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Rev. Dr. Fr. John Alwyn Dias

Rev. Fr. Robin
D’ Souza
Executive Secretary, CEB

Fr. Vijesh Loyed Menezes
Treasurer, CFSS .

Fr. Dominic Sunil Lobo




News and Events

TCS Reconnect 2024:
"Time may pass , but friendship lasts".

TCS Reconnect - 2024 was indeed a magnificent occasion for the alumni of Trinity Central school to visit their alma mater. TCS Reconnect was held on 9 June 2024 at 11 am and participated by over 50 alumni.

The formal program commenced with the lighting of the lamp. Ms.Bhakthi, welcomed the gathering.

It was followed by interactive session animated by Ms .Deeksha , president of the alumni association. It was an occasion wherein the alumni discussed several matters of significance.

Some of the major issues discussed were:
*Participation in the upcoming event Sludgy Day which will be held on June 29, 2024.
*Performing a group dance during annual day
*To conduct various input sessions on relevant topics or alumni's expertised field, which will provide assistance to the high school students.

After which new office bearers were selected for the alumni association.
The new members are as follows:
Aadhya , President
Aaryan , Vice President
Stuthi , Secretary
Deepthi , Joint Secretary
Bhakthi, Treasurer
Vamshi , Social Media Manager

In his presidential address principal Rev Fr. Dominic Sunil Lobo suggested the members to revitalize the social media page of alumni association and invited all the members to take active participation in the forthcoming events of the school.

In conclusion administrator and vice principal Rev Fr. Ravi Rajesh Serrao encouraged active involvement from the part of members in the days to come.

The program ended up with the vote of thanks by Mr Harsha.

At the end of the event all alumni members who were both present and absent were requested to participate in the next meeting which will be held in the days to come.


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