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Rev. Dr. Fr. John Alwyn Dias

Rev. Fr. Robin
D’ Souza
Executive Secretary, CEB

Fr. Vijesh Loyed Menezes
Treasurer, CFSS .

Fr. Anil




News and Events


1. Red day
On the 1st August our tiny tots in the Kindergarten celebrated the Red Day. Kids were looking fabulous in the red colour dress like the red roses in the garden of Trinity. They participated in various activities like the hand impression, paper collage, gift wrapper sticking, paper craft, thermo coal craft and cotton balls etc. they had a fun filled Red day at school.

2. Art and Craft
Pencil shaving and pista shells activities were conducted for the Kinder Garten bids on the 3rd August. All the craft articles were designed from the waste materials and created the ‘best out of waste’. Students brought pista shells and the class teachers drew the outline on the chart where the children stick the pista shells and pencil shaving and made beautiful pictures like the umbrella, peacocks, trees etc. They made useful art out of the waste materials. Children enjoyed and loved the activity.

3. Test your Taste Buds
Tiny tots of the KG Section were conducted an activity to test their taste buds on 9/8/18. Children enjoyed tasting different ingredients like pepper, ginger salt, lemon, mint, jiggery etc. thereafter a lemonade was prepared out of these ingredients for the children to energize them. They enjoyed the yummy drink and enjoyed their day to the fullest.

4. The tiny tots of the kindergarten were all excited to draw and colour the national flag. The competition was held on the 13th August, 2018 where the little ones participated in the drawing and colouring competition, and with their creative hands prepared beautiful tri colours.

5. Teacher’s Day and Show and Tell competition
Teacher’s day was celebrated with lot of joy and enthusiasm as the members from the ‘Parents Association’ felicitated the principal and the staff of Trinity. Students from the Senior sections celebrated the day with various cultural programme.

The students at the kindergarten also participated in the ‘show and tell’ competitions where the children brought their favorite toys to school and spoke few lines about it. Through this activity children gained confidence to face the audience and overcome stage fear.

6. Time for Rhymes and Action Songs at the Kinder Garten
The tiny tots of the Kindergarten had a rhymes and action songs competitions on 26/10/2018. All the children from Nursery, LKG and UKG participated in the same. Students were clear in their expression and enjoyed performing the action songs as it helped them to overcome shyness, express their feelings through actions.

7. Recognize the sounds in English
Children at the kindergarten had an exciting activity in the form of recognizing the sounds of the alphabets on 29/10/18. The purpose of the activity was to help them to read the pictures using sounds. Children were able to recognize letters to their sounds and also enjoy the rhymes as they sang ‘Alphabet Song’ as part of their learning.

8. Grand Deepavali celebration and clay modeling competition
The tiny tots joined their senior mates in celebrating the deepavali celebration at school premises. The principal and staff together lighted the diyas as a mark of enlightenment.

After which the little children enjoyed various clay modeling activities as they made decorated diyas with clay modeling. Various kinds of diyas were designed by the little ones on the festival of lights and were kept for display at auditorium.

9. Children’s Day
Children’s day was celebrated with great fervor as the principal offered mass at the school chapel along with the tiny tots of the kindergarten and the students from grade 1-8.

After which different games and activities were organized for the little ones by the teachers. Students at the kindergarten played games like bombing the city, ball in the basket and similar action games, so on and so forth. Beside that there was colouring rose and birthday cake competition for the Nursery to LKG students and preparing birthday cards for the UKG.

In the afternoon, students were served with special lunch on the occasion of their day. The afternoon was kept aside for the performance of the teachers who entertained the kid with their dance, song and skit.


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