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News and Events

Vanamahotsava Day @ Trinity Central School
‘Vanamahotsava Day’ is not just a celebration but also a reminder to take the best care of our mother nature. To create awareness about preserving the trees and nature ‘Vanamahotsava Day’ was celebrated in the school.
The program began with the school choir leading the prayer.

Dr. Surendra Shetty , an environmentalist and Asst Professor at NIIT, was the chief guest of the program. The ex PTA president Mr. Krishna Shridharan was also present. Rev. Fr Sunil Dominic Lobo, the Principal presided over the program. Rev. Fr Ravi Rajesh Serrao, the Vice Principal and Ms Magalina Lewis, the academic co-ordinator were present on the dais.

The program was inaugurated by planting a sapling by all the dignitaries on the dais.

The students of grade 4 emphasised the importance of saving ‘Mother Nature’ through an act where they displayed placards and elucidated about the same.

Ayesha Banu grade 9 articulated the importance of the day. She gave a brief information about the significance of observing the Vanamahotsava Day. She requested her fellow students to take small initiatives in making our planet greener, cleaner and healthier.

Dr Surendra Shetty, the guest of the day also spoke on the occasion. He stated that Vanamahotsava Day portrays the need of planting and tending of trees. He also highlighted that it is high time that we save our Mother Nature. He stated that in the present world, there is tremendous usage of plastic. There is no way that we can avoid the usage of it, but he said we can avail the plastic through recycling it or reusing it. He suggested that plastic bottles and polythene bags can be used as eco bricks by just filling the used polythene bags into the used plastic bottles tightly. These eco bricks can be used for gardening or for decorative purposes. There are instances where people have constructed homes with eco bricks. He also propounded the idea of pipe compost which can be used as natural manure.

Then the ex PTA president Mr. Krishna Shridharan, who is a nature lover and who has keen interest in saving the environment addressed the gathering. He said that Vanamahotsava was started as a crusade to save our Mother Earth. He stated the importance of the need of planting more trees, which is one of the best ways to prevent global warming and reduce pollution.

Rev. Fr Sunil Dominic Lobo in his address interacted with the students about the importance of saving and preserving our environment. Rev. Fr Sunil Lobo has great interest towards gardening and plantation. He asked the students to take initiative to plant small saplings and have a kitchen garden.

The students of grade 9 and 10 expressed their love towards the environment through a Kannada song.

The program concluded with the national anthem. After the program saplings were planted in the school premises by the dignitaries, teachers and the students.


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