think ‘out of the box’. Lots of such interesting activities were conducted in order to draw a conclusion to reason logically to improve concentration and memory and to know each other. The speaker, Mr. Ravi Bhat a dynamic personality, encouraged at least one student from the group to speak about the session, after every activity. He shared a few beneficial tips about public speaking and conveyed a strong message to the children that never to blame anyone later in life for not making the right use of the opportunity when provided. Overall it was an interactive session which kept the students engaged and alert throughout.
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Trinity Central School celebrated its Patron’s day on 4th October 2018. St. Francis of Assisi, who is also known as ‘Patron of Ecology’ as he loved every creature as his own brothers and sisters was honoured by the Trinitarians. On this occasion students sang the prayer song and performed tablean depicting the life of St. Francis along with short movie clippings on the life of St. Francis of Assisi. There after the Principal Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa spoke on the significance of the day enumerating examples from the life of St. Francis of Assisi and about his simple devoted life to God. To make this occasion a special one, a delicious lunch was served to all the Trinitarians.
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Grandparents play an important role in the lives of every child. Trinity Central School celebrated ‘Grandparents Day’ on 24th October 2018. There were nearly 250 grandparents present. The Grand Parent’s Day commenced with a prayer song invoking God’s blessings on the day and on all our activities. Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa, the Principal, Rev. Fr. Ravi Rajesh, the Administrator, Ms. Magdelina Lewis, Guest Speaker Dr. Sneha were on the dais. The dignitaries on the dais grandparents and the doctors from MAHE were welcomed by Ms. Akshatha. As it was also a ‘Valmiki Jayanthi Day,’ Valmiki, a literary genius who had written the Ramayana, the first epic poem of India was remembered.
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An exciting two days camp was organized for the students from grade 3 to 10 at Aanejari, Kollur on 6th and 7th October 2018. 61 students along with 5 teachers and the Principal Rev. Fr. Anil D’costa set out for the camp on Saturday 6th October, 2018. There were various activities designed to make every student independent and disciplined. The students reached Don Bosco School, Trasi late in the evening, where a warm welcome was given by the hostel students of Don Bosco. The students had their dinner and had a camp fire, fun and entertainment by exhibiting their talents, they also and having fun games and were off to bed. The next morning, B.P exercises were done. All faith prayer was offered to start the day followed by breakfast and a few games were conducted.
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Safety of our children is a major concern in our society. The Need of the Hour is to empower Women. So an awareness programme on prevention of child sexual abuse was held on 10th October 2018 at Trinity Central School. A special talk was organized in the Mother Teresa Hall by guest speaker Mrs. Asha Kiran D’Souza, the Vice Principal of Udupi Nursing College. Mrs. Asha Kiran as a very down to earth person and a passionate teacher, and above all as an enthusiastic speaker delivered a appropriate talk on the awareness and prevention of child sexual abuse, which is a major concern in our society. She started the talk by giving a few real life examples and touched a few important aspects on how to be aware and cautious in our male dominant society. Students were also explained on how to identify good and bad touch, and whom to voice out their concerns and how to face such situation boldly in our society.
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“A Nation that destroys its soil destroys itself”. To safeguard our Mother Nature and to bring awareness to the community and to ban the use of plastic, a ‘Plastic Free Drive’ compaign was held at Trinity Central School on 10th October, 2018. The programme commenced with a prayer song to invoke God’s blessings on all present. The Chief Guest for the day’s programme was Mr. Shivattaya, Asst. Director, Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment, Udupi District. Rev. Fr. Anil D’costa (Principal), Rev. Fr. Ravi Rajesh (Administrator), Ms. Magdelena Lewis (Academic Coordinator), Ms. Archana Shetty (Pre Primary Section Head) were the dignitaries on the dais, and the staff and students were present for the programme. A warm welcome to all the gathered was given by Clarissa of Grade IX.
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‘Dandiya day’ was celebrated on 3rd October at Trinity Central School for lower grade children. Children came to the school with traditional Gujarathi dresses, the little boys dressed up in sherwani and the girls with gagra cholis, along with dandiya sticks. Our school Principal Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa and the Primary Section Head Ms. Archana Shetty lit the lamp which was decorated with a floral rangoli. Students of Nursery, LKG and UKG were also encouraged to speak a few sentences related to ‘Dandiya’ and ‘Navarathri celebration’. Thereafter they performed lovely dance along with their dandiyas.
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The whole school was gathered on the 1st October at the Trinitorium to celebrate the birth of the Mahatma as well as Peace Day which is celebrated all across India and around the world. The principal of Trinity Central School, Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa, Administrator Rev. Fr. Ravi Rajesh, Academic Coordinator Ms. Magdelina Lewis, Pre-Primary Section Head Ms. Archana Shetty and the SPL Master Gamaliel to offered flowers as a homage to the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi. Who is popularly known as Bapu, and highlighted his struggle for independent India. Master Aaron, student of Grade X presented the autobiography of Gandhiji, Father of our Nation. Mahatma Gandhi strongly believed in Ahimsa and practiced non-violence movement throughout India. To commerate and cherish the values he practiced and his views for a free India, ‘All faith prayer’ was led by Scouts and Guides of the school. The event came to an end by a few inspirational words from our Principal Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa.
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Teacher’s day was celebrated with lot of zeal and enthusiasm at Trinity Central School premises on 5th September 2018. Indeed, it’s a remarkable day and moment of joy for all the teachers across India, no matter whether on teaches in school or college, but the concept being a teacher is much more satisfying and heart-warming. Having the same thought Teachers day was celebrated in Trinity campus with joy and gaiety as the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) took up the initiative to honor the teachers and appreciate their hard work. The formal programme commenced by paying homage to the great teacher Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. The key note address was delivered by Mr. Amzad (a PTA member and Lawyer by profession) who in his speech admonished children on how to respect and show regard to teachers and parents. Thereafter the PTA members honored principal Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa, Ms. Magdelina Lewis and Ms. Pallavi for their dedicated service over 6 years at Trinity school.
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Looking for the star of tomorrow, a unique talent hunt was organized at Trinity Central School for the students from Kindergarten to grade IX. The little toddlers, juniors and the senior students participated in the various activities organized in the school with lots of energy and enthusiasm. Various competitions like singing, dance, and acting were organized across the whole school and live shows were conducted in order to enhance the budding talents. Children came to school with colorful costumes and enjoyed performing on the stage. They also gained confidence to face the audience, by actively participating in the activities and by giving a mind blowing performance. In fact, one could within a feeling of joy and confidence and a spirit of participation in the students rather than winning alone.
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‘Freedom is never dear at any price. It is the breath of life what would a man not pay for living’ Mahatma Gandhi. Despite the torrential rains for days together the 72nd Independence Day was celebrated at Trinity Central School with lots of zeal and enthusiasm on 15th August, 2018 as the sky was clear for unfurling the tri color flag. The Principal, Administrates, Staff, Students and Parents of the Trinity Central School were present for the flag hoisting ceremony. The event started with a prayer song invoking God’s blessings on our country India. Rev. Fr. Anil D’costa (Principal), Rev. Fr. Ravi Rajesh (Administrator), Mr. Krishnan (PTA member), Ms. Magdelina Lewis (Academic Coordinator) and Ms. Archana Shetty (Primary Section Head) were present at flag hoisting. There was a march past lead by the School S.P.L Gamaliel and the Scouts and Guides cadre followed by the house members.
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Learning is fun in Kindergarten at Trinity Central School
Various activities are conducted to engage little children in learning through the playway method. To enhance kids learning to be an enjoyable one, we, at Trinity started with the ‘Green day’ for all the kinder garten kids.
It was a ‘Go Green’ activity connecting things with all green things around them. As a result various activities were conducted to continue learning with fun.
Bindhi Sticking and Thumb Printing, Go Blue, Collage Activity, Fruit Treat

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Smooth functioning of the parliament is remarkable for many reasons; a mock parliament session was held on 31st July 2018, at Trinitorium by the various ministers of the cabinet to discuss and debate on a few concerns and practices. The parliament session was attended by SPL Gamaliel (Grade X), ASPL Ms. Melanie (Grade IX) and the Opposition Leader Ms. Maimuna (Grade IX) and other cabinet ministers. The session was chaired by the Speaker Rohan Daniel from Grade IX. Various issues were discussed with regards to discipline, cleanliness, food, sports and general concerns. The parliament was adjourned with a feedback from the moderator, the Principal of the school Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa. The Parliament will resume in September for the next session.
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On 3rd August 2018, a variety of competitions were conducted for the students of Grade 1 to 9, to explore their artsy and craftsy skills, and also to enhance their thinking and increase the power of concentration. Students from Grade 1 to 9 participated in the various competitions scheduled on the morning of 3rd August. The competition for the primary children was held in the Bonaventure Block while the middle school students participated in the event at Trinitorium. tudents of Grade 6 to 9 had the themes to ‘save earth’ and ‘say No to Plastics’. They had to convey the message through their creative art and collage work. ittle kids from the primary Grades of 1 and 2, had made very colourful craft articles while the students from Grade 3 to 5 made ‘Wealth out of Waste’. The creative, colourful artifacts were exhibited in the Mother Teresa Hall on 4th August 2018, on the Result Day.
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Birthday wishes to our Correspondent Rev. Fr. Claud Mascarenhas
“Wishing you a day filled with happiness and a year fulfilled with joy”, was the tone of every Trinitarian on 13/07/2018. A special assembly was conducted to wish and greet our beloved Correspondent Rev. Fr. Claud Mascarenhas. The Principal, Administrator, Staff and students of Trinity Central School wished Rev. Fr. Claud by singing the melodious birthday song and offering him a bouquet of flower. We also had teachers Ms. Bhavya and Ms. Sushma Suvarna celebrate their birthdays along with the other students. The teachers wished the birthday celebrants with the bouquet from the Trinity garden. Thereafter Rev. Fr. Claud, Teachers and the students cut the birthday cake and celebrated their birthday in a grand manner. Rev. Fr. Claud thanked the Principal, staff and the students for the gesture of affection showed by the Trinity family.
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Talk on Road Safety and POCSO Act : Trinity Central School
An enthusiastic team of Manipal Police was present at the Trinity Central School to create awareness on 'Road Safety and on sexual abuse among young children'. The session was held in the Bonaventure Block at 3.00 pm. Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa the Principal of Trinity Central School, introduced the Police team consisting of Mr. Sudarshan M, Police Inspector; Mr. Sridhar MP, Sub-Inspector; Mr. Uday Amin, Head Constable, Ms. Nethravathi, Woman Police Head Constable and Mahadevi, PSI and gave a warm welcome to them. Students from Grades VIII, IX and X attended the talk that was informative as well as practical like precautions students must take on the roads, how to deal with strangers etc.
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MAGNUM OPUS – 2018 - 19 : Trinity Central School
‘A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people’ says Mahatma Gandhi. An inter school AICS Cultural Competition was orgianised for the junior and senior level - Magnum Opus 2018 at Trinity Central School on 7/7/2018. The protection of intangible cultural heritage and maintaining the continuity of national culture is very requisite in the present world. And this was the very motive to host such a prosperous event. The formal inauguration of the ‘Magnum Opus 2018’ was presided over by the Chief Guest Mrs. Jessy Andrews, the Principal of Madhava Kripa School, Manipal; our PTA President Mr. Maxim DSouza, Principal Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa along with the Co-ordinators Mrs. Magdelina Lewis and Mrs. Archana were the members on the dais. The programme commenced with the prayer song by the choir of the Trinity School followed by the welcome speech delivered by the Academic Co-ordinator Mrs. Magdelina Lewis who cheered and welcomed the gathering.
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Investiture ceremony at Trinity Central School for the Academic year 2018-19
A journey of thousand miles must begin with a single step. It was the most awaiting moment for the students of Trinity to see their leaders and House in charges to be in full action on 22/06/18. We had a distinguished guest for the ceremony Prof. Vincent Alva, the Principal of Milagres College. As the guest arrived, the Principal escorted him and the academic coordinators to the dais. The program began with a prayer song, which showed oneness of the ‘Trinity family’. A formal introduction of the guests was conducted by Ruth Angelina of Grade 7. Investiture means a formal investing of a person with authority, power, right, office and dignity. It is rightly said that, ‘leaders are not born they are made’. So in Trinity investiture ceremony is one of the most important ceremonies of the school.
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International Yoga Day : Trinity Central School
“Yoga boosts our mental and physical health and improves over all well being”. The United Nations declared the 21st June as International Day of Yoga in 2015, and it has inculcated awareness about the spiritual discipline among all the people across the globe. To commemorate the same the students of Trinity Central School participated in the ‘Yoga Day Celebration’ held at the premises of Shri Krishna Math Udupi. The Scouts and Guides of our school along with their Captains attended the same. Shri Raghavendra Acharya, the owner of the HP Gas agency was the chief guest. He spoke on the importance of yoga. The event was organized by Bharat Scouts and Guides District Organization Udupi. After the yoga procession the Scout and Guides from Shri Krishna Math around the service and city bus stands of Udupi.International Yoga day was celebrated at school by the Cubs and Bulbuls along with their flock leaders. The Cubs and Bulbuls with other students participated in the international yoga day. The event was held in the Mother Teresa Hall at Trinity Central School.
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Eid – Ul – Fitr celebrated with full enthusiasm at Trinity Central School : 18.06.2018
We are born in a land blessed with tolerance. We are born in a land blessed with harmony. We are born in a land which is a role model to many other countries. And to add to the blessing, we are a part of a huge Trinity family that celebrates every religion without any discrimination. To celebrate the occasion of EID-UL-FITR, a special assembly was organized on Monday, 18th June, 2018. The students belonging to Islamic faith of Grade 6 – 9 as a part of the celebration presented an amazing programme. It was a moment of pride, honour and a blessing from the Almighty to welcome our Principal Rev. Fr Anil D’Costa, Co ordinators, Administrator Rev Fr Ravi Rajesh, the staff and all the students of the Trinity family.
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Welcoming Parish Priest of Perampally : 14.06.2018
Every assembly at Trinity Central School is special. But the assembly of 14th June 2018 was evidently special as we had Rev. Fr. Anil D’Souza, the newly appointed Parish Priest of Perampally visit the school and be the part of our assembly. The Management, Principal, Staff and Students at Trinity Central School, welcomed the newly appointed Parish Priest of Perampally by offering a bouquet and momento. Thereafter Rev Fr Anil D’Souza addressed our students and motivated them to do their learning in a regular basis and do their small jobs with great responsibility. He also praised and appreciated the students for maintaining good discipline. After which we distributed merit certificates to all those deserving students who were absent during the PTA gathering. The assembly dispersed with National Anthem.
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Vanamahotsava Day celebrated at Trinity central school on 7th June 2018
‘Planting a tree is much better than wearing a mask to be safe from pollution.’
A special assembly was organized to celebrate the Vanamahotsava day, an occasion which unitedly brought all the minds together with one definite purpose, that is nothing but save trees and save life. The assembly commenced with a prayer song. After which the energy of nature comes through each and every one of us allowing us to calm our thoughts, a beautiful song was sung by the students of 9th std. “Forests are the world’s air conditioning system, the lung of the planet and we are on the verge of switching it off”. A very thought provoking and an informative speech was delivered by Harsh of grade VII B.

