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Workshops and Training at Trinity Central School
“The one who stops learning stops growing”. Hence here at Trinity Central School there is always a scope for improvement. In order to pace with fast moving world and to update themselves with the modern teaching methods of various training programs were held in Trinity premises.

Thanks to the Management, our Principal Rev. Fr. Anil for organizing such workshops. On 28th May 2018, we had a workshop on the theme “How to be an effective Teacher”. A very interactive session that explained the various teaching styles. It was conducted by Mr. Chetan Ponappa, the Regional Director for Centrado Tech Solution PVT Ltd.

In the same afternoon we had a popular highly experienced and a inspiring speaker in the person of Dr. G . Robert Clive, Associate Professor, Dept of Social Science, Crossland College Brahmavar, Karnataka. He conducted his workshop on teaching competencies and instilled power in the teachers by empowering them with his motivational talk. There was a lot of wit as well as interesting activities in the session. Teachers truly enjoyed the session as they wished to make a strong commitment to the profession that can change thousands of lives.

‘A sound mind in a sound body’, applies to all individuals whether young or old. Hence to create awareness among teachers and to handle the difficulties and the stress involved in today’s life style, on May 30th 2018, we had a Psychiatrist Dr. Caroline D’Souza, MBBS and Post Graduate from Fr. Muller Medical College, Mangalore, known to enlighten on the topic Mental health in teachers and Stress management. The objective of the talk was to develop basic concepts of psychiatric disorder. She encouraged the teachers to counsel students and helps them to overcome their fears and anxieties. She also advised that in extreme cases the teacher could recommend students to counselors or psychologists for further treatment. In the whole, it was an enriching session.

In the afternoon we had a session led by Fr. Clifford, a dynamic resource person who is the Parish Priest of Jeppu and also an Associate Professor at the Jeppu Seminary. Fr. Clifford is an excellent individual and a human at heart. He guided the teachers of how to present themselves at a gathering and to gain confidence in the responsibilities given to us. He emphasized on principles of positive self image, guidelines for excellence and winning others.

On the next day that is 31st May 2018. Yet another interactive learning session in English was animated by very popular and international trainer K Manohar. Mr. Manohar who has extensive teaching and training experience both in India and abroad, has trained and mentored many young professionals in the corporate sector and also teachers. He conducted a one day training session on communication skills, accent development and motivational skills to empower teachers in their class room teaching. As a result, now, the teachers are all geared up to start this new academic year with lot of zeal and passion for teaching.


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