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The final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.

Adolescence – a period of discovery – a discovery of oneself, of one’s body of one’s needs and desires etc. and it is extremely imperative that our curious and equally inquisitive teenagers are given proper guidance to steer the paths in the right direction. A seminar on adolescence was held on 29/2/2020 by Prof. Prathibha Lydia DSouza, Principal of Dhanvantari Nursing College, Udupi, for the students of grade 9.

Prof. Prathibha spoke to the students about adolescence and its stages and its effect on physiological, psychological and emotional life. She spoke at length about roles and expectations from an adolescent and the development of a healthy and positive self image.

Prof. Prathibha also spoke of and explained to the students about their sexuality pubrty and related concerns. Common problems faced by growing adolescents and their solutions were also the topic of discussion. Prof. Prathibha enlightened the students that as adolescents they cannot continue to behave or pull tantrums like when they were younger; for now, as adolescents they have some important responsibilities – Responsibility towards oneself their respective families and society – who are their critics as much as their well wishers.

Prof. Prathibha also enlightened the students on how to prepare for and face the examinations by inculcating good study habits, coupled with a well balanced diet and adequate sleep. She spoke of silent meditation in order to relax and distress their mind and body.

The seminar was a fruitful and enriching experience for all the students, who learnt that though adolescence is their time of fun learning and discovering, they are also in the process of grooming themselves in all facets of life.

Later in the forenoon, our Vice Principal and school Administrator Fr. Ravi Rajesh Serrao also had a session with the students, on the topic Adolescence and about humanity.

Fr. Ravi spoke about how as adolescents, they are gradually being groomed to be inducted into society. And it is during this time that adolescents need to be diligent in their behavior in society.

Here, adolescents need to learn and imbibe the values of humanity. Humanity need not be in big deeds, but in small acts like honouring parents, respecting teachers and those in authority, being considerate towards the less privileged etc.

Fr. Ravi spoke about love – permanent, love – that we receive and also extend to our parents, family. Another love that is felt is the temporary love, better known as infatuation. Infatuation is a common feeling that young people endure, however they need to develop the mindset to control it.


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