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O f f i c i a l s

Rev. Dr. Fr. John Alwyn Dias

Rev. Fr. Robin
D’ Souza
Executive Secretary, CEB

Fr. Vijesh Loyed Menezes
Treasurer, CFSS .

Fr. Dominic Sunil Lobo




Principal Speaks

A journey of thirteen years in the life span of an institution is small, yet significant, like a rocket that is shot in the sky and thrusts through the gravitational barrier this institution of learning has crossed most of the barriers to become a worthy entity of learning on its own. what started as a small English medium school on the outskirts of Udupi and Manipal is today very much inside the city limits as one of the finest educational institutions; like a large banyan tree which begins its growth as a tiny little plant and strongly spreads its roots.

The school has excellent facilities which aid in the all-round growth of the students. there is a good blend of curricular and co-curricular activities. The school functions for five days a week and on Saturday various extra-curricular activities are held such as music, dance both classical and western, karate, martial art, taekwondo, drawing , abacus, chess, skating, drums, adventure club and drama. Chiseled by the various Curricular and co-curricular activities our students grow up to their full potential. Our aim is to provide a platform to enable children to blossom their latent potentialities.

An ideal academic environment, multiple development avenues, experienced and dedicated faculty, spacious classrooms, extensive and lush green campus, modernized computer lab with internet connection, well equipped science labs, spacious dinning facility, Assisi Kids Park, good network of school busses, auditorium, Trinity indoor stadium for indoor games and vast area for playground adds to the magnificent look of the school. For seven consecutive years, our students of grade 10 have brought glory to the school by securing overall 100% pass results in the ICSE Board Examinations securing maximum distinction.

Besides the Principals and vice-principals many teaching and non-teaching staff have given their selfless services to the institution for the past thirteen years. Their collective efforts, commitment, dedication, devotion to duty and innovative ideas have made Trinity Central school what it is today - one of the finest institutions in Udupi. I feel the most important and valuable people are the beloved parents of our students who trust us, help us and support us at all times.

As the years role on, we hope to continue our mission of education making young minds according to the vision of St. Francis of Assisi, ' To become the instruments of peace and Wisdom'. We are committed to ensuring that every student receives the skills, knowledge and experience that will allow them to take the next step in their lives when they leave Trinity School. Ultimately we want every child that walks out of our doors to explore the world with confidence and with the right values to become responsible citizens. By choosing Trinity Central School you are selecting a school that is committed to ensuring your youngster meets their full potential. The Trinity Central School family is looking forward to you and your child joining us next year.

May God the giver of all good gifts continue to shower His choicest Blessings on this noble institution, its management, staff, students and parents. May it reach the zenith of its glory through the Blessings of Holy Trinity.


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