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We, at Trinity Central School, believe in qualitative education. And this is possible, when our teachers, not only teach, but know what they teach. There’s a lot more to any subject, other than theory, facts and figures. The closing week of May, saw the teachers of Trinity Central School, back to do a whole lot of learning and unlearning.

Day 1 Ice – Breaking Session & Phonetics
Teachers are our greatest assets in our society. As we step forwards to the new academic year 2019-20, the management of Trinity Central School had arranged a range of workshops for teachers to inspire, to empower to boost self – confidence, and to nurture the lives of students. Teachers at Trinity were in full zest as they joined school on the 23rd May 2019.

The principal of our school, Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa along with the administrator Rev. Fr. Ravi Rajesh gave a warm welcome to the new and existing staff. In his address the Principal thanked the teaching faculty by appreciating them for their hard work for academic year 2018-19.

The orientation day started with ice breaking activity lead by the guest lecturer Rev. Fr. Kiran. He conducted a workshop on “challenges faced by teachers.” He organized various activities and brought out the contrast between old and new paradigm in teaching.

In the afternoon, the principal of our school Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa, conducted classes on phonetics to learn appropriate pronunciation in the English language.

Day 2 (Fri, 24/05/2019) - Input Session
The morning session, was conducted by Prof. Mathew C Ninan (Former Principal of Little Rock Indian School). On the “Teacher Leadership.” The core focus of this session, was Teachers’ as “Fruit of all Seasons.”

In his talk, Prof. Ninan, stressed on the importance of the role of teachers and reiterated that the reputation of school lies in hands of teachers. He discussed about the positive and effective ways of “Positive Classroom Management”, the verbal and non-verbal aspects of teaching, and also touched strongly on the topic of “Anger Management.” Overall, the session was an eye opener for all teachers to learn the importance of the changing and emerging trends of effective classroom management, as well as to develop certain qualities, to ensure that our students grow and develop, in a healthy and supportive environment.

Post lunch, the session was briefly chaired by our Correspondent, Fr. Claud Mascarenhas, who shared with us, his words of wisdom, and wished us best for the present academic year. Following this, our Administrator, Fr. Ravi Rajesh Serrao, enlightened us on the topic expectations from Trinity teachers. Fr. Serrao, briefly stressed upon the ABC’s of teachers: A-Attitude, B-Belongingness and C-Commitment.

The rest of the session, was chaired by our Principal Fr. Anil D’Costa along with Ms Maggie Lewis and Archana Shetty; our Academic Co-ordinator and Pre-Primary section Head respectively. During this session, the principal laid out the important ground rules for discipline among teachers, after which all teaches were allocated their respective teaching subjects and classes for the current academic year. In addition teachers were selected/invited, to head the various boards and extra-curricular activities at school.

Day 3 (Sat, 25/05/2019) - Input Session
On this day teachers had a brief session of half-a-day where in the discussions of the previous day’s noon session were continued. Lesson plan, scheme of work and daily lesson plan ledgers were distributed.

Day 4 (Mon, 27/05/2019) - Input Session
On 27th May 2019, the morning session was lead by Ms Priya and Mr. Akash of TBS Publishers. The session was conducted primarily for the teachers of the Pre-Primary Section (i.e. Nursery, LKG and UKG). Newly appointed teachers of the section, also participated in the seminar. The motto during this session was “Yes, We Can”. Ms Priya, touched upon several aspects of the ways of teaching for Nursery and KG students. She shared ideas, on how to keep the children engaged and active through activities like story reading, music and dance, the concept of “Magic Bag” etc., and other fun activities. Teachers of the higher grades, had “phonetics” class with the principal.

Post lunch, teachers met with their respective subject heads, to discuss and chalk out, academic planner for the year.

Day 5 (Tue, 28/05/19)
On day five, teachers, headed to the school library, for a training session with Mr. Sreeson Gopinath and his team, from Veda Handwriting. This academic year onwards, there will be a period allotted for all students, dedicated towards improving their handwriting. The team from Veda Institute, touched upon the methodology, and real way of writing. Teachers were told of the very fine nuances of writing, and of the different frames for different letters. Throughout the session practice for each alphabet, that came under the different frames was done. The session which lasted till noon was an interesting and interactive one.

The discussions with subject heads, of the various subjects, resumed after lunch; a short session was also held by Ms Veronica, School Counsellor, with the new teachers.

Day 6 (Wed, 29/05/19)
The seminar on 29th May, focused on “Communicative English” and Fr. Valerian Mendonca, Chancellor, Udupi Diocese and a prolific educationist was the resource person, for the same. Fr. Valerian, started with an ice-breaker session, in which the teachers introduced themselves and the subjects that they would be teaching. Following this, Fr. Valerian presented the various concepts of effective communicative English, through a powerpoint presentation. He stressed on the importance of communication and the “effects of the study of literature”, reiterating on “Language, being a tool, a channel of communication.” The session came to a close, following a detailed verbation of correct and incorrect terms of sentences, which we use in our day-today conversation. Ms Sushma and Ms Keerthi, participated in the above exercise.

Later in the day, post lunch, discussions among teachers, from the various streams continued.

Day 7 (Thu, 30/05/19)
The day was spent, with a detailed explanation of our academics, and other co-curricular activities. The discussions were headed by Ms. Magdelina Lewis and Ms. Archana Shetty. Teachers were adviced on the details to be filled in the school calendar. Also, all lesson plans and scheme of work, to be submitted on/by June 10th.

Day 8 (Fri, 31/05/19)
The forenoon session, was spent with Dr. Shwetha (Dept. of Psychiatry, MAHE, Manipal), who spoke about “Behavorical Issues in Children”. Dr. Shwetha, through a presentation, enlightened the teachers on the types of behavorical problems, contributing factors of such issues, ADHD and several other relevant topics that came under the category of Clinical Psychology. She stressed on the role of teachers, in identifying such issues, and address the concern at the earliest.

Following lunch, discussions, preparations and instructions were put in place, for the PTA meet scheduled for June 1st.


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