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First Assembly of the Academic Year 2018 -19 : Trinity Central School
As the sun rises and sets a new day, so also the ‘assembly’ paves the path for our students to rejuvenate their minds to remain rooted to the values and helps them to unlock their vitality. Today being 6th June 2018, was the first day of assembly of the academic year 2018-19. The Students from grade I to X were all assembled in the Trinitorium with vibrant colors of their houses, viz Assisi, Spoleto, Greccio, Laverna, Rivotorto. Assembly is the time when students and mentors come together and start the day enabling them to share their experience and providing them a platform to perform. In the same way, at Trinity Central School, the first assembly started with involving God’s name through a prayer song sung by the choir group. After which the Principal greeted the staff and students.
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PTA GATHERING - 26TH MAY, 2018 : Trinity Central School
Last Year’s words belong to last year’s language and New Year’s words await another voice. As we are at the start of this Academic Year 2018-2019, its time for setting & achieving goals, working smarter towards taking our school and the students to the next level of heights. The first PTA Gathering of Academic year 2018-19 was held on 26th May 2018. The programme started with a prayer asking the Almighty to shower his blessings on the gathering. The formal function commenced by lighting the lamp. The dignitaries of the day Secretary of CEB, Rev. Dr. Fr. Alwyn Dias, Correspondent Rev. Fr. Claud Mascarehnas, PTA President Mr. Maxim D’souza, the Principal Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa and the Academic Coordinator Ms. Magdelina Lewis ignited the lamp and inaugurated the New Academic Year 2018-2019.
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Workshops and Training at Trinity Central School
“The one who stops learning stops growing”. Hence here at Trinity Central School there is always a scope for improvement. In order to pace with fast moving world and to update themselves with the modern teaching methods of various training programs were held in Trinity premises. Thanks to the Management, our Principal Rev. Fr. Anil for organizing such workshops. On 28th May 2018, we had a workshop on the theme “How to be an effective Teacher”. A very interactive session that explained the various teaching styles. It was conducted by Mr. Chetan Ponappa, the Regional Director for Centrado Tech Solution PVT Ltd.
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Workshop on Creative and Happy Teaching : Trinity Central School
Anyone who stops learning is old whether 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. A workshop on creative and happy teaching was organized on the 24th May 2018 at the premises of Trinity Central School, Udupi. The programme was hosted by the Management, Principal and the Staff of Trinity along with Mr. Gururaj the Director of Generation Next. A formal programme was organized before the workshop. The guest speaker Mr. V. Balakrishnan, Mr. Gururaj, Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa and Ms. Maggie Lewis lit the lamp and inaugurated the event. The workshop was immediately followed by the speaker’s motivational and humorous talk on. ‘How a good teacher can become a great teacher’. Teachers from various institutions in and around Udupi attended the workshop. As all that begins well ends well even the thought providing and inspiring workshop came to an end with vote of thanks from a member of Trinity Staff. After which a delicious lunch was served for all the participants.
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Thanksgiving Day : Trinity Central School
Some memories are unforgettable, remaining ever vivid and heartwarming! Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings. Be thankful for what you have, you will end up having more. Therefore Thanksgiving Day was held in Trinity Central School on 28th March, 2018 to thank for all the blessings and make the academic year a memorable one. The first graduation day was held for tiny tots of UKG as a symbol of new beginning of a beautiful life ahead. The children were given the great start in their future educational endeavor by presenting them with graduate cap by the Principal Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa.
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Sovereign Secular Democratic Republic : Trinity Central School
Let the colour flutter in the sky, as our spirits soar high on this day. The 69th Republic day was celebrated with patriotic fervor and gaiety in the Trinity Central School. The celebration commenced with customary unfurling and hoisting of the national flag followed by the National Anthem. The march past by the students enthralled the audience present on this occasion. The republic day message was delivered by the chief guest Rev. Fr. Claud Mascarenhas, Superior of Trinity Campus and the Correspondent of the school. The speech and dance by our students made everyone to recall the glory of our country and also feel proud to be an Indian. Thus it was a day where all of us remember and pledge to safeguard the rights and to carry out our duties. It was truly an awesome day.
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Children’s Fest : Trinity Central School
A day to remember, a day to cherish, a day to celebrate, a day to recall, for its Children’s Fest day. Children’s Fest was celebrated on 13th January, 2018 in Trinity Central School under the theme of “Tulunada Vaibhava” with lots of enthusiasm and students eagerness to enjoy the day. The inaugural programme was presided by Rev. Fr. Claud Mascarenhas, Corresponddent in Trinity Campus. The chief guest of the programme was Fr. Paul Inashe, Director of Assisi Nilaya, Moodubelle and the guest of honour was Mr. Maxim D’Souza, PTA President. The Trinity Campus was filled with ecstasy and buttering with songs and dances. The games and food stalls added more glow to the day. Tiny tots exhibited the Tulunadu Culture through fancy dress which made the day more joyful one. In the evening, there was Yakshagana by the children trained by Yuvaka Mandala, Perampalli, on the theme ‘Chakravyuh’ which made the day memorable one.
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Annual Tour: Trinity Central School
Fun time, Happy time, for it’s our picnic time. Clapping hands, tapping feet, lets enjoy the picnic time. The annual Tour of Trinity Central School was scheduled on 2nd to 5th January, 2018. The batch consisted 43 students and 6 staff including the Principal Fr.Anil D’costa. The places which we were going to see were Munnar and Wonder La. We began our journey on 2nd January afternoon and reached on 3rd January morning. After the breakfast we visited the highest view point from where we could witness the beauty of the nature, the beautiful tea gardens with lush green tea bushes, silver oak trees and many other trees. Then we moved on to the Echo-point where we had lots of fun. We took group photos there. In the afternoon we visited the Kannan Devan Tea Factory. There Mr. Ernest one of the staff explained to us the tea process, its types, plantation and other information. It was indeed very informative. Later we visited the photo-point and took some photos to keep as cherishable memories.
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Christmas Celebration: Trinity Central School
It’s a Holy season, a season to be jolly for its Christmas season. On 23rd December, Trinity Central School celebrated Christmas. To set a perfect example of secularism, we celebrate all the festivals in our school. There was the Christmas tree and Crib prepared by the teachers. The cultural programmes like Christmas carols, dances, Nrithya Rupaka related to Christmas celebration and birth of Jesus added more color and value to the celebration. Everybody prayed for the permanent existence of love and peace in this violent torn world. The Principal, Fr. Anil D’costa delivered Christmas message and also prayed for the welfare of human-beings. Christmas celebration was enjoyed with great zeal. The main message that flooded throughout the programme was Love can change the world and humanity. 
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Prize Distribution: Trinity Central School
Prize Distribution ceremony was held on 23rd December, 2017 with enthusiasm. This ceremony is organized every year to acknowledge and appreciate the exceptional and outstanding performance and efforts of the students. Winners of various competitions throughout the year were felicitated on this occasion. On this occasion Mr. Muthuraj, Manager, Corporation Bank, Perampalli was the chief guest of the programme. After the prize distribution, the chief guest addressed the students; he congratulated the winners and wished them for the future endeavors.
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8th Annual Day Celebration: Trinity Central School
Hurrah! It’s a beautiful day, it’s a fun filled day, for it’s our Annual day. The Trinity Central School celebrated its 8th Annual day on 16th December, 2017 in school premises. It was presided over by Rev. Dr. Salvadore Fernandes, Rector, Darshan College, Banglore and the chief guest was Dr. Sukanya Martis, Principal, Sri Poornaprajna Evening College, Udupi. The guests were escorted to the programme and on the dais with the school band at 4.30pm. The programme commenced in a traditional way with the lighting of Lantern by the honorable dignitaries, that marked the Annual day theme- “Village Culture”. The Welcome dance presented by the students brought a traditional look and the formal welcome address lead by the customary welcoming brought priceless charm in the faces of dignitaries and the audience and made them feel at home. The stage programme included the price distribution where the honorable president Rev. Dr. Salvadore Fernandes gave away the prizes to the academically meritorious pupils of the School. The academic co-ordinator Mrs.Magdelina Lewis presented the Annual report of the year 2017-18 which was effectively displayed on the LCD screen which made easy and interesting to hear.
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Vegetable Day Celebration: Trinity Central School
Hurrah! It’s a Veggie day. Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, all vegetables from the soil bed. The tiny tots of Pre-Primary section had a wonderful veggie and green day celebration on 7th of December, 2017. The children were clad with green dresses. Each child brought a vegetable of his/her choice. The vegetable day began with a wonderful assembly and a prayer song to invoke and thank god. The children then recited rhymes on vegetables. They spoke well about the importance of vegetables. And then teachers later explained them about the uses and importance of Vegetables and where they grow. The Pre-Primary teachers together prepared tasty delicious veg salad and yummy sandwiches and gave it to every child. The children also participated in the competition of identifying the different types of vegetables. It was a fruitful day for the children indeed to identify the colour and the name of the vegetables and how they help to improve their immune system and growth. Thus all of us enjoyed the day to the fullest.
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A Day outing for Tiny Tots: Trinity Central School
As a part of educational tour, we had been for a picnic on 17th of November, 2017 along with our tiny tots of UKG. We visited many different places like Temples, Churches and Mosques and explained them that different religions pray in different places. First we visited Neelavar temple and then to Goshala, where the cows are taken care with love. We showed the cowsheds with many cows. Then we visited the Brahmavar Church and told them that the Christians worship here. Also we visited Handadi mosque and made them known that this is the place where Muslims worship. In the afternoon, we had been to our teacher’s house for the lunch and refreshment. There we imparted some knowledge about some trees and plants, and also we enjoyed the snacks served by teacher. At last we visited the Santhekatte Kids Park, where our little kids had a great time and enjoyed a lot.
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Educational Tour For Nursery and LKG: Trinity Central School
On 17.11.2017, as a part of educational tour our tiny tots of Nursery and LKG have visited very many places. At first we visited Mount Rosary church and Rev Father blessed our children and asked related quarries about the school. The children answered them enthusiastically. The speciality of the church is big fan with 3 wings and children enjoyed the view of it. Then we moved on to the park and children had snacks after which children played a while and enjoyed. Later we went to Milagres Church there also father blessed the children and explained about the importance of holy place. Then we moved on to the Rose Play School run by St. Joseph sisters where children observed very many different things like toys, indoor games, Colorful pictures playing equipments, teaching aids etc. After that we had lunch and relaxed a bit and went ahead to the Mahalingeshwar temple where children played sometime in the open area and freshed up. Lastly we took a drive to Malpe beach, Padukere and also showed different means of transport and after having a wonderful educational tour we reached back the school safely.
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“A Day Out For Grade 2 Students” : Trinity Central School
On 15.11.2017, the students of Grade 2 had an educational tour to Brahmavar and Neelavar. Two buses with 102 students, 4 teachers and 2 support staffs, started their journey around 9.30 am from the school premises. First they visited the Holy Family Church, Brahmavar, and then “Ghoshale” Mahishamardhini temple, Neelavar, later Bengre beach where they had their lunch and played a while on the sand. The children enjoyed collecting the sea shells. On the way back to Malpe beach we paid a visit to Stella Martis Church, Kalmadi and reached back the school premises around 3.30 pm.
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Educational Tour For Grade 1 : Trinity Central School
On 15-11-2017 students of Grade 1 had an educational tour to Barkur and Heroor. We began our tour with the visit to Mount Rosary church, Santhekatte. The speciality of the church is the big fan. Then we moved on to shri bairava Ganapathi chalkier, Barkur where we saw chowlikere pond. After that we went to kattale basadi, there we saw many small basadies without light. Then we arrived at panchalingeshwara temple. There we saw old inscription. After which our journey went onwards to Mandarthy temple Barkur. Later we had a good lunch. After the lunch we took our drive to Krishna dairy. They offered ice-cream and we refreshed ourselves. Lastly we came to Santhekatte Play Park and children enjoyed in the park. Having a wonderful and cherishable educational tour, we reached back to the school safely.
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Discovering Perspicacity : Trinity Central School
To enrich and exhibit the creative talents of our students, flower arrangement to classes Nursery to UKG, Wealth out of Waste for classes 1st to 5th and Collage and Poster making for classes 6th to 10th were conducted on 14.11.2017. The event helped the students to express their ideas in an innovative way to think outside the box and to use colors in creative way. No wonder the outcome of it was splendid bouquettes, inventive artifacts and inspirational posters. On the whole it was an unforgettable day.
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Children’s Day Celebration : Trinity Central School
“We were all children once. We all share the desire for the well being of our children, which has always been and will continue to be the most universally cherished aspiration of humankind”. On the 14th November which is specially marked for children, Children’s Day’ celebrations were held in Trinity campus. The special assembly activity of the day was conducted by the teachers. The teachers enthusiastically participated in setting the stage on fire by dancing and singing the songs to entertain their wards and make their day more joyful one. The campus was buzzing with excitement and joy with colourfully dressed children and teachers say to it that the day was indeed a memorable one.
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Trinity Family an energetic get together
Trinity Family made yet another energetic get together through ‘Parents Sports Day’ on Saturday, 11th November 2017. The occasion was inaugurated by releasing the balloons by the chief guest Fr.Ronson, CSC Parish Priest of Katapadi church, who also received the salute from the teachers and parents through their gracious march. The Parents sports day began with sprint events where in our energetic and vibrant parents dashed with full vigor. The event also had field events like Shot put and 3 legged race for men and lucky games like tapping the balloon and filling the bottle with water for women. The afternoon was reserved for throw ball and volleyball matches to men and women respectively. The day ended with congratulating winners with medals and certificate. The day was so meaningful that parents enjoyed to their hearts content and exhibited their talents recalling their childhood memories.
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Sports Day – Grade 3 to Grade 10 : Trinity Central School
“Gold medals aren’t really made of gold. They are made of sweet, determination and a hard work”. The much awaited Annual Sports day for students of classes 3rd to 10th were held on Friday, 10th November, 2017. The fantastic turnout from the parents and the pleasant weather were the perfect boost for the students on their Sports day at Trinity Central School. The chief guest, Mr.Madhukar.S received the salute from the House wise squads, Scouts and Guides and cubs and Bulbuls students through the impressive March past. The students entered into the occasion in a grand way with the oath being administered by the Principal Rev Fr. Anil D’costa. Once the races began, the air was filled with cheering and tons of encouragement for the young athletes. Students of classes 3rd to 4th (sub junior) competed in events like sprints, frog race, lemon and spoon balancing competition etc. Students of classes 5th to 10th (junior and senior level) competed in events such as sprints, high jump, long jump, shot put and discus throw. The active participation in sports showcased the skills and exercises practiced by our young sports enthusiasts every day. The day ended with congratulating the winners with medals and certificates.
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Sports Day – Nursery to Grade 2 : Trinity Central School
The much awaited Annual Sports Day of Nursery to Grade 2 was held on 09.11.2017. Sport is an integral part of every student’s life at Trinity Central School. True to it, sports day was a splendid occasion for them to showcase their speed and agility on the field. The program began by welcoming the chief guest Mr. Sudhakar Prabhu and the Principal Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa on the dais through the school band and Captains Master Afnan of Grade 2 A and Miss Shreeya of Grade 2 C. Sports day got into a start by the unfurling of the school flag and declaration of the sports meet open by releasing the balloons in the air. A spectacular, impressive and a well synchronized march past by the 5 houses was the most beautiful sight to see. The tiny tots dressed in their house uniforms marched unanimously to the rhythm of the band. The burning torch which ignites the passion of sporting spirit was carried by the students and handed over to the chief guest as the symbol of enlightenment.
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Educational Tour to Mangalore Port and Sultan Bateri  : Trinity Central School
On 07.11.2017 students of Grade 7 went out for their excursion to Mangalore Port and Sultan Bateri, as part of their study. After completing the security formalities the students were taken into the port through Mallya Gate. An officer from the port accompanied us to guide, and shared his valuable information on various goods that are being imported and exported to and from the port. After spending sufficient time at the port, students were taken to Sultan Bateri: A watch tower constructed by Tippu Sultan to keep an eye on ships travelling through ‘Gurupura River’. The children enjoyed their stay at Sultan Batheri appreciating the skill and architecture of ancient times. Undeniably, the outing was a rich learning experience to all the students.
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Trinity Central School Cubs and Bulbuls/Scouts and Guides Camp
A two days camp was organized by the active flock leaders, Scouts and Guides captains of Trinity at Scouts and Guides Training Centre, Pragathinagar, Alevoor, for Cubs/Bulbuls/Scouts and Guides on 04.11.2017 and 05.11.2017. 64 students of the school participated in this event. The Principal of the school, Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa and the Scout master Mr. Anand Adiga were present for the investiture ceremony. The students were excited to get trained in different activities namely hoisting the flag, tying the knots, learning about first aid, hiking with woodcraft sign, preparing a tent, craft work, gadgets preparation, blind tray etc. 4th November being a last day, ended with camp fire. The not helped them to enjoy the weekend in a fruitful way, but also to gain necessary skillful training.
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Educational Tour to Temple City and to RUDSET : Trinity Central School
Students of Grade 4 as a part of curriculum visited RUDSET institution in Brahmhavar as well as temple city of Barkur on 03.11.2017. Rural Development and Self Employment Training Institute (RUDSETI), a unique initiative in mitigating the problem of unemployment, was taken way back in 1982 under the visionary leadership of DR. D Veerendra Hegde, Dharmadhikari of Dharmasthala along with Syndicate Bank and Canara Bank. The visit to this institution helped the students to learn and know more about vocational training courses held by this institution. Barkur, the city of temples made students appreciate the ancient cultural tradition as well as the wonders of the architecture. The artifact and carvings on temples like Choulikeri Siddi Vinayaka Temple, Pancha Mahalingeshwara Temple, Kathale Basadi over and above the inscriptions on them enabled the children to enrich themselves on the glory of Barkur city. This was the objective of educational tour was completely accomplished.
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Handwriting Competition : Trinity Central School
It is believed that handwriting determines a person’s personality. At Trinity we strive to develop wonderful personalities and gift them to the society in large. In this regard, to enhance the calligraphic abilities the handwriting competition was held on 03.11.2017 for our tiny fingers of LKG and UKG. The tiny Trinitarians participated with great zeal and joy and showed to the world, their ability to write beautifully.
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ಕಸ್ತೂರಿ ಕನ್ನಡ
“ಕನ್ನಡ ಎನೆ ಕುಣಿದಾಡುವುದೆನ್ನೆದೆ
ಕನ್ನಡ ಎನೆ ಮೈ ನಿಮಿರುವುದು”

These lyrics of prominent National poet Kuvempu was practically felt by every Trinitarian as the school anticipated the Karnataka Rajyotsava celebration on 31.10.2017 with great enthusiasm. Students presented beautiful dances depicting the rich cultural heritage of Karnataka that enthralled the audience. The speech delivered by Vruddhi of Grade 8 shed light on formation of State of Karnatake and its rich background. The Principal Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa also spoke about the importance of learning Kannada and threw up some questions on the students to recall and enhance their knowledge on history of Karnataka. Overall the event generated a sense of pride in the minds of young Trinitarians for being a part of Kannada culture that is so rich and vibrant.
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Inspection for Permanent Affiliation : Trinity Central School
To evaluate the teaching and learning, for the betterment of the school, and for the permanent affiliation of the school, Dr. Fr. Joseph C.M visited our school on 25.10.2017 (Tuesday) at 9:00 am. During the assembly the Trinity family welcomed Dr. Fr. Joseph C.M whole heartedly through a troupe of band, and honoured him. Dr. Fr. Joseph C.M witnessed the school assembly activity presented by young talents of Trinity and congratulated them for bringing out their best. Then he proceeded with the school inspection, where he took keen interest to meet each student and the staff members and encouraged whole Trinity family for its hospitality, talent and infrastructure. The following day i.e. on 26.10.2017, the school proposed gratitude with a beautiful memento that would remind him the memories of visit to TRINITY CENTRAL SCHOOL and might make him to visit casually any day in his lifetime. The Principal of the school, Rev. Fr. Anil D’costa thanked Dr. Fr. Joseph C.M and wished for his future endeavours.
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Diwali Celebration : Trinity Central School
‘Diwali – the festival of lights’, is celebrated all over India in order to welcome Rama after his victory over Ravana. The whole school wore a festive look with diyas, crafts and colours of Rangoli. The tiny Trinitarians from Nursery, LKG and UKG, exercised their little fingers with clay diyas, which was a feast to the viewers. Meanwhile, the expressive Grade 1 to 5 students exhibited their talents in craft with awesome varieties. The colours of Rangoli filled the hall as the students of Grade 6 to 10 displayed their artistic Rangolies. Fun and frolic was part of Diwali celebration, when our girls of Grade 8, 9 and 10 went on a ramp dropped in saries. It was fun to watch our boys tail the elephant blind folded which made some wonders, if the elephant would forget where its original tail was.
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“Education – An Enriching Experience with Visuals” : Trinity Central School
Fun, frolic and learning. Yes, this is what exactly an educational tour can be best be described. The buzzy bees of our Grade 5, Section A and B went on an educational tour when the calendar showed 9th in the month of October, 2017. The two school buses carried with them an enthusiastic group of 55 children accompanied by four teachers. The buses headed to the butterfly park at Belvai. The children first embarked on the life cycle of a butterfly and the varieties of butterflies found around the place, through a documentary. The children took a stroll in the natural habitat of the butterflies and witnessed the gleeful life of 400+ butterflies in the park. Moving away from the world of butterflies the group headed to witness the awesome architectural and historic wonder of the Jain era, Savira Kambada Basadi and the Gomateshwara statue.
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Dance Competition – Juniors : Trinity Central School
With the aim of honing the dancing skills of our tiny tots, the dance competition was organized for students of Nursery to Grade 2 on 06.10.2017. The viracious dancers set the floor on fire with their energetic performances. The tiny tots not only danced out their innocence to the rhythmic tunes but also put their little cute steps with all their might mesmerizing all who were gathered. Indeed it was a fun filled and enthusiastic day for the little ones.
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Dance Competition – Seniors : Trinity Central School
To encourage the talents of Trinitarians of Grade 3 to 10, platform was provided in the school on 04.10.2017. The twinklets of Trinity performed various dance forms through their beautiful steps that brought charm and euphoria among all the pupils after the hectic schedule of exams. The competition was truly a muscle-loosener and stress-buster for all the Trinitarians.
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Founder’s Day Celebration : Trinity Central School
“Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace”, the famous peace prayer of all time is attributed to St. Francis of Assisi, the Founder of Franciscan family. Trinity Central School, Perampalli, being a unit of Franciscan Capuchin Friars Service Society, celebrated its Founder’s Day on 04.10.2017. On this occasion, the Vice-Principal, Rev. Fr. Wilson Sequeira, spoke on the significance of the day and about the life of St. Francis who lead a simple peaceful life and thus setting an example for all. The Principal, Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa offered a tribute to the statue of St. Francis through flowers exclaiming him as the God’s true messenger. Thereafter the students sang the prayer song and performed a fascinating dance for the peace prayer and showed to the audience that St. Francis was truly a lover of peace and patron of ecology. To make this occasion, a special sumptuous meal was also served to all the Trinitarians.
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Gandhi Jayanthi Celebration : Trinity Central School
Live as if you were to die tomorrow; learn as if you were to live forever. True to the adage, the Gandhi Jayanthi celebrations were held in our school campus on 3rd October, 2017 to pay tribute to the father of our nation. The assembly began with ‘All faith prayer’ led by the Scouts and Guides students. On this occasion an inspirational speech on the life and achievements of Mahatma Gandhi was delivered by Melanie of Grade 8. It was rich with anecdotes of Gandhiji and life history. The assembly concluded with the Bapu’s favorite devotional song – ‘Raghupathi Raghav Raja Ram’, sung by school choir. Indeed an ambience of peace and harmony was created as the students formed an ode to the Great personality.
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Shining Trinitarians : Trinity Central School
9th September, 2017 was a ‘Red Letter Day’ in the annals of Trinity as we bagged two prizes in the Inter school Quiz competition held in G.M Vidyaniketan School Brahmavar. The 8th G.M Quiz Fest which was hels for both teachers as well as students was a grand event. Rev. Fr. Ravi Rajesh Serrao and Mr. Ranjith Rai who participated in the teacher’s category bagged the 3rd place while Neil D’Souza of Grade 10 and Leon of Grade 9 bagged the 2nd place. With this stupendous performance the teachers as well as students have held the Trinity flag very high and have made us all proud.
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Beauty of Art : Trinity Central School
Every child is an artist. Keeping this in mind and to explore the creative potentials in our students, the drawing competition was organized on 5th September, 2017 for all the students. The children showcased their creative skills by imprinting their thoughts into the sheets with sketches and colours.
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Teacher's Day Celebration at Trinity
A Teacher is a Source of Love and Inspiration. A Great Teacher Can Change Your Life
Teacher’s day at Trinity was celebrated with zeal and enthusiasm on 5th September, 2017. The P.T.A members of our school organized a program to felicitate the selfless service of our teachers. As a mark of acknowledgement and recognition, the teachers were honoured by the P.T.A members. Mrs. Magdalina Lewis, the academic co-ordinator was felicitated as a representative of the entire teaching faculty, along with Mrs. Poornima Devadiga for acquiring the P.Hd degree from Madras University. Rev. Fr. Claud Mascarenhas, Rev. Fr. Wilson Vijay Sequeira, Rev. Fr. Ravi Rajesh Serrao, the co-ordinators, P.T.A members and all the teachers along with the students were present on this occasion. The monetary aid which was collected for the treatment of our 5th Grade student Master Mihir, who is suffering from “Thalassemia major”, was handed over to his mother his mother on the same occasion.

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Doctor in Trinity Campus
Trinity is proud to add one more shining feather to its cap. One of our teachers, Ms. Poornima Devadiga has been awarded Ph.D for completing her Hindi Doctoral project on the theme “Jnan Chathurvedi Kathasahithya Ek Vishleshan”. The management, staff and the students congratulated her on this achievement through a small felicitation programme on 24.08.2017 and wished her great success in her future endeavors.
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Fancy Dress, Mono Act and Mimicry : Trinity Central School
Trinity always strives to bring out the talents in students. On 23.08.2017 there was a Fancy Dress Competition for Grade 1 to 5 and Grade 6 to 10 had Mono Act and Mimicry Competition. The event was so successful that it helped our shining stars to upgrade their talents and also to exhibit their hidden skills.
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Sa Re Ga Ma Pa : Trinity Central School
The little champs of Trinity actively participated in the singing competition, which was held on 21.08.2017. The melodious voices of our nightingales filled the Trinity Campus and thrilled the hearts and souls of everybody present. The event was for an entire day which indeed created musical atmosphere in the campus as well as provided an opportunity for the upcoming Champs to explore their talents and enhance their skills.
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Sare Jahan Se Acha : Trinity Central School
On 15th August, 2017 befitting the occasion Independence Day was celebrated in our school premises with zeal and spirit. The Chief Guest of the day Commodore Jerome Castelino along with Correspondent of the school, Fr. Claud Mascarenhas, Principal Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa, Vice Principal, administrator, parents, teachers and students witnessed the program. Later Indian tricolor was unfurled by Commodore Jerome Castelino and inspired the gathering with his motivational input. Thereafter principal, Rev Fr. Anil D’Costa addressed the gatherings. Student’s talents were also exhibited on this memorable day through dances and speech. The ceremony concluded with the light refreshment.
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Fruit and Red Colour Day : Trinity Central School
Life is beautiful with colours. It becomes more beautiful when one starts to experience it. Our tiny stars of Pre-Primary section had this rare and wonderful opportunity on 10.08.2017, as they celebrated Fruits Day and Red Colour Day. They not only learnt the different names, colours and uses of fruits but also sang and danced for the fruit song. In a nutshell, the tiny tots were looking like Angels in God’s own garden.
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House wise Quiz Competition  : Trinity Central School
To improve general knowledge and aptitude of our genius sparkling stars, there was a house wise quiz competition held on 08.08.2017. The senior and junior level competition was organized by the teachers in 5 rounds. It was a wonderful opportunity for the 0students to showcase their talents and step forward in the path of success.
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Trinity’s Taekwondo Champion
Master Rohan Danny of Grade 8 has made the Trinitarians feel proud by winning a bronze medal in National Sub-Senior Taekwondo Championship Competition held at Bengaluru on 05.08.2017. The management and the staff congratulated the Taekwondoin, for his stupendous feat and wished him a bright future ahead. May he be a Sports prospect of India.
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Phonics in Effective teaching to make the class room feel homely : Trinity Central School
In order to enhance the knowledge on Phonics, an become an effective and caring teacher as well as to relax from the daily schedule, the Trinity teachers underwent a workshop on Phonics and Teaching methodology which was organized by Macmillan Education under the able guidance of Mrs. Sowmya Sathish Shetty on 05.08.2017. The activities such as flash cards, chain game etc, made the day lively and memorable. The session was so effective that teachers were of the opinion that it could be inculcated into the class room teaching especially for Nursery, Kindergarten, and Grade 1 to 5.
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Class wise Quiz Competition : Trinity Central School
To encourage the young minds of Trinity, to be the prodigies the school conducted class wise Quiz competition on 02.08.2017. The event helped the young brains to retrieve the information effectively from their memory. The outcome of the competition was positive as one could see apt answers and ready replies from the quiz minds.
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Honouring Merit Students : Trinity Central School
A tiny acknowledgement leads to lot of encouragement. The Trinity merit students were honoured on 17.07.2017 and were congratulated by all the Trinity Management. The former P.T.A President Mr. Naveen Fernandes and present P.T.A President Mr. Maxim D’Souza were present along with Fr Claud Mascarenhas, the Manager, Fr. Anil D’Costa, the Principal and Fr. Wilson Sequeira, the Vice-Principal to congratulate the tiny tots. On this occasion, the school gladly felicitated and remained grateful to Mr. Naveen Fernandes for his dedicated service to the school as a P.T.A President. Thereafter Mr. Naveen Fernandes made use of the opportunity to address the students and inspired them to develop leadership qualities and thereby achieve success in life.
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Birthday Celebration of Fr. Claud Mascarenhas
The blessing of our school, Fr. Claud Mascarenhas, our beloved manager celebrated his birthday on 13th July, 2017. On this occasion our honorable Principal Fr. Anil D’costa spoke a few words about Fr. Claud by refreshing his memories which he had spent with him. A special cake was cut on this occasion. After which Fr. Claud addressed the students and motivated them for their better academic future.
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House wise Spell Bee : Trinity Central School
House wise spell bee competition was organized for the first time in the school campus on 12th July, 2017. The students participated with great enthusiasm and paned through the toughest words. This competition was a wonderful learning source for all the participants. This competition also helped the students to enrich their vocabulary bank and to catch hold of new words.
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Shining Star of Trinity
There is no dearth for talents at Trinity. Because at trinity the students are always on the ladder of excellence. Rohan Danny our young lad of Grade VIII has made all of us proud by securing first place in AICS (Association of ICSE and CBSE Schools) level Elocution Competition, held at Christ School Manipal on 08-07-2017. The Principal, Staff members and the Management congratulated the student for his marvellous achievement.
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Upcoming Spellerbrities : Trinity Central School
In order to improve students’ spelling skills, and enrich their vocabulary bank as well as to provide valuable experience in their English knowledge, “Spell Bee” competition was held to students of Grade I to Grade X on 06.07.2017. The drill helped our young ‘spellerbrities’ to sharpen their language skill.
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Investiture Ceremony : Trinity Central School
To provide leadership opportunities to the students, the school cabinet was formed through election. The school held the Investiture ceremony with great enthusiasm on 23-06-2017. It was a solemn occasion where young students were all prepared to don the mantle of leadership and discharge the responsibilities entrusted upon them. The event was animated by our principal Rev. Fr. Anil D’costa. Dr Gerald Pinto, the former principal of Milagres College was the chief guest. Vice Principal of the school Rev. Fr. Wilson sequeira, Correspondent of the school Rev. Fr. Claud Mascarehnas, the Academic Co-ordinator Mrs. Magdalina Lenris were present on the dais. The SPL, ASPL along with the office bearers and the House leaders marched towards the dais for the oath taking ceremony. They were then honored by pinning the badges and handing over the flags by the chief guest of the day Dr. Gerald Pinto who in his address emphasized the need of giving democratic education in the school. The program came to a halt with the National Anthem.
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Election : Trinity Central School
Real education is not that just informs, but that which transforms. At trinity Central School we aim to transform rural students as learners into complete human beings who will be the resources of this great nation. Hence, to bring in the sense of democracy among our students, the school cabinet election was held through secret ballot system on 20-06-2017. Our principal Rev. Fr. Anil D’costa casted the first vote followed by the teachers and students from Grade III to X. The results were declared the same evening, in which out of 6 candidates Neil D’souza and Valen Ferrao were elected as SPL and ASPL respectively. After which sweets were distributed to all the students.
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“One more golden feather to Trinity”
Trinity reached its zenith by adding another feather to its cap as our star students Neil Viren D’souza of Grade X and Shreeya Shetty of class Grade IX bagged the first place in English elocution and third place in English story writing competitions respectively. The Association of ICSE and CBSE Schools (AICS) level literary event which was held at Madhava Kripa School, Manipal on 1st of July 2017 was truly a trailer for the better things to come.

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International Yoga Day Celebration : Trinity Central School
Yoga, aims at the consciousness for a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility. In order to have a holistic body and mind co-ordination, Trinity Scouts and Guides along with their Scout Master and Guide Captain attended the “International Yoga Day Celebration” at Muniyal Medical College, Manipal on 21.06.2017. The students were inspired by the Yogasanas taught by the masters and Medical College students. In the whole, it was a learning experience for all the students to enhance their Yoga talents.
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Understanding Human Body – Workshop : Trinity Central School
In order to update and replenish the practical knowledge on Human body, organ systems and the physiological process of all the organs, the Biology teachers Mrs. Deepthi Bhat and Mrs. Pavithra G Kini, attended the workshop “Understanding the Human body” at Melaka Manipal Medical College, Manipal on 17.06.2017. The Teachers came out of the workshop enriching their knowledge and enhancing their skills. They also made it a point to impart their learnings into the Biological minds of Trinity.
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Understanding Physics : Trinity Central School
The association of CBSE and ICSE schools took initiative to conduct a workshop on “Physics “at Madhav Kripa School, Manipal, on 29.06.17. Two of our enthusiastic teachers viz, Mrs.Sunitha and Mrs.Sujatha attended the workshop and participated actively. The workshop which included group discussion on basic concepts of Physics as well as practical knowledge on the element of physics was very much educative and participants felt that this could be applied in our class room teaching in order to make it more effective.

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Literary Competition : Trinity Central School
In order to bring out the talents of the trinity wards the school conducted Story telling competition for grade 1 to grade 5 and Elocution/Declamation competitions for grade 6 to grade 10. The children actively took part in the competitions and showed the sign of becoming future orators.
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Ramzan Day Celebration : Trinity Central School
To bring out the festivity and the brotherhood, as well as to share our joys with Muslim friends, Trinity twinklets, organized the “Ramzan Celebration” in the school premises on 28.06.2017. During the celebration the importance of Ramzan was displayed through various skits and songs. In the absence of principal, Rev.Fr.Wilson Sequeira the Vice-principal congratulated and thanked all the students for organizing such beautiful program. On this occasion, in the afternoon delicious lunch was served for all the students.
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Vanamahostava Celebration : Trinity Central School
Nature is a gift of god. As it is the duty of every Individual to protect and conserve every essence of the nature, Trinity family took its precious time in celebrating Vanamahostava Day on 23.06.2017 through procession towards Ambagilu that was carried on further by planting the saplings in Ambagilu circle. This unique initiative taken by the school was much appreciated by the public.
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The Commencement of Talent of Trinity
The students of our school are stake holders and we are committed to the overall development of our students. Each person born in this world has some special talents. And we at Trinity Central School provide a platform to express and explore these great talents. The Saturday activity classes is one such opportunity where the students involve themselves in Karate, Drawing, Classical dance, Classical music, Western dance, Western music, Chess, Skating, Swimming, Taekwondo so on and so forth. So for the academic year 2017-18 the activity classes were inaugurated on 10/06/2017. The Principal along with the activity teachers inaugurated the classes by lighting the lamp. Every Saturday the activity classes are conducted for the students so that they nurture their talents in a befitting manner.
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Expertising English in Trinity
At Trinity we aim to bring a holistic approach to education. We give a lot of opportunities for our students to enrich their knowledge in various ways. In order to make our students the best speakers and prolific writers, Trinity school organized a basic course on Phonetics, Vocabulary, Communication and Spoken English. An extremely profound, experienced and intellectual person Prof. Raja Victor gave an efficious training from 01.06.2017 to 08.06.2017 to the students of class 6th to 10th. Our students were enlightened in knowledge and in practicality of English knowledge.
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Felicitation for Our Students : Trinity Central School
A felicitation program was organized to the outgoing students of Grade 10, who came out with flying colours by securing 100% results in ICSE examination 2016-17. The teachers as well as the Principal congratulated the students and wished them success in their future. The students overwhelmed with gratitude recalled their memories in the school. With grateful hearts they thanked their teachers and bid adieu to their Alma mater for the final time as students of the school.

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Trinity Central School Slams Hatrick Century
Trinity Central School climbed up to the ladder of success for the third consecutive year as the students of 3rd ICSE batch secured 100% results in ICSE examination 2016-17. As a result, the efforts of the students and hard work of teachers was paid in the full. The result not only brought unmatched joy and rejoicing among Trinity family but also raised its standard of qualitative education in the vicinity of Udupi.

Trinity Family Comes Together : Trinity Central School
The Parents – Teachers meeting of this academic year 2017-18 was organized on 31st May 2017at 2.30 p.m. in order to implement new ideas in teaching and learning. The program was compared by Mrs. Sushma Suvarna. The newly built basket ball court and computer lab was blessed and inaugurated by Rev. Fr. Alwyn Dias, Vicar Provincial Karnataka Capuchin Friars. A fruitful and inspired talk on effective parenting was delivered by Mr. Leslie Arouza, the director and counselor of Udupi Diocese family Commission. The faculty was introduced by Mrs. Archana Shetty. Thereafter Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa, the Principal of the school introduced new plans for the academic year 2017-18 and sought Co-operation of both parents and students. Rev. Fr. Alwyn Dias in his address to the gathering spoke at length about parent – school relationship. After which the PTA association for the present academic year was formed and newly elected PTA members were congratulated. The program came to an end with the serving of refreshment for all the gathered.
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Enrichment of Knowledge in Trinity Classroom  : Trinity Central School
To enhance the knowledge of our teachers, three days enrichment programme was orgamized from 29th May 2017 to 31st May 2017. The event was made rich with Dr. Mahabaleshwara Rao, Dr. Madhumala K and Dr. Virupaksha Devaramane. Besides, also an interactive session by Dr. Sr. Judy Lewis about counseling techniques and its applications. The teachers were truly refreshed and rejuvenated during these 3 days.

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Thanksgiving : Trinity Central School
The ambience of Trinity Central School breathed a ‘fresh air of gratitude’ on the last day of academic year that is on March 31st, 2017. For all the efforts of teachers, students, non-teaching staff, janitors, drivers and conductors, the Principal expressed the words of gratitude and wished for the same success in the upcoming years. The championship trophy was also presented to ‘Robert Frost’ as the ‘House wise Winners’ for the academic year 2016-17. Apart from this one of the coordinators of lower section Mrs. Lavina Arouza who was a supporting pillar of the School was felicitated for her good work in the school as she was leaving the school for better prospectus. Her hard work of 7 years was duly recognized by all the students, teachers and the Principal and was expressed in the farewell function. Expecting and wishing for a better tomorrow the concluded with the thanksgiving hymn.
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Educational Tour : Trinity Central School
To assimilate the practical knowledge of the concepts learnt inside the classroom the school took an initiative to take the students of Grade I to IX to the field trips. This educational tour included places such as Hanging Bridge - Kemmannu, Pilikula Science Center – Mangalore, Manipal Anatomy Center – Manipal, Historical Monuments of Karkala and Varahi Hydro Underground Project – Hosangadi etc. indeed it was a learning experience for all the students with the able guidance of all the teachers.
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Farewell @ Trinity Central School
A farewell programme was organized for the outgoing batch of Grade X on 23.02.2017 in Trinity Campus. It was indeed a meaningful programme organized by students of Class IX. The programme began with a short prayer service followed by programmes filled with fun and frolic which consisted of drama and dance. The Principal Rev. Fr. Anil D’costa delivered a final message to all the Class X students and distributed the mementos which would remind them of School.
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GRAND PARENT’S DAY  : Trinity Central School
The school took a lead to celebrate the ‘Grandparent’s day’ on 04.02.2017 at Trinity Campus. The free health check up to all the grand parent’s was the important event of the day. Mr. Veerupaksha Devaramane who was the chief guest delivered a inspiring message on the topic “Role of Grandparent’s in the overall development of child”. The stage was set open to the talented grandparent’s as various games were conducted to entertain them and there after prizes were distributed to the lucky winners. Indeed, it was a memorable day for all the participants.
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REPUBLIC DAY : Trinity Central School
The 68th Republic day was celebrated all its solemnity and grandeur at Trinity Central School on 26th January 2017. The students saluted the National Flag and pledged themselves to uphold the honour, integrity, diversity and uniqueness of their motherland India. The Principal of our school Rev.Fr. Anil D’costa graced the occasion and hoisted the national flag assisted by our Physical education teacher Mrs. Pallavi Naik. The students displayed the events which highlighted the significance of the day and spread a wave of love for our country. Over all it was a day marked to serve our Nation and the Trinitarians did their best.
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ANNUAL SPORTS DAY : Trinity Central School
Gold Medals aren’t really made of gold. They’re made of sweat, determination and a hard to find alloy called guts. The much awaited Annual Sports Day was held on Friday 20th January 2017. The students entered into the spirit of the occasion in a grand way with the oath being administered by Physical Education teachers Mr. Mahesh Dev and Mrs. Pallavi Naik. The guest of the day Rev.Fr. Francis Cornelio received the guard of honour and witnessed the impressive March past of the students. Once the races began, the air was filled with enthusiasm and tons of encouragement was given for the young athletes. The day came to an end by congratulating the winners with medals and certificates.
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KARATE COMPETITION : Trinity Central School
Karnataka State level Karate open Championship was held at Kanchan Samudaya Bhavan Kaup, Udupi from 07.01.2017 to 08.01.2017 Krutharth of Trinity Central School studying in grade I bagged 2 gold medals in Ind Kata and Kumite. He also participated in the Udupi District Karate Competetion held at Mukundakripa Hr. Pry. School Udupi on 25.12.2016 and secured Ist place in Kumite and IInd place in Kata Competition.

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PARENTS SPORTS MEET : Trinity Central School
Trinity Central School celebrated its 2nd parent’s sports day on 21 of January 2017 in the school premises. It was presided over by Mr. Gopal Kharvi - a Guinness record holder in Marathon Swimming. The function began at 9.30am. The chief guest of the day was escorted by our school band with great pride and respect. All the dignitaries on the Dias received the guard of honour and the chief guest inaugurated the function by releasing the balloons. The sports meet had many track and field events like 100mtrs race, 200mtrs Race and games like sack race, relay race, volley ball and throw ball. All the parents participated enthusiastically in all the events. Later in the evening in the valedictory programme, prizes were distributed to all the winners and our principal Rev. Fr. Anil D’costa thanked all the parents for participating whole heartedly in the sports day.
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17th NATIONAL JAMBOREE : Trinity Central School
The 17th National Jamboree Scout and Guides was held with 25,000 participants of different states and union territories from all over India and around thousand International participants at Adakanahalli Mysore. Two of our teachers and 11 students participated in this event. The event was inaugurated by his Excellency the President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee. His Excellency the Governor of Karnataka Shri Vajubhai Rudabhai vala president over the event and he was joined by other guests of honor. Jamboree as a platform to exchange ideas, allowed people from diverse back grounds to exhibit their ideas, spread awareness about their values and promote mutual coexistence and integration. And that is what participates from our school experienced as it was a tool of enrichment to instill discipline and team spirit among all the participants.
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CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION : Trinity Central School
Trinity Central School celebrated Christmas with great fervour and enthusiasm on 23rd Dec,2016. Competitions such as star and Bell preparation, preparing Christmas cards, drawing and colouring Santa Claus were held for students. All the students participated actively with great intrest. Later Prize distribution ceremony was held in the trinitoriam. We were honoured to have Rev. Fr. Fredrick Fernandes as the chief guest of the ceremony. The cultural function commenced at 10.30am. the chief guest distributed the prizes to the winners of the various events. After which he delivered a motivating speech advising all the students to work harder in life to get sure success. The boundless joy of celebrating the festival of Christmas was amply visible on the faces of the children especially when santa moved around distributing sweets to them.
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Annual Day : Trinity Central School
Trinity Central School celebrated its 7th Annual day on 17.12.2016 in the school premises. The chief guest of the day was Rev. Fr. Arun Lobo, Co – Ordinator, Capuchin Social Action Initiatives. The programme commenced sharp at 4.30 p.m. Our school band welcomed the guests with great honour. Guests of honour Smt. Priyanka Mary, Smt. Veronica Cornelio, Smt. Renu Jayaram, Fr. Romeo Lewis addressed the gathering, Master Manish B Poojary, a National level Athlete from Perampalli was felicitated by our school for his excellent achievements in sports. After going through the annual report, the evening was made more colourful with cultural programmes. The cultural programme began with dances of tiny tots followed by the rest of the students. Every student gave their performance with grace and got a big round of applause. The programme ended at 9.30 p.m. by singing National Anthem.
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ID – MILAD : Trinity Central School
The school celebrated Id – Milad on 8th December, 2016 with great enthusiasm. Meaningful programme was given by our Muslim students. They conveyed the importance of celebrating Id – Milad in a effective way. They lead us with their prayers. After that house wise Qawali and Mehandi Competition was held. In Qawali Competition, The house William Shakespeare bagged first prize, William Wordsworth and John Keats got second and third prize respectively. Finally Fr. Anil D’Costa addressed the students and thanked them for giving a wonderful programme.
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PROVINCIAL’S VISIT : Trinity Central School
On 5th December Provincial Fr. Dolphy Pais visited our school. Our school band welcomed him with great dignity and respect. Our principal Fr. Anil D’costa welcomed him to the school Assembly by offering bouquet of flowers and garland. Provincial Fr. Dolphy Pais in his address to the students said that along with quality education discipline also is very important. He also wished all the students a bright future. After the assembly he met all the teachers in a formal meeting and discussed about the challenging in teaching and wished them success in their teaching career.
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Punch - 2016 : Trinity Central School
6th National level Karate Championship was held at Sahana Convention Centre Kundapur from 18th to 20th November 2016 which was organized by Kiran’s Drag on first Marshal Arts of India. Krutharth of Trinity Central School studying in grade 1 bagged 2 gold Medal in Sub Junior category.
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The first Alumni Association of Trinity Central School was held on 14th Nov at 11.30 am. in the school premises. Mr. Neri Cornelio ex-Principal of Milagres College presided over the meeting. 11 students from both the batches of 2014 – 15 and 2015 – 16 attended the meeting. The Principal, Fr. Anil D’Costa welcomed the chief guest and the ex - students who were very cheerful and enthusiastic. Mr. Cornelio being a well experienced personality in this matter expressed the importance of forming such an association and stressed that the Alumni Association is always the back bone of any institution and one must never forget one’s roots of education, He also explained a few objectives and how different activities could be organized by the members in order to help the institution grow.
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Children Fest – 2016 : Trinity Central School
The school celebrated the Children feast of this academic year on the theme “Fantasy World”. The programme began with a clourful stage event and was inaugurated by Sr. Lenita superior of Perampalli church, Rev. Fr. Claud Mascarenhas superior of Trinity Vihar, Maxim D’souza President of P.T.A along with our Principal Rev. Fr. Anil D’costa by releasing the balloons. The day was filled with clourful events and fun games and Competitions. The day ended with a drawing of lucky ticket in which winners got a chance of carrying a Laptop, Android phone and Multi Media speakers to their homes. This mega event ended with a great success with the help of all the members of Trinity family.
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JAM and Show and Tell Competition : Trinity Central School
Trinity Central School organised Show and Tell Competition for grade I to V and just a minute for grade VI to X on 22.11.2016. The competition was challenging to term of the limited time given to gather points and present ideas on the topics given. However the competition brought out skills including Quick thinking and oratory skills. Overall it was an enjoyable experience which opened the eyes of the students to keep abreast with what is happening in the world around us.
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Generation National Level Competition – 2016 : Trinity Central School
‘Generation National level Competition’ was held at Udupi Town hall on 17th Nov.2016. The competition was conducted in both Junior and Senior level having events like Abacus, Calligraphy, Drawing and Painting. Adithya of grade 1st got I place in junior level Abacus, Hanson Arrow D’souza of grade 3rd got III place in Abacus, Astel Melroy of grade 6th got III place in Senior level Abacus, Rayan Danny of grade 3rd got I place in drawing and painting, Varshini of grade 5th got III place in Calligraphy, Krishna Priya of grade 6th got consolation prize in Abacus and Disha of grade 5th got consolation prize in calligraphy. Principal Rev. Fr. Anil congratulated the winners and encouraged other students to participate in such competitions and bring laurel to the school.
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Children’s Day Celebration : Trinity Central School
Our School Celebrated Children’s Day on 14th Nov in a very unique way. This time it was the teachers who took the initiative and performed everything for all the children. The teachers began right from conducting the assembly to dancing to the beats. To make the day more memorable various games and activities were also organized. In the end the Principal of the school extended his warm wishes to the children and appreciated the effort put in by all the teachers.

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District Level Cub bul – bul ustav – 2016 : Trinity Central School
To inculcate unity, discipline and integrity and to develop the spirit of freedom, 2 days Cub and Bul – Bul district level camp was organized at Trinity Central School from 8-11-2016 to 9-11-2016. On the first day all the cub and bul – bul, Flock leaders and cub Masters gathered in Trinitorium at 10:00 am. The guests Mr.Edwin Joseph Alwa Scout commissioner, Mrs. Rajalaxmi Shetty District Guide commissioner, Mr. Kalmady Shekar Poojary District Secretary, Mr. Rajgopalachari ALT, Mr. Nithin D.O of Scout, Mr. Suman Shekar D.O of guides and our Principal Rev. Fr. Anil D’costa were welcomed in a ceremonial way. The day began with inauguration from dignitaries by lighting the lamp. After which there were activities such as Adventurous games, Action songs, Folk dance.etc. The cub, bul - bul took part in every activity with great enthusiasm.
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National Level Handwriting and Colouring Contest
Students Development Society, Aurangabad organized National handwriting and colouring contest -2016. Out of 88 Contestants 2 of our students were awarded with Kalagaurav Award. Gagan. R of grade X got Kalagaurav Award in colouring competition while Brinelle of grade VII got Kalagaurav Award in excellent handwriting competition. Kudos to the students for their achievement.
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AICS – Annual Conference – 2016  : Trinity Central School
The Trinity staff in order to widen and enhance the leadership Qualities, became the part of AICS – Annual Conference on the theme “Leadership, Body, Mind and Heart ” held at Canara High School, Mangalore on Oct 26th & 27th 2016. Great leaders like Capt. Ganesh Karnik, Prof. H. Madhava Bhat, Dr. Vanishree Joseph, Dr. Shailaja Shastri and many more addressed and inspired the delegates on topics such as ‘Teacher as a true leader’, ‘Learning disability v/s Intervention’, ‘Gender sensitivity and the future of learning ’. Needless to say, the whole seminar was enriching and motivating. Four of our senior teachers along with Principal participated in the conference. Trinity will truly witness exuberant and vibrant leaders in the academic pursuit.
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AICS – IT QUIZ FEST 2016 : Trinity Central School
November 5, 2016 was a red – letter day in the annals of Trinity Central School. For it is on this day, The IT geniuses created a record by bagging the coveted trophies in the ‘IT Quiz Fest – 2016’ held at little Rock Indian School, Brahmavar. The school is proud to say, that it stood II in IT Quest – Web Design and III in IT Quest – Tech Treasure Hunt Competitions. For this feat Computer wizards of the school, were awarded with trophies and certificates.
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Diwali Celebration : Trinity Central School
Diwali is a festival of light that enlightens the hearts and brings joy to every heart. Diwali was celebrated at Trinity Central School on 28.10.2016. Rangoli competition and lantern competition were organised for the students on this occasion and their active participation in these events made the day more memorable. The celebration began with the prayer service highlighting the message of Diwali after which students performed a short skit from Ramayana depicting the story of Rama returning to Ayodhya. There after our Principal Rev.Fr. Anil D’costa enlightened the staff and the students with the message of Diwali saying that the light within us must help to dispel the darkness and spread love, warmth and kindness. He also thanked the students for organizing the programme and wished them and their dear ones peace, joy and prosperity of Diwali.
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KARNATAKA DARSHANA : Trinity Central School
Karnataka is the land of prosperity and heritage with various movements and temples which gives a rich cultural and religious splendour. To witness this rich cultural and religious heritage, the Bharath Scouts/guides under the leadership of DOC’S, SOC’S went for a “Karnataka Darshan” with the young scouts/guides. It was a proud moment for Trinity Scouts/guides as they cherished this rare feat along with their masters, being a part of it.
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Phonetics : Trinity Central School
As English is an important communicative language all our the world, it is very essential to develop the attitude towards the communication among the teachers and students and improve the pronunciation skill. In this light a basic course on Phonetics was held on 21.10.2016 and 22.10.2016 for the Trinity staff which was organized by Ratna Sagar Publishers and was animated by Prof. R. Victor, an eminent scholar in English.
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Gandhi Jayanthi Celebration at Trinity Central School
The school celebrated Gandhi Jayanthi on 2nd Oct. The celebration began with listening to a speech on the life of Gandhiji. As the choir sang the favourite Bhajan of Gandhi ‘Raghupathi Raghava, the administrator of the school Rev. Fr. Ravi Rajesh honoured the Father of Nation by garlanding the portrait of Gandhi. Thereafter the assembly was dispersed.

Teacher’s Day Celebration at Trinity Central School
The teacher’s day was celebrated with great enthusiasm at Trinity Central School on 07-09/2016. On this occasion Floral arrangement and Wealth out of Waste Competition was organized for the students from grade I to X to develop the inclination of student towards environment. The beautiful floral display depicted the aesthetic sense of children and spread colour in our ambience. It was a day of delight for the teacher to see the talents of their students performing various shows in the afternoon. The students presented series of fun and entertaining events for the teachers. The students personally presented handmade cards and rose bud to all the teachers. To make the day still wonderful, the P.T.A members surprisingly felicitated our Principal Fr. Anil D’costa on behalf of all the teachers. At the end the Principal Rev. Fr. Anil D’costa thanked all the students and P.T.A members and wished that the students would be great future builders of their nation.

Scouts & Guides at Trinity Central School
In order to encourage the scouts and guides to develop the skills of planning, team work and leadership Trinity Central School has organized Hiking at Bharat Scout and guide training centre Pragathi nagar Alevoor. It gave an opportunity for Scouts and guides to explore nature at new place and learn about its flora and fauna. Over all it was a wonderful trip.

In order to give wings to expression through immersion into the valley of their thoughts and creativity, Trinity Central School organized the Fancy dress and Dance Competition on 23.08.2016 for all the students. The students came forward and displayed their vibrant costumes. The competition brought an amiable ambience and judges retorted with the applause. It was indeed a mesmerizing event which would be etched in our memory for a very long time.

QUIZEE 2016-17
In order to develop the Knowledge and excellence base among the students through healthy and motivating program, Trinity Central School organized Quiz Competition for the students of Grade I to X on 30.08.2016 and 31.08.2016. The mind boggling rounds of the Quiz tested the analytical skills, proficiency and aptitude of the students. All rounds were keenly contested by the students with the great enthusiasm and Zeal. Over all it was an enriching and awe – inspiring programme.

To energize and revitalize the scout & guide teachers a one day workshop on the Basic training course of Scout masters and the Guide captains, “Punahschetana” was held in Trinity campus on 12/08/2016 Friday. Scout / Guide masters of nearly 8 schools of Udupi attended the workshop which was conducted very beautifully by the Scout Masters of Udupi District Mr. Anand Adiga, Mr. Kogga Ganiga, Mr. Suman Shekar, Mr. Nithin K.M, Mr. Umesh Kalianpur and Mr. Salodar Crasta.

Let’s Salute the Nation
The 70th Independence Day of our country was celebrated with great enthusiasm and respect at Trinity Central School. The chief guest of the day Mr. Srinivas Rao unfurled the tricolor flag and all gathered sang the national anthem in unison and expressed the joy of our freedom. After which the chief guest Mr. Srinivasa Rao reiterated the message of patriotism in his address to the children. The talented & budding artists of our school put forward various cultural events like dance, singing, mime show highlighting the significance of the day. The events were much appreciated by all. The programme concluded with the Vote of thanks proposed by Ankith of grade VIII. At the end sweets were distributed to all.

The Nurture & promote the hidden talents of the pupil, the school conducted singing mono act and mimcri competition on 15th July 2016. The competition helped the pupil to come forward with various ideas and skills. All our young maestros who took part in the competition a great success. The winners were appreciated by the judges.

Swacch Bharat Abhiyan
To promote Swacch Bharat ABhiyan the scout and guides members of the school took lead in cleaning the surrounding a campus with guidance of scouts and guides masters. This act and initiative helped the students to be the defenders of the earth and instilled in them a sense of belongingness.

“LITERARIO FEST- 2016” : AICS Litarary Competition
9th July 2016 was a “Red Letter Day” for T.C.S Perampalli as students of more than 45 schools had gathered in the pleasant ambience of Trinitorium. The reson behind such a large gathering was “Literario Fest 2016” Aics Senior Litarary Competition. The competition was inaugurated by the prominent personalities at 9.30 am, following by competitions which were held systematically in various class rooms. Altogether there were 6 competitions namely Spell Bee, Extempore, Elocution, Creative Writing, Picture Writing, & Poster Making. Nearly 300 students participated enthusiastically in all the competition giving their best performance. The competition came to an end with valedictory and prize distribution ceremony at 3.30pm. The participating schools were full of appreciation to the last school for the reticular plan and well organized execution.

Spell bee competition was organized in the school campus on 5th July 2016. Students participated with great enthusiasm trying to spell out the words rightly. This competition was a wonderful learning source for all our students as it helped them in enriching their vocabulary bank.

The school celebrated Vanamahotsav day on July 1st with great aplomb and enthusiasm; meaningful messages were put all around by our students on the importance of the trees and how they are lifelines for humanity. The chief guest Mr. Neri Cornelio and Mr.Maxim Dsouza PTA President graced the occasion with their hallowed presence. They planted a sapling and watered it followed by other faculty members. Principal Rev.Fr Anil Dcosta encouraged the students to preserve trees by admonishing each student to not only grow but also take care and protect them. The program was a grand success and appreciated by everyone.

On 25th June 2016, in order to explain the abacus, A half day session was held for the parents of kids who are Learning Abacus by Mr.Guruprasad the Head of Abacus learning. The information regarding abacus and use of the instrument was explained in the session. The parents were of the opinion that it was indeed a informative programme.

Inaugural of School Cabinet at Trinity Central School
The inauguration of the school cabinet for the year 2016-17 was held on 22nd June at 3pm in the Trinitorium by lighting the lamp. The inaugural function began with the prayer song followed by welcome speech from Melanie of grade VII. Our co-ordinator Ms Magdelina Lewis administered the oath to the head girl Deeksha of grade X and head boy Clinton of grade IX along with other cabinet ministers. Our principal Rev. Fr. Anil Dcosta pinned the badges for the office bearers of the parliament and admonished some guidelines. After which the fruitful hard work of our merit students of the academic year 2015-16 was recognized, and they were rewarded with the merit certificates. The programme concluded with vote of thanks, proposed by Vrudhi of grade VII. The entire programme was educative, interesting and inspiring.

International Yoga Day Celebration
On June 21st 2016, the trinity secretary and guides with their 4 scouts and guides masters went for a rally at Rajangana of Shri Udupi Krishna Math on the occasion of International Yoga day Mr. Ragavendra Acharya put forword the “ Importance of yoga” in daily life which helped our children to learn about the importance of Yoga.

Blessing and Inauguration of New School Building (II Phase)
The grand inauguration and blessing ceremony of the New School building (II phase) was held on Friday 16th June 2016 at 3.30pm. The Ceremonial welcome was accorded to Most Rev. Dr. Gerald Isaac Lobo, Bishop of Udupi and other dignitaries at the school gate with the school band. The prayer service and blessing of the new school building was animated by the Bishop. Thereafter all the dignitaries proceeded to the main entrance of the building where Rev. Dr. Joseph Dolphy Pais Provincial Minister, Holy Trinity Province, Karnataka, inaugurated the new school building. The stage programme commenced with the Prayer Dance, led by our students.

Craft and Drawing Competition
To bring out the creativity and the artistic talent among the student the art and craft competition was conducted on 9th June 2016. It was a class wise competition. The hidden talent of the students was reflected in their drawing canvas and craftsmanship. The students proved that they not only excel in academic but also shine in exhibiting their skills by creative presentation. The judges were from the Art department. The result of their competition was declared in the morning assembly on 10th June 2016. The winners were congratulated by our Principal and the teachers.

Chathurasanas of Yoga
Mrs. Manjari brought in concentration and enthusiasm among our students of Grade 6 to 10 through the chathurasanas of Yoga from 02/06/2016 to 03/06/2016. The students gained the importance of Yoga, Yama and Niyam and also the difference between Physical breath and Yogasanas. In a whole it was an enriching programme.

Trinity Parents, Students and Teachers made their presence available at TRINITORIUM on 31st May 2016 at 4:00pm to build and enhance triangular relationship. To enrich the relationship the programme was resourced by Mr. Alban Rodrigues, Administrator of Dandhatirtha P.U College Kaup. After the talk, new P.T.A members were elected and the Principal gave a gist of the Academic programme of the year 2016-17.

To develop the classroom management, communication skills and to reach towards the goal of becoming the best teachers, the Trinity teachers underwent 3 days workshop on 26th, 27th and 30th May 2016. The seminar was animated by three eminent personalities in the persons of Ms. Ruchi Yadav, the representative of Oxford University, Mr. Rajendra Bhat, an educationist and Mr. Alban Rodrigues, Adminstrator Dandhatirtha P.U College Kaup. The seminar was well organized and effective so as to bring out the best out of a teacher and to manage the classroom in a better way.

Trinity Central School, Perampally slams back to back centuries:
Just as two centuries by the captain Virat Kohli brought the team Royal Challengers Bangalore to its winning ways, so too Trinity Central School, Perampally remained true its motto “Enlightenment through Knowledge” when it slammed back to back centuries on trot (100% result once again for the 2nd batch). The hard slog and untiring effort of head coach (Principal Fr. Anil D’Costa, Assistant coach (Vice Principal, Fr. Vijesh) and the ground staff (The teachers) finally paid off in a excellent result as the century was laced with 6 ‘Sixes’ (Distinctions) and 10 ‘Fours’ (First Class). This feat of Trinitarians was indeed an “added feather in the cap”, as its name and fame spreading in and around the vicinity of Udupi. If you want your pupil to hit a century, now you know where to contact …

‘Test’ing Times: Board Examinations
Sixteen of the Trinitarians of grade tenth appeared for the final examinations held by ICSE board. They looked confident before the examination and came out of the hall with a smile which suggested that the examination was not that hard to crack. We keep them in our prayers anyway and wish them the best.

Make way for the new: New TATA AGCL Bus:

As the number of the members of the Trinity family is on a constant rise the management thought of yet another vehicle and was realized when a brand new TATA AGCL school bus rolled into the campus. The new bus will bring more smiles and happy students to the campus hence forward.

Phir Milenge Chalte Chalte! Fare ye Well!

Sixteen of the tenth grade students of Trinity Family found themselves standing at the finish line after an adventurous academic journey in the campus. Now that they go out to prepare for the finals, it was apt to bid them farewell with a colourful and creative celebration organized by the ninth grade students. There were songs and dances, speeches and games to make our outgoing students cheerful and to acknowledge their contribution to the institution. We all wish them a great success in the forthcoming examination and a happy future in store.

Floral Fiesta: ‘Blossoming Buds’, The Children’s Fest 2016

Trinity School hosted a very colourful children fest yet again under the title, ‘Blossoming Buds’, the stress being laid on the flowers this time. There were different competitions held for various events under the theme in which five of the schools from the vicinity enthusiastically participated. The programme began with a colourful stage event and was inaugurated by Mr George Kurian, the Principal of GM Vidyaniketan, Brahmavar, the other dignitaries being Rev. Fr Maxim Nazareth, Mr Maxim D’Souza, the PTA Precident along with our principal Rev. Fr Anil D’Costa. The day was filled with the colourful cultural events, competitions and fun games which were enjoyed by a sizable audience which included our parents and guests from the neighbourhood. The day ended with the drawing of lucky tickets in which the winners got the chance of carrying home a smart phone, tablet and a digital camera. The day was called a success due to the hard work of the all the teachers and the staff members of Trinity School.

Colouring the Victory
The young artists brought us cheers by winning several prizes in state level colouring and handwriting competition organized by Kalavikas Sanstha, Belagavi under the title, ‘Rang Bahar 2015-16. The Trinity Central School was honoured with the ‘Ideal School’ trophy at the same occasion. We proudly honour the winners and acknowledge the hard work of Mr Chandrakant, our drawing teacher who has trained them to achieve this feet.

Running to Win: Pratiksha

Pratiksha of class II made us proud by winning the second prize in the running competition in an Open Sports and Athletics meet held in Ajjarakadu stadium, Udupi. We commend her feet and wish her a bright future.

Reap what you sow: Results of term Examinations

The answer papers, progress cards, marks sheets were all set to break the results and progress of the students to their respective parents. Many were happy with the progress and results and a few were made to realize that they have to sit back and study a bit harder. Thanks to all the teachers for meticulously getting the arrangements done for the big day.

Shining Young at Trinity Grounds:

The first diocesan ICYM youth convention of the diocese of Udupi was held in the Trinitorum participated by over two hundred youngsters from the neighborhood. The programme progressed with motivational talks, discussions and workshops. Many well-known resource persons did their best to lead the youth in the right direction and motivated them as how should they best use their lively spirit for the betterment of humanity and the world. The convention under the name ‘SHINE-2016’ lasted for three days in the beautiful Trinity Campus.

Christ is born! Christmas Celebration
December calls for seasons of celebrations. Trinity campus drowned in festive fervour of Christmas. There was an added joy of completion of term examinations and commencement of a weeklong Christmas vacations. The celebration began with the star competition and a cute cultural programme organized by students. A sumptuous lunch was the not to be forgotten and mouth watering sweets as they returned home to enhance the sweetness of the occasion. We will meet the Trinitarians in the year to come till then good bye. Happy Christmas and the prosperous New Year.

Riot of lights and Colours: The sixth Annual Day
The celebration of the Sixth Annual Day culminated amidst grand cultural extravaganza under the theme: ‘From a child to a mother… Give a path for her…’ highlighting the need of empowering women and upholding the rights of the girl children. Every item performed on the stage by our talented and energetic Trinitarians commanded a standing ovation. Mr Girish, the Inspector of Police, Manipal Circle, Dr T. J Quadros, the President of AICS, Rev. Fr Lawrance D’Souza, Secretary of Catholic Education Society of the Diocese of Udupi, were the Guests of Honour. Ms Magdalina Lewis, the Co coordinator of the School beautifully presented the Annual Report.

Victory of Winners! Honouring the Winners
The prize distribution ceremony was organized in the ‘Trinitorium’ to honour and appreciate the students who have struggled hard to win the various competitions. The guests of honour were Rev Fr. Henry Mascharenhas, the manager of Udupi Diocesan Estates and Prof. S. S Karanth, The Director of Manipal Play School.

Pushing the limits…!! Sports Day
The annual Sports day 2015 was unveiled in the campus of Trinity by Rev. Fr Fredrick Mascharenhas, Vicar Forane of Udupi deanery and the Parish Priest of our Mother of Sorrows parish, Udupi, along with Mr Maxim D’Souza and Rev. Fr Anil D’Costa, the Principal, in the presence of all the Trinitarians who were geared up to exhibit their guts and win glory on the battle field of sports. The event commenced with an attractive march past, the guard of honour of which was received by the chief guest, thereby declaring the sports day open.

Children’s Day along with the carnival of Lights!!!
The nation these days is soaked with festive fervour and gilded with a hue of lights. The same fest of Diwali is celebrated in the Trinitorium which was coupled with the anticipated celebration of Children’s day. A lantern competition and Paining the lamps competition too was held on the occasion. The celebration was marked with prayer of the occasion, songs and dances by the teachers for the children, message by the principal and this culminated in bursting of crackers.

They Bring smiles and laurels…
Four of the Trinitarians, Jayita Kotian, Prarthana, Brinelle and Viraj indeed brought a huge smile on the lips of all the Trinitarians as they carried home the laurels of success in the National Level handwriting and Colouring Contest - 2015, organized by Students Development Society, Aurangabad, Maharashtra. These students of ours are awards ‘Kala Gaurav Award 2015’ and are honoured with a medal. We are proud of them and wish them a great life ahead.

AICS Conference: A Remarkable experience
The annual conference of the Association of ICSE and CBSE schools of Udupi and Dakshina Kannada Districts (AICS) was held at Bhuvana Jyothi Residential School, Shirtady. ‘Rethink the Principalship; Shape the Future’, was the Theme of the Conference. The two days conference attended by a number of Principals and teachers; animated by eminent speakers like Rev. Fr Denzil Lobo, SJ, Dr Gururaj Karajagi, Prof. Matthew Nainan etc., was really an enlightening experience. ‘Change is the need of the hour and if one does not change along with the change, one will become extinct’; with such thought provoking ideas the sessions was aimed at making the principals and teachers to rethink the past and improve on in the days ahead. The conference indeed was a fruitful one and will definitely benefit the participants in making Trinity a bit more vibrant for our little ones.

Parents Teachers’ Meet cum Mid-Term Results
Having answered the mid-term examinations the students and the parents were naturally anxious to know the results. Hence, before the vacations could commence, the school announced the results on three consecutive days for lower kindergarten, higher sections and high school students respectively. The three days’ programme was well organized with input sessions by eminent resource persons about parenting, academics and present challenges that parents and students face, announcements by the principal about the various imminent events, open day and the announcement of the results. Thus, the curtains were drawn on the first term of the academic year 2015- ’16.

A great number of Trinitarians form the group of both Scouts and Guides. The student members of these groups along with their guides and masters landed in Someshwara Nisargadhama which is a part of Someshwara reserve forest for a day’s experience in the woods. The day unfolded with a lot of adventures and activities, learning of life saving skills, fun and frolic and eventually culminated in the trekking into the jungle daring the rain the blood sucking leaches. Nonetheless, the Trinitarians emerged triumphant with all smiles and cheers at the end of the day; a few with tears, bruises and leach bites though. It was worth an experience.

The Trinity Family gathered together in front of a beautiful and well-built multipurpose shelter for its blessing and inauguration. Rev. Fr Anil D’Costa, the principal lead us into prayer of blessing as the choir chanted ‘showers of blessings’. The three pretty angels who celebrated their birthday cut the ribbon and officially threw the structure open for use. This is a small extension named after our patron St Francis of Assisi, which could be used for various purposes of the school.

The senior students of Trinity were literally geared up to show how well they can disguise themselves as saints, scientists, astronauts, vendors, pirates, statues and many more. Of course! It is only for the fancy dress competition held in the ‘Trinitorium’. It was like a refreshing oasis after the rough desert winds of mid term examinations!

Fr. Vijesh Menezes Birthday Celebrated...
October 3rd was indeed a joyous occasion for the Trinity Family of Perampally as it rejoiced with Fr. Vijesh Menezes, the Vice principal of the school who celebrated his gift of life. Though it was a Saturday, a day busy with activity classes the teachers and the students made a point to wish their beloved vice principal after the completion of activity classes. The small celebration began with Fr. Anil D’Costa, the principal, speaking his heart out through his words of appreciation to Fr. Vijesh for all that he does to the school. Thereafter Mrs. Maggie Lewis the coordinator handed over the bouquet to Fr. Vijesh as a sign of love and gratitude. Fr. Vijesh then along with four other students who too were celebrating their birthday on the same day, cut the cake. The celebration ended with the distribution of delicious laddus to all those gathered.

A Day for HINDI: Hindi Divas
The department of Hindi Language of Trinity Central School hosted the ‘Hindi Divas’, a day to show off our skills in Hindi language under the leadership of Ms Poornima. Various competitions in Hindi were held previously in the school for different sections of students and today being the culmination the prizes were distributed for those who stood out. We had Mr Hamjadh, an advocate and members of PTA along with Mr Maxim D’Souza, another distinguished member of PTA were present as the guests of honour alongside Rev. Fr Anil D’Costa, the Principal. The guests spoke and stressed on the importance of keeping alive the rich languages and traditions of India once of which is Hindi.Various cultural dances, songs, skit and speeches displayed the literary skills of our students.

Dressed Well, Done Well!!
The little Trinitarians participated in the fancy dress competition with an overflowing enthusiasm. There were mother Theresas, Gandhijis, police men and doctors; flowers, plants and fruits; tigers, bears and cats. Each one looked better than the other giving a tough time for the judges to determine who could be the winners. It was a feast to the eyes to behold them so graceful.

Thank you, for holding my hand and walking along….
‘It takes a big heart to shape and form the little minds’. It is the day when we express our gratitude to all those teachers who are responsible to forming our minds right through our life. This was the apparent mood in the campus of Trinity as the students took the lead to celebrate the teachers’ day. It was a day bustling with activities of different kind. The floral arrangement competition was held in the early hours of the morning where students tried to arrange the beautiful flowers and made them look even more beautiful. This was followed by formal teachers’ day celebration entirely organized by the student body. Ms Magdalena Lewis, the co-ordinator delivered an apt message for the occasion. The students thanked the teachers for what they are with some cultural dances and songs, cute gifts and lot of smiles. The teachers in turn wished them every good in the future.

Trinity put her step forward with an inauguration of the interact club of the Rotary for the year 2015-16.
The eminent Rotarians Dr BalakrishnaMuddhodi, Mr Raghavendra, Mr Gurumurthi, Ms Tanuja, Ms Vijayalakshmi; who are the members of the Manipal Town club were present at the function. The office bearers from the Trinity Central School were presented and the oath was pronounced along with Dr Geetha K. Bhat, the interact co-ordinator of Trinity. Dr.Balakrishna addressed the students about the working of the club and stressed on the aspects of various skills of interact for the betterment of humanity. Rev. Fr Anil thanked the dignitaries and encouraged the students to take up such responsibilities as that come their way.

The Little Mermaid!!
It was a proud moment for Ms ShaviAishal Lobo, a class V student of Trinity when she secured first place in the swimming competition held by JCI, Saligrama – Kota Temple City on 23.8.2015. She swam to success in both relay and free style categories. Trinity family congratulates her for her success and admires her hard efforts in achieving this feet. All the very best for your future Aishal.

I am an Indian and I am Free…
The remarkable chapter in the history, to which our country awoke in the middle of the night of the 15th day of August in the year 1947, was yet again exuberantly and proudly remembered by the Trinitarians. The ‘Trinitorium’ was soaked in the colours of patriotic zest and zeal. The Tricolour was hoisted and honoured along with the rhythmic music of the school band. The Chief Guest, Rev. Fr Stephen D’Souza, the director of Udupi Diocesan Biblical Catechetical and Liturgical Commission, along with Rev. Fr Anil D’Costa, the Principal received the Guard of Honour from the marching Trinitarians. Various songs, speeches and dances added sheen to the gleaming celebration. A number of parents witnessed the grand event.

Finding wealth in the waste!
Gold is mined out from beneath the coarse and rough earth. Great sculptures are chiselled out of rugged marble blocks. A thing considered as waste and useless may turn out to be something valuable and precious, provided a creative mind looks at it and a skillful hand shapes it. That is what happened in the ‘Trinitorium’ today as all the Trinitarians rolled up their sleeves to transform waste into wealth. The ground initially was strewn with all sorts of garbage but gradually the waste began to take different forms; vibrant in colour, creative in its making and useful in their own ways. Welcome to behold the spectacle! The ‘waste’ once and ‘wealth’ now welcomes you with glowing smile to behold the work of our hands.

Make Way for the ‘New’….
Another brand new school bus rolled into the campus of Trinity to cater to the growing need of a fast growing school. Having assessed the quality of the product and the service the management decided to go for yet another ‘swarajmazda’ school bus. Fr Anil D’Costa blessed the new vehicle along with the drivers, students and the staff and flagged it of for service. It will pick and drop the students right from this day!

Leaders at your service!
Politics, as we witness at the moment, seem to give us leaders devoid of sense of service, rulers without concern for their people. To outgrow this sort of a prejudiced air in the political arena it is important to know how sacred politics in fact is and how to keep it as clean as a flowing stream. With this vision for the future, the student-leaders of Trinity held the first ‘parliament session’ in the auditorium, not merely to assess and evaluate the functioning of the various offices but to pin point the concerns and draw a suitable solutions to every problem that the student body faces. Undoubtedly, there were heated arguments, war of words, refutation of ideas and exchange of views, maintaining the dignity and respect of the parliamentarians and the parliament, all for the better functioning of the portfolios.  Evaluation of the proceedings followed thereafter along with the valuable suggestions and guidelines for the forthcoming sessions.

My earth… My mother….
A salute to Brother Sun and a kiss on the cheeks of sister Moon, an amusing smile with the brother Wind and the sound of laughter with the sister water. All in all the celebration of the ‘Vanamahotsava’ day brought all the Trinitarians back to the feeling of being in the ever comforting bosom of our beloved mother nature who gives life so abundantly yet suffers so much due to the selfishness of her children! Trinitarians decided to do their bit by planting a lot of saplings to paint the parched earth green yet again. The young minds were enlightened by the thought provoking speeches by the guests, MrSathishBaba Rai, Assistant Conservator of Forest, Mr Ramesh, Range Forest Officer, Mr Dayanand, Deputy Range Forest Officer and the Principal Rev. Fr Anil D’Costa himself.

I, Nightingale!!
Music is the language of the Soul. A soulful melody filled the air as the Trinitarians boldly faced the audience and the mike for the solo singing competition. ‘Everyone may not be a great singer and a great singer may come from anywhere’, this was the mood throughout the competition which lasted for three days, batch by batch of course. Some sang with tears, some others sang with emotions, some sang from the heart, some others sang with a lot of laughter but the great thing is ‘every Trinitarian did sing’.

A pledge to lead… to serve…
Having received their respective offices and the portfolios, the various office bearers of the student council including the SPL and the ASPL took the oath, pledging to fulfil the responsibilities entrusted to them to the best of their abilities in a simple ceremony during the assembly. The former ministers and leaders handed over the school and the house flags to the new ones as a symbol of handing over the office and expressed their experiences being the leaders last year. The Principal Rev. Fr Anil D’Costa in his message spoke about the importance of being a minister and a student leader.

Yet another ‘new’
There have been many ‘new’s this academic year in the campus of Trinity and now yet another ‘new’ to behold. Presenting, the new school uniform of the Trinitarians. After a lot of discussions and deliberation the management was of the mind that previous design and the colour of the uniform was a bit impractical in the humid climatic conditions. Therefore, a new design and the colour were proposed. Having done a lot of ground work we have zeroed in on this design which we proudly present and the children happily put on. Trinity dawns a brand new look now and the bright colours catch many glances.

When Fr Provincial comes to us….
Rev. Fr Joseph Dolphy Pais, the Provincial of the Holy Trinity Capuchin Province of Karnataka is here with us to hold the canonical visitation of the friars at Trinity Vihar. During his busy turn of events he made time to be with the Trinitarians too. He saw us, met us, spoke to us, addressed us and inspired us with his message. The Trinitarian family is ever grateful to his presence and wishes his health and happiness.

The SPL and the ASPL
The lot to be the SPL of Trinity for the academic year 2015-16 fell on Master Prajwal Pereira from the 10th grade and the ASPL is Miss Khushi from the 9th grade. We wish these our emerging leaders every best and God’s blessings in their activities. Along with many office bearers of the school activities, the school parliamentarians, the ministers were selected and all are set to discharge their duties in the spirit of love and selfless service.

Look what’s here…
A rise in the number of admissions in our school naturally called for the need of a new school bus for the better conveyance facility for the students. Thus, now we have a brand new ‘Swaraj Mazda’ school bus with the capacity of thirty eight passenger seats adding another jewel to our fleet of school busses. Rev. Fr Anil D’Costa, the Principal blessed the new vehicle and prayed for the safety of all those travel in it. Honk Honk!! It is already deputed to render service.

A Procession of Victory
The grade 10 students of 2014-15 of Trinity have indeed made us joyful by securing a 100% results in the board examinations. It was our turn to make them happy and tell it to the world about what they have achieved. Therefore, a sweet felicitation programme was organized in the school campus along with a victory procession in the area around Perampalli, Santhekatte, Kemmannu and Thottam. The students were honoured and the hard work of the teachers was gratefully remembered. The procession rolled out with the beautifully decorated school busses and other vehicles.

Having soaked in the fun and frolic of two month long summer vacations the Trinitarians rushed into the campus yet again with a renewed vigour and zeal to commence another academic year. The Trinity which was silent thus far rose into life when children poured into her classrooms with broad smiles and excitement (a few tiny tots did not stop crying until given a candy though!). On the first day all the busses were blessed early in the morning before they rolled out to bring the children to school. The blessings of God were invoked for the safety of the children and those who drive and manage the vehicles. Besides, a holy Eucharist was celebrated to thank God for being with us all these years and to ask Him to continue to be with us and guide us through the year and always.

Parents’-Teachers’ Meet
The first Parents’ - Teachers’ Meeting of the academic year was organized as Trinity is all set to kick start another year of teaching and learning with her goals and aspirations intently set in the mind. The huge gathering of the parents was addressed by renowned advocate and our beloved neighbour Mr Shirtadi William Pinto his words of wisdom deemed necessary for every parent and teacher in the process of upbringing the children in the right direction. The principal thereby addressed the parents enumerating the various norms of the institution and the programme of the year. Ms SushmaSuvarna welcomed the dignitaries and the gathering. All the faculty members were introduced by Ms Archana Shetty. The programme was well organized and lead by Ms Shruti D’Souza. Imploring the graces from God we begin the academic year on the 1st of June and wish every success and glorious days ahead. May our endeavours this year be pleasing to God and His people.

Teachers Orientation

All is well that ends well; Trinity slams and maiden Century!!
The toil and struggle of all the teachers, the untiring hard work of the students and the ceaseless prayers of the parents have finally paid off. The first batch of the tenth grade students of the Trinity Central School have passed out with the flying colours. Yes, it is a 100% result for the Trinity; a breath-taking century in the maiden innings. We congratulate all the students and wish them well for the future. We remain indebted to all the teachers who have left no stone unturned to teach and train each of the students. Hats off dear ones!! Thank you for making us proud.

A jewel in the crown…
Ms Arshad, an assistant teacher of Trinity family has made us proud by securing the first rank and a gold medal in MA from the Open University of Mysore in English Literature. She deserves a standing ovation for all the hard work she has put in despite her tireless work in the classrooms of Trinity in order to achieve this feat. She was felicitated by the Principal, teachers and the management along with the best wishes and prayers for all the good things that are in store for her in future. We indeed are proud of you, ma’am.

To raise the bar of excellence….
NSTSE examination, conducted to bring out the best in you has a new face of success in the person of Ritwik, a class 10 student of Trinity. He appeared for this competitive examination conducted on the 26th of January 2015 and ended up securing 68th rank in the state level; and no doubt he has been selected for the national level too. Wish you all the very best Ritwik, continue your voyage of accomplishments and never be tired of success!

The Karate Kids!
Naysil Simon Mascarenhas, the tenth grade student made our school proud by winning the first place and a medal in the Karate Championship organized by World Funakoshi Shotokan Karate Organization, India; at Thane, Maharashtra. Besides, Payashwini of the fifth grade secured the third place and a medal in State Inter Dojo Karate Championship 2014, held at Rajangana, Sri Krishna Matha, Udupi. Trinity Congratulates both of you and wishes you every success in pursuit of your interest. Hats off, Keep it up!

‘Test’ing Times
The first batch of Trinity have hit the most awaited day of the Board Examination which indubitably puts their learning skills and calibre to test in a few days. The twelve students set off to the Examination Centre armed with pens and answers ready in their minds to fight out the exam fear. All were wished them the best in the assembly and assured them our prayerful support. Dear children of Trinity, go, write well and make us proud. God bless you.

Till We Meet Again…
We won’t say goodbye, coz goodbyes make us sad
We say farewell and be happy for what we’ve had
We’ll try not to forget, we’ll try not to dwell
As we walk away and say ‘farewell’
Years felt like moments, days rushed past like flashes for the first batch of the ‘young guns’ of Trinity who happily completed their formal education up here and they had their well-deserved passing out parade or a befitting farewell at the campus of Trinity with their smiling lips and tearful eyes. The ninth grade students pulled up their sleeves to make these last moments memorable for the outgoing batch of Trinitarians. They sang, played; spoke of the wonderful days and those not so wonderful, ramp-walked along with their class teacher Ms Magdaline Lewis, to finally walk out with hearts full of gratitude for Trinity their Alma mater. It was so great to have you around. Good luck and God bless. Farewell buddies till we meet again somewhere round the globe.

Being ‘Fruit-Full’
‘Fruity Punch’ was the dashing theme of the Children’s Fest ’15 held at the Trinity Campus with lots and lots of fun and frolic. The day was thrown open with a formal inaugural function presided over by Mr Shirtadi William Pinto, the Advocate, SrTracilda, The Principal of St Cicily Composite P U College, Udupi and the Principal of our own Trinity School. Having given a listening ear to the dignitaries the huge number of students along with their parents and friends kick started the fun part of the day. The day was jam packed with a number of events and competitions such as Fancy Dress, Dance, Drawing, Collage, Singing, Food without fire, Vegetable and fruit carving and so on but everything based on the theme of the day.

Satyameva Jayate
Unfortunately, as the instances of child abuse are on the steep rise the Trinity took an initiative to spread awareness about the issue among all her students. Now a strong committee is set up comprising of counsellors, teachers and student representatives to give a listening ear to the grievances of our children and to prevent any such unpleasant incidents in and outside the campus. A video clip featuring Amir Khan from his famous ‘SatyamevaJayate’ series regarding child abuse and safety and another video dealing with the same issue were screened for all the students, thus, pledging to commit ourselves for the wellbeing of each Trinitarian.

The annual day: A cultural Extravaganza…
‘Sanskriti: In tune with the culture of India’. Trinity bathed in the bright colours of music and dance under the above mentioned banner as it gloriously celebrated the fifth annual day on the 29th of November 2014. The preparations of quiet a few days, meticulous planning by the committee, untold excitement of the students broke out on the stage set up for this bash. The eminent personalities such as Rev. Fr. Alwyn Dias, the Executive Secretary of the Capuchin Education Board,Dr. P. V Bhandari, the Director of BaligaGroup of Institutions, Mr. John D’Souza, thePrincipal of Trinity Industrial Training School were present as the guests of honour.

We march with our heads held high, we march for a cause
A two days scouts and Guides camp was hosted at the Trinity by the district level scouts and guides cell under the banner, ‘Scouts and Guides rally and Cubs and Bulbuls Utsav’ participated by around hundred and sixty one students form many schools from the vicinity. The participants engaged themselves in various useful activities guided by their masters and learnt several lifesaving skills. A rally was taken at Ambagilu junction to spread awareness about the functioning of Scouts and Guides. Besides, all the students had the privilege to sit around the campfire which lighted up the starry night and delightful dances and singing around the bright flames did fill us with a lot of fun and frolic.

A dream Come True…
The Trinitarians happily watched skywards as the last piece of metal of the auditorium structure was welded in place by the workmen today. What a sigh of relief to find a vast shelter over our heads. Indeed a long term solution for the summer’s heat and the monsoon rains. Indubitably, an apt place for games, for programmes, for learning, for yoga, for activities and for many more purposes and possibilities. With the completion of this hilarious task now the Trinity dawns a bright new look at the very entrance and welcomes all its children with an ‘extra arm’ outstretched. Nonetheless, it has not been so easy.

Sharpen your axe!!!
It is now enough to know how to break the hard wood, it is equally important to sharpen the axe. Our teachers time and again get into the task of sharpening their skills of teaching by attending seminars and workshops. Two of our teachers, Ms Anisha and Ms Shruti attended a science teachers’ workshop held at Silas International School organized by the AICS, conducted by Dr. Prabhakar Shastri. Similarly, a workshop for all the language teachers was held in the Trinity Auditorium itself enlightening the various innovative ways of teaching and guiding the students.

Annual Sports Meet @ Trinity Central School

Singing forever young
Singing songs underneath that sun
lets rejoice in the beautiful game
and together at the end of the day we all say
When I get older I will be stronger
they’ll call me freedom, just like a waving' flag – K’naan
The young guns of Trinity spent an entire day daring the scorching sun and the staring opponents on the racing track celebrating the game spirit during the Trinity Annual Sports Meet –’14. The curtains were raised to the wonderful sunny day when all the Trinitarians marched to the beat of the School Band with their respective house uniforms whose guard of honour was received by the Chief Guest Rev. Fr. Clifford Fernandes from Brahmavar.

Miss you dear Father…. Farewell Fr. Norbert
He came, He saw, he conquered… Absolutely these words not only describe the great Julius Caesar but Fr. Norbert D’Souza who came to stay at Trinity as a ‘guest’ but he conquered the hearts of all the Trinitarians within a short span of time by his vibrant presence in and around the Campus. Today, that is on the 15th of November he began his journey to the United States of America for his further mission. Fr. Norbert indeed was and is still a source of inspiration to all of us by being a friend, a companion, a true lover of the nature and an encouraging fellow traveller. We miss you and we wish you the best in life. Remember us too in your kingdom!!

An Event to remember… A moment to cherish
November 14th. The day dedicated to all the children, a day to pray for them and a day to pledge the best for their future. It was indeed celebrated in a fitting manner in the Trinity. The children were eagerly waiting right from the first moment of the day to see what was in store for them on their day and of course they were not left disappointed as all the teachers wore the dancing shoes to bring cheer and smile on their faces. A cute ‘all teachers’ cultural programme’ was displayed by the staff of the Trinity along with a befitting message by the Principal.

To be the messengers of Peace
A good number of Trinitarians marched in with an elegant attire of Scouts and Guides with an explicit motto of becoming the messengers of peace in the world. They have promised great things to the nation by their varied activities and we are sure that greater rewards will be theirs in the days to come. Thanks to the committed teachers-guides who usher this young troop towards success through discipline.

Trinity celebrated the ‘Nada Habba’ or the Kannada Rajyothsava by hoisting and honouring the state flag at the campus. We pay our homage to the state of Karnataka and her rich heritage along with a great appreciation to the classical language of Kannada. ‘Ide nadu, ide bhasheendendunannadagirali’ was the prayer on our lips as we implored God’s blessings on our land. Along with the Rajyothsava celebrations the parents of the tenth grade students gathered together for a meeting with the principal and the staff members in order to plan the hectic days ahead of them. A lot of expectations on the first outgoing batch and a million wishes for their success.

Health is wealth….
The Trinitarians had the privilege of updating their ‘health journals’ as there was medical checkup secession at the school premises. A group of qualified physicians and nurses conducted a rather meticulous medical examination of all the students beginning from the little ones. Thanks to the wonderful co-operation of the teachers and the students which made this event both useful and helpful one.

Rare Guests!...
A bunch of high school boys and girls of Raj Academy, Ganjimutt, Mangalore, along with their Principal Jaswanth Samuel and teachers made their way into the Trinity for some academic secessions and interaction as a part of their field trip. It was proved to be beneficial to our students and teachers to share certain views about the education with a members of a different educational institute.

They come back, they come back…
Trinity reopened on the 13th of October after the Dasara vacation. All the students seemed thrilled and excited to restart regular curriculum at the school. It must however be noted that the Trinitarians didn’t just return empty handed but with loads of innovative ideas to participate in the ‘lantern making competition’. These ideas took some exiting shapes and forms of lanterns in the little hands of children heralding the celebrative mood of ‘Divali’. A few were chosen for prizes and all of them won the competition as the colourful ‘GuduDeepas’ will brighten up the school premises for the forthcoming celebrations.

A call to work hand in hand…
It was the occasion of ‘the Second Parents – Teachers’ Meeting’ held in our school with a emphasis on how can we work hand in hand for the integral growth of the children. An inspiring and practical input secession was given by MrDhirendra Jain, a well-known speaker on the responsibility of the parents towards their children in their academic and wholesome excellence. It was also highlighted that the schools and parents ought not overemphasis on the marks and grades alone of the children to determine their credentials to be successful in life.

From darkness lead me to light…
Festival of light indeed brought joy in the hearts and smiles on the lips of all the ‘Trinitarians’ as our campus soaked in the festive mood of Divali with the colourful display of fireworks. A sweet programme was organized by the cultural committee of the school which began with the lighting of the lamps by the staff members, fabulous dances performed by the students bedecked with colourful attires and an inspiring message by the Principal explaining the significance of the festival. Of course, the curtains were pulled with sweets to sweeten our mouths.

Have Thine own way Lord…
The entire family of Trinity stood shell-shocked when the sad news of the death of their beloved teacher Fr. Gerald P. Pinto fell into their ears. It was so sudden and unexpected that Fr. Pinto said good bye to his earthly sojourn and passed away for his eternal reward to God. It all happened on the night of 8th September. Having celebrated the feast of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary he had his supper and went off to his room. Within minutes he suffered a massive cardiac arrest which took away his life without notice. The last rites were held at Perampalli Church and the burial took place in Farangipet, Mangalore witnessed by a huge crowd of students, teachers, family members and loved ones.

September 5th is the day to remember and show our gratitude to all those who mould and shape our life and personality. We fondly call them teachers. The Students of Trinity seemed all set to make the day very special for their teachers. They walked into the school gate not only with books but with a few flowers to wish their teachers and tell them that they are loved and respected. The flower arrangement computation was held on the same day and the delicate skills of handling beautiful flowers and arranging them creatively were put to the test. Many wonderfully arranged flower vases were witness to the talent of our students.

…into that heaven of Freedom….
The Trinitarians woke with a patriotic spirit and walked into the school campus along with their parents to celebrate the sixty-eighth independence day of our country. We proudly saluted the fluttering tricolour against the backdrop of the clear blue skies as the School band played the national anthem. This was soon followed by the march-past lead by the SPL and the ASPL. The Chief Guest Ms MallikaManjunath, an eminent social worker and a classical dancerand the Guests of honour, Mr Cyril Quadras, Builder and a well-wisher, Fr Chetan Lobo and Mr Naveen Fernandes, PTA member accepted the guard of honour.

Curiosity made them to invent….
When man began to wonder at creation a desire to explore, discover and invent grew strong in him. The students of Trinity are ever curious of the wonders of creation around them. They desire to know and learn. They long to invent, discover and are determined to create something of their own. Hence, a smart platform was created for the young innovative minds of ours to fashion ‘wealth out of waste’ which was a huge success.

Fruits of our hard work
The gates of the Trinity School were thrown open to all the parents of our students as the results of the first unit test were out. The corridors of the Trinity School were bathed with a mixed feeling of joy and regrets. The parents were invited to personally view the answer papers and assess the academic performance of their children and discuss with their respective teachers about the same. Many students did reap a good harvest for the hard work they had put in, however many were left with tears in their eyes for an opportunity that went out of hand. Nonetheless, there is a feeling of commitment to do better next time.

Provincial Visitation
A long awaited day of Provincial Visitation arrived on 23rd July and our School donned a festal look to make this a memorable occasion. Rev. Fr. Joseph Dolphy Pais, our beloved provincial and the President of the Capuchin Education Board was given a warm and cordial welcome with flowers and pleasant melody of the school band on his arrival in the school premises. His message of Dedication, Determination, and Decision surely did inspire our students. He spent two valuable days with us meeting the students, teaching and the non-teaching staff encouraging them to do their best and the contribute towards the growth of each student and the school. Rev. Fr. Santa Lopes, one of the councilors was present too. The students displayed their talents by means of an impressive cultural programme organized with the help of the teachers.

Talents Day @ Trinity Central School
A fresh dawn broke for all the students of Trinity to demonstrate their talents before the judges and the school mates. It was the celebration of the talents day where all the students came out vibrantly exhibiting their hidden gifts in the area of public speaking, humor, storytelling, singing, music and mimicry. There was a lot of excitement in the air as each of the students stood before the cheering crowd and stern looking judges. All may not bag prizes nevertheless they definitely start saying good bye to their stage fear and undue anxiety to come out before the public. Now the Trinity School overflows with a huge bunch talented boys and girls in varied fields.

BGS School, Kavoor, Mangalore hosted an inter secondary school (CBSE and ICSE) Chess Competition on 4th July this year. The Trinity School Chess team comprising of eight boys and two girls took an active part in the same. The competition lasted for a day in the ‘Swiss League’ System under two categories viz., under 17 and under 14. Our team competed well with all the enthusiasm and energy winning a few rounds. But unfortunately they failed to pave way for the quarters and the semis. Nevertheless, we wish all the very best to our team for the forthcoming Chess matches.

Following a torrential monsoon showers, the School Celebrated the Vanamahotsava Day in the School Premises on 8th July witnessed by all the students and the staff of the School along with some distinguished guests of honour, namely, Mr. Manjunath, Range Forest Officer, Udupi; Prof. Rayan Mathias, Department of Social Work, Milagres College, Kalianpur;Mr. Naveen Fernades, PTA President;Mr. Joseph Rebello, VRP, Perampalli, Mr. Krishna, PTA Member andFr. Anil D’Costa, our beloved Principal. The programme lasted for an hour with awareness speeches by the dignitaries; singing and dancing performed by our students.

various activities in the month of June

New Academic Year
New PTA Association
New Teaching Staff
New Look
New Attire
New Auditorium
New Dining Block
New Students’ Cabinet
New ‘eye’
New to View
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Results at Trinity

Trinity had its results on the 8th, 9th and 10th of April and almost 300 parents visited the school on the 1st day to find out the results of their children. They were given text books and note books on the spot. A photo session was organized for the purpose of having new I.D. cards for the next academic year. Tailors were available full time for taking measurements for the purpose of having brand new look in the month of June when students come back to school with bright newly stitched uniforms. More than130 parents visited the school on 9th and more than 85 parents are expected to come on the final day of the results. On the closing note; Trinity wishes all its students a ”A very hearty congratulations”! Always Aim Higher in life!!!
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Summer Sensation

“Summer Camp” was held at Trinity from 1st to the 7th of April, with an enrollment of 50 students and over 20 teachers taking care of them and their activities, enjoyment, thrill and fun quotient.  The campers’ started their day with morning assembly followed by “treasure hunt” on all the days. Then they were taken for outdoor games such as Bridge Game, Musical Chair, Number Grouping, Passing the Bottle etc. And about developing skills and bringing out or recognizing talents they were exposed to 2-3 hours of Play with Clay classes. Almost every noon they were given the Martial Arts classes namely the Taekwondo. Renewed trainers came to our school to train our students in this form of art which is recognized even in the Olympic Games.
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Baby’s Day out - Beat the routine (Part III)

As a part of this programme, our tiny tots from classes Nursery, LKG, & UKG were taken out on a day’s picnic from 9 to 5 to Mulky (Chitrap – Caribian beach), a place where a river meets a sea (Sangam). It was a picnic filled with thrill and adventure as in the movie “The Baby’s day out”, for the fifty two of them. They were accompanied by three Fathers, four teachers, an aaya and two drivers. Children were left free to enjoy playing, merry go round trips, Sea-saw, swing rides, beach cricket, and also make sand castles. The children were provided snacks like cake, chakkuli, mango juice, oranges and pulav was served for lunch.
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“Creating History”

It has happened so, for the first time ever in the history of Trinity that the Bishop of Udupi Diocese, our very own Dear most Rev. Dr. Gerald Isaac Lobo visited and met the teachers of “Infant Mary’s” Kannada medium and the host school “Trinity Central School” at Trinity Vihar as a Resource person. Our Bishop was here in the Perampalli Parish on his Religious visit and made it a point to visit the two schools in the vicinity of the Parish Church. Our Bishop started questioning the faculty of, whether all the Teachers knew about the “vision” -the motto, behind starting their respective schools. He insisted, the teachers to know them first, and then start acting on the realization of these goals (dreams or motto) He added on to say, what is education? Its importance, how it is today? (Only emphasizing on Intellect) but how it should really be!
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Beat the routine! (Part II)

Beat the routine! And this time it was the chance of students from class I to IV to go out on a day’s picnic to the Golliyangadi Resort. Sixty one of them were accompanied by six teachers and three Fathers. The resort offered them a shallow swimming pool, a lazy lake, a gym, a park, various sit-outs, a massage chair etc. etc. They were welcomed by the owner of the resort. Students were provided with the morning breakfast, tea/ coffee, then later with a stomach filling lunch and tea time snacks, were all served by the land lady as exactly as a mom does to her children. Children were left free, to enjoy the beauty of the resort the whole day. The children are going to remember this resort for their lifetime.
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“Atithi Devobhava”

We Trinitarians were proud to meet the Honorable Mr. Jayaprakash Hegde, Member of Parliament, who visited our school today, the 6th of March at around 11 a.m. and spent his most valuable moments with us. He was received by our principal, Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa, SPL; Rithwik of STD 9th and Melissa of Standard 7th along with our school band.  Our Principal Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa introduced, welcomed and honored our Chief Guest with a shawl, a fruit basket & a bouquet of flowers. Mrs. Sandra Onslow had an opportunity of speaking a few words on the occasion, addressing the gathering. Mr. Jayaprakash spoke about his life, his career and his future engagements and gave precious words of advice to all the young minds as well as the teaching faculty about choosing careers and forming good and positive public opinions in school which would be carried home and then to the society at large.
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Beat the routine!!!    A visit to Vismaya

Fifty two of our students from classes V to IX had been to Vismaya the water theme park on Saturday to just beat the chorus student life. It was a day of fun and enjoyment for the 52. They were accompanied by 3 fathers and 4 teachers. It was a day’s picnic from 5am to 10.30.pm. The park offered water games like Laser show, wave pool, water fall, the acqua splash, and the black hole and water slides. To add to it, were the fun games like magic mirrors, dashing cars, bull fight, spaceship etc. To give students the required amount of energy to enjoy, to the fullest many eatables like bread and butter, hot stuff and various kinds of fruits, mixtures, charmuri etc. were provided to them. It was a day worth living , said the students !!!
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“The Red Letter Day”

Trinity celebrated its 4th Annual Day on 1st of February. It was the day of thrill, enjoyment, fun and the day, on which all our guests and parents were to witness our students perform and exhibit their items like class wise dances, a musical band perform, an English drama, an opera all and all performed under the theme “Nurture the Nature for the future”. Our guests were Rev. Fr. Dolphy Pais (Provincial Holy Trinity Province, Karnataka), Rev. Fr. Alwyn Dias (Executive Secretary, Capuchin Education Board), Rev. Fr. Romeo Lewis (Parish Priest Fathima Church, Perampalli), Mr. Jayaprakash Hegde (Member of Parliament), Mr. Vinay Kumar Sorake (Minister of Urban Development), Mr. Pramod Madhvaraj (MLA Udupi), Mr. Vidyavantha Acharya U (Principal, Sharada Residential School), Dr. Pushpa Kini (Professor and Head of Pediatrics KMC, Manipal and Mrs. Prathibha Braggs (President, PTA).
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Hurrah! It’s time to Rejoice!

The Annual prize distribution ceremony was held on 31st of January. Rev. Sister Noella Menezes was the Chief Guest.

It was a day of enjoyment and thrill. It was the day for which the students had been waiting for; to carry home their certificates & medals to show their parents and prove their worth in school.

The Chief Guest along with Rev. Fr. Norbert distributed around 480 Certificates and 577 medals to all the prize winners. Students felt proud to bow down before the Chief Guest and receive their prizes.
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Adolescence Education

As in accordance and just in time to the rising needs of our high school students, as they have entered their teen ages, “Adolescence Education” was given to them that which was organized by our Principal in association with the Doctors from the world famous KMC hospital. A much needed education as they are now at a stage of entering into an all new level of life where they meet “Adulthood” getting through youth and as known this age brings along many changes in physical, mental, emotional and hormonal changes as well, going on within them. Thus in understanding this situation a class on Adolescence Education was taken and guidance was given to them to cop and come out of all such troubles and worries if any. This class created a sure confidence in them to trust their teachers in this regard.
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Scouts and guides training

Two of our teachers namely Poornima and Archana were sent on a week’s scouts and guides training programme at district training centre, Karantha Kala Bhavan, Pragatinagare, Alevoor, Manipal, Udupi.  The training was on Hicking and camping, wood craft sign, knots, first aid, camp fire, hitches, patrol system, badge system, principles of spiritual development, BP’s 6 exercises etc. as told by our teachers. They were trained under different ALT’s of Bharath Scouts and guides. They completed their training successfully under the leadership of Kogga Ganiga and Prema Latha A.H. and have received a certificate each. click here for more

Trinitarians’ on the last day of school this year.

We Trinitarians had the X’mas celebration in school on the 20th of December. We started with a general morning assembly. Cooking without fire competition was held in true spirit of celebrating X’mas the birth of Christ. Various dishes were prepared by students which were very colourful and tickled every judge’s taste buds. We had a short stage programme. Gloria Pereira was the MC of the day. Both teachers and students sang carols which was so angelic. Entertainment programmes were presented by the classes of VI VII and IX grade students. A Christmas message was given by our Principal Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa and the announcements of the results marked the end of the stage programme. Good lunch was served to all on behalf of the school management on this special day.    click here for more

Season’s Greetings

In the spirit of the Christmas season, our students participated in the Bell, Star and X’mas tree making competitions organized in our school. This competition was a gate way to unleash their powers of creativity, imagination and true craftsmanship. They presented bells, stars and X’mas Trees of different sizes and used different materials out of their imagination for its preparations like straw, velvet cloth, thermocol, glass paper, Satin ribbons, flower pots, gift papers, crape papers, silver foils… etc, etc. And here’s the result (Please check out the snaps). It’s a wonder to all the observer’s eyes.
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“On a winning note”

We are proud in saying that a number of our students participated in the “Kubudo Budokan Karate, Udupi, affiliated to National karate federation of India, Karate budoken Federation of India, with branch center of karate Budoken International, Australia. They competed at the 8th state level (invitee’s) Karate Championship, Madhwaraj Trophy- 2013. This is recognized even by the International Olympic committee (IOC), ministry of youth affairs and sports Government of India and Indian Olympic Association held at Sri Adishakthi Veerabhadra Brahmalinga temple, Kalyanpura, Udupi. Our students took part in Kata, team kata and fights and the following are the names of all the participants and the certificate and trophy winners. click here for more

Children’s fest 2013 -- “A feast to every eye”

The children’s fest 2013 was held on 30th November 2013 with the theme “let’s go crazy with nuts.” It started from 9 am and went on till 6.30 pm. various competitions were also organized pertaining to the day’s theme, where eight different schools participated in the various Competitions held during the day. The day began with a stage programme, events like lighting of the lamp was done by the guests, and introduction was done by Mrs. Maggie the M.C. and Max Mario, a student of the VII grade class. Welcoming speech was made by the principal Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa, and vote of thanks was proposed by Sandra D’souza. The guests present were Rev.Fr. John Peter, Rev. Fr. Mahesh D’ Souza, Mr. Prashanth Bhatt and we also had a number of judges who had come to judge the competitions to be held during the day i.e. the Action song, Collage, wealth out of waste, fancy dress, Singing, Cooking without fire competitions, etc etc.  click here for more

Survivor of the fittest

This statement came true on the day of the annual sports meet in Trinity Central School on 22nd of Nov.  The day began with welcoming of the Chief guests Rev. Fr. Denis D’sa PRO of Udupi diocese Parish Priest of Kuntalnagar Church and Dr. Rashmi from KMC by the School Pupil Leader and assistant School Pupil Leader along with the school band. A prayer dance was performed by the students of III and VI std followed by the four houses namely: Red- John Keats , Blue – William Shakespeare, Green- William Wordsworth and Yellow- Robert Frost. Flag hoisting was done by Dr. Rashmi and Fr. Denis D’Sa. A brief introduction was done by our Principal about both the guests. The guests were asked to speak a few words about the day and about the way they felt in our school. click here for more

Celebrate the child in you!

Trinity had its Children’s day celebration in this special manner. The programme began with the morning assembly conducted by the teachers, a prayer song; thought for the day, followed by a quiz (where all questions were pertaining to the particular day) was conducted.  A grand welcome was given to students and they were made feel special as the teachers showered flowers petals on each and every child who entered the school main gate. Class wise games were conducted to all from grades I to IX followed by a special lunch, ice cream sponsored by the school management, kheer ( payasam) sponsored by all the teachers later in the noon we had the stage programmes . Devotional songs were followed by Dance performances by the teachers. It was a delight for the students to watch all their teachers dance. Which was so very out of their routine life style! The students could not sit back any longer so they joined the teachers for some baila dance. click here for more

Parents Meet at Trinity

Parent-Teacher meeting was held at Trinity Central School and the President for the programme was Rev. Fr. Alwyn Dias who spoke about the Capuchin Society and their aims, goals and objectives. The resource person of the day was Dr. Leslie who spoke to the parents about their role in their children’s education. The Principal – Rev. Fr. Anil D’ Costa spoke and made his points clear to the parents about their children’s mental and educational development in the school this academic year. He spoke